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  1. Well, that does it for my HS season. Just finished my last game. I'll miss the (usually) restrained coaches when I'm dealing with the asshole parent volunteers in the Summer and Fall.....
  2. That's what I figured and I wasn't going to eject him.
  3. No it was three separate at bats. And he threw it each time he made contact/put the ball in play.
  4. I did a Babe Ruth game tonight in which a batter threw his bat after making contact three times. The first one hit my thigh, the second hit my ankle, and the third hit the catcher's shoulder. I said something to him after each incident with a harsher tone each time. The batter apologized each time and it seemed genuine. After the third time, the DHC wanted him to be called out. I told him I hadn't actually given the batter a formal warning and I didn't want to call outs this way at this level of ball. Maybe I should've, but my instinct is to avoid creating controversy. What would you guys have done in this situation?
  5. I ordered two shirts and a hat from them last week. It came in a few days. It shipped from Colorado, though, as opposed to the usual Ann Arbor warehouse.
  6. My focus was fine. I took it one batter at a time drank plenty of water between innings. It also helped that my last game was a 9u game where anything remotely close is a strike.
  7. So I survived! The games actually went very smoothly for the most part. I was pretty tired Saturday night, but I got a good night's sleep and my games on Sunday were all quick and easy. I was not as tired this morning as I thought I would be. The key was to stay hydrated and keep myself moving. I made sure to do little body movement exercises whenever possible and stayed calm throughout both days. The only issue I had in any of the games was with one of the coaches who argued a call with my BU. The BU was a 13 year old kid who was part of the cadet training class I ran back in February. Runners on 1st and 2nd, ground ball to F6, F3 drops the ball and picks it back up just before BR touches 1st. BU calls him out and the OHC begins to yell that BU was out of position and needed to get my help. He complained the BU should have run all the way to 1B(from the C) to make the call. I went out there and told the coach not to tell him how to do his job and to take a step back and realize he was yelling at a 13 year old kid. OHC tells me he just wants to help him and that I needed to overrule his call(which I happened to agree with anyway). I told him that I would not overrule BU's judgment as it wasn't an issue of me having a better angle or something of the sort and any further argument would result in him being ejected. That shut him up.
  8. I have this mask in black with the tan pads. I didn't like the harness so I switched it out for with the harness from my Extended Throat Guard Umpire Mask I bought from RefShop way back when I first started. That mask weighed a ton, but I still love the harness! This mask is amazing! Not only is it incredibly lightweight, but the pads are very comfortable. They cover from my chin to my lower lip as well as my cheekbones. It's not hot under there, though, and the flat pads act as a bed for the lower portion of my face. It also absorbs impact tremendously. I've taken countless foul balls to the face in the three years I've had this mask and can barely feel a thing. Other than my old harness I've attached a sun visor and throat guard to the mask with ease. Five stars!
  9. Thanks for the great advice! I learned the ice towel trick a few years ago while doing adult baseball doubleheaders on Sunday mornings in the middle of July. It's saved me countless times since then. I'm planning on eating a good breakfast, bringing a cooler and some Cliff Bars, and taking my pads off for a piss break between games. Luckily the temps are supposed to drop to the 60's after the record-breaking heat we've had this week so that will help. Also, I can wear light colored shirts. For HS games in NJ, we're confined to either Navy or Black so I've been dying these past few days with the dark shirts in the 90-degree weather. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I think the worst of it will be when I wake up at 5:30 Monday morning to get ready for work! I love baseball though, as I'm sure we all do, and I'm looking forward to some fun games this weekend. Strikes and outs!
  10. I like the idea, but I already do this with Arbiter.
  11. The first three are from my hometown rec assignor and I always work the plate because 13-14 year olds work the bases. The last one just happened to be a plate assignment from another assignor. I might ask my partner to switch.
  12. I know I didn't think about the four plate games until after I took them all.... The first three are back to back then I have a bit of a break before the fourth. I'll make sure to bring a cooler with water and a towel.
  13. So I committed to 8 games this weekend. On Saturday I have a 12u game, two 15u games, and a 9u game. All four are behind the plate. Sunday I have 2 men's baseball doubleheaders switching positions with my partner for each game. I usually only do 6 games at most each weekend. Will I survive?
  14. This was either last summer or two summers ago. I was doing a one-man 10U travel game in my hometown. This story is really about coaches, players, and fans yelling at me, not just fans. So here's the situation: VT is at bat with a runner on second. It was early in the game, but I can't remember the exact inning. Ground ball to F6, R2 stays put on the base for this entire play, F6 overthrows F3 and the ball sails into the stands. I put my hands up, shout that the ball is out of play and award the runners second and home. VTHC come running onto the field shouting "He only gets third!" I informed him that the rule was two bases and that he needed to go back to the bench. He responded by shouting that the rule is in fact, "one base plus the base that the runner is headed to and since he never left second he only gets the one base." I told him that was not the rule, gave him a formal warning, and he stormed back to his bench. After this incident, the team began to question every call I made. I was hearing it from the coaches and the fans. The coaches bitched about every single judgment call I made which sparked the fans to start yelling. Some of the things I heard from the stands included, "Get off your knees blue," "Don't quit your day job blue," "You are the worst umpire in the history of this sport," and "F*#K you." It was at this point that I stopped the game. When the parent dropped the f-bomb, the kids began laughing and joined in with things like "Yeah you suck blue," or "You're the worst." I called time, went over to the VT's dugout and said very loudly towards the coaches and parents, "This stops now. This is a 10-year-old baseball game. You are all setting a terrible example for the kids. One more peep from this side of the field and the game is over." This worked and the game was finished. I was very nervous leaving the field, though. In fact, I purposely exited through the HT dugout and went the long way to get to my car.
  15. I live in Essex County.