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  1. Carded ump with 10+ years of experience. I've never umped at CDP before and I'm available week 13. Email me at
  2. That's happened to me, although I found out before the game started. I was assigned a 16u game. My partner and I started ground rules and the coach mentioned that it was the championship game. My partner remarked that it would be nice if we knew these things beforehand.
  3. He made a few trips to the mound. That's not really my problem though. Sure I was hoping the coach would pull him for the good of the game, but I can only officiate what I'm presented with.
  4. There was no intent. The issue was his breaking balls were left hanging. He hit three guys in the head because of this. The fourth was just a wild fastball. He actually ended up hitting a fifth guy before the coach finally pulled him.
  5. No league rule about hit batters. On another note they do modify the mound visit rule to match OBR :/
  6. I was doing a 16U game last night with FED rules. One of the pitchers hit 4 batters causing the opposing HC to ask for his removal on the grounds that FED rules state a pitcher must be removed after he hits his fourth batter. I had never heard of this rule and neither had the two base umps so played on. Were we all wrong?
  7. That's how I feel when I look in the mirror sometimes!
  8. Lol you're not lying. I actually bought a 36 and a 40 to see if I can make either work.
  9. 38 waist plate pants already out of stock!!! @JimKirk any idea when you'll have more?
  10. Bump. I'll take lower offers at this point. They're just gathering dust at the moment.
  11. Thanks guys. This is the first time they are doing this event and the organizer is relying on me to set safety regulations. I went with no batting helmets or catcher's gear, just a mask.
  12. I'm doing a coaches slowpitch fundraiser game for my local league tomorrow night. I only do baseball and have never umped slowpitch before. Is a CP and shinguards necessary? I'm thinking of only wearing a mask.
  13. These are too big for me and I purchased them more than 30 days ago. They were only worn once when I tried them on, never used in a game. I purchased them from Honig's which has them available for $89.95. I'm asking $75 plus shipping. If you're in the North NJ area we can exchange in person.
  14. I'm sure he'll be suspended. I sent in my report to the assignor who will forward it to the league so it's in their hands now. Knowing my assignor, anything less than a suspension will not be tolerated.
  15. I'm 6'1 so I don't think my height played a factor. I was surprised the dirt got up that high myself!