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  1. CP under plate coat

    Those of you who own plate coats, do you wear something over your CP? If so, what? I'd like something that won't make me overheat and will fit nicely over the CP without being too loose(or tight for that matter) around the neck.
  2. Navy blue plate coat 44L

    Pics? Also, I wear a 44R. Is this sized to fit over a CP?
  3. 1st time going to CDP, need some info

    I got back home yesterday and the experience exceeded my expectations! Every umpire should jump at any opportunity to attend a week at this facility. The guys I met were great people and I had so much fun interacting with the kids through pin trading. My bunkmates in 41A along with the other guys I formed friendships with made the week fly by! The only negative part of the experience for me was that I was slightly unprepared for the cold weather. Mornings and nights were extremely uncomfortable!!! However, I now know exactly what to bring next summer...
  4. 1st time going to CDP, need some info

    Thank you so much @MadMax, this is some great info! I'm currently packing and feel like I'm embarking on months long vacation! My gear and uniforms take up two bags on their own!
  5. 1st time going to CDP, need some info

    One more question as I prepare to drive up tomorrow: What interaction, if any, do I have with the team that I am representing? I hooked up with a random team through this forum so I don't have a personal relationship with them. Thanks for the replies. It's a bit unnerving for me to go into something knowing next to nothing about what I'm getting myself into, but I'm looking forward to it!
  6. Hi All, So I decided on a whim to look into CDP for this summer and ended up hooking up with a team for week 13. The info provided in various threads on this site is excellent and I've read through the info provided on the website as well. However, I still have some questions/curiosities... 1. I keep all of my uniforms hanging in my car and my equipment in my trunk since parking lots are the umpire's locker room. Will I be able to continue this practice at CDP or will I need to bring all of my stuff into the bunk? 2. Do most guys bring laptops/is this acceptable? I plan to disconnect from the "real world" as much as possible and focus on the experience, but I may need to send the occasional email for work. 3. Once the tournament portion starts, should I still expect 3 games per day? Will I know my entire schedule in advance? 4. How cold does it get? Do I really need to bring my jackets? 5. What's the average age of umpires at CDP? I'm on the younger side, but don't care either way. I'm just curious. Thanks in advance guys. Also, any info worth noting that's not covered in my questions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Seeds

    I worked with a guy drinking coffee on the bases once. He was also wearing gray carpenter pants.
  8. Umpire looking for a team for week 13

    Fair enough. I assumed(wrongly) that experience mattered. I do have enthusiasm for 12 year old baseball which in many ways it's baseball at it's purest form. If I wasn't into it, or was purely in it for the money or status, I wouldn't have posted here.
  9. Umpire looking for a team for week 13

    I'm new to this board so maybe someone can explain this to me. Should I not mention a relevant qualification? I'm not claiming to be better than anybody....
  10. Umpire looking for a team for week 13

    NJSIAA (NJ High School)
  11. Carded ump with 10+ years of experience. I've never umped at CDP before and I'm available week 13. Email me at jhein1992@gmail.com
  12. Only One to Not Know it's the Championship

    That's happened to me, although I found out before the game started. I was assigned a 16u game. My partner and I started ground rules and the coach mentioned that it was the championship game. My partner remarked that it would be nice if we knew these things beforehand.
  13. FED: 4 Batters HBP

    He made a few trips to the mound. That's not really my problem though. Sure I was hoping the coach would pull him for the good of the game, but I can only officiate what I'm presented with.
  14. FED: 4 Batters HBP

    There was no intent. The issue was his breaking balls were left hanging. He hit three guys in the head because of this. The fourth was just a wild fastball. He actually ended up hitting a fifth guy before the coach finally pulled him.