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  1. Agreed. 3 is usually my max. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The OC didn't say anything, he just sent his kid on and told him to be more aware. If he had even acted like he was going to go out on BU I would have probably held him off and went out and got it right, but with him not even saying anything, I figured just leave well enough alone and get the out. Like I said it was a crazy blow out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yea, we talked about it during a pitcher switch. It was the sixth game of the day, 6 crappy games at that. He apologized and said he just got lazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That was my thing, I didn't really know if it the scenario would fall under a rule Application or judgment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Outs don't matter, rule set doesn't matter Runner on second stealing in play, is hit with a batted ball after it has passed diving third baseman, no one else had a shot to field it. BU calls interference incorrectly (he admits it). My question is as PU should I confer with him and get it right, or wait until a coach questions it and asks us to get together, which never happened. I had him safe the whole time, bc it passed the fielder an no one else had a play. Turns out it didn't really matter bc it was 28-2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yea, I could see it in a rec ball or something.
  7. I not arguing with you BC I don't want to get Mavened, but would that not be a case of a ground rule superseding a book rule? Should a ground rule like that be allowed?
  8. If they used cell phone video then this is 100% on them, but I don't feel that Umpires that would be selected to work that level of a game would make such a boneheaded move. Plus the video quality suck, and i don't see how they could determine one way or the other on the touch. Personally, I think if they wheres a rule question, they should have looked it up in a rule book instead of calling, but not sure that should be a reason to overturn the call, especially since they got it right. I also don't understand how this is a 20 min conference, but anyway...Lesson for all in this i guess is, know your rule book.
  9. Got to get them in order. If he goes to 1st first the run scores, because it then becomes a time play on the other two runners. I guess if some how they could appeal the other two base before R2 reaches home then the run doesn't score. The proper order would be to appeal 3rd, 2nd, then 1st. no run would score because R1 and R2 were forced and batter never reached 1st.
  10. I wasn't there nor do I know the coach and his personality, but I feel this second would not have happened had there been a diffrent response in the beginning.
  11. We all do it from time to time, I'm Willing to wager even the MLB guys do. Just try to focus on tracking the ball. as long as you don't do it a bunch, don't let it eat at you. learn and move on.
  12. Did I say you blew a call or even came close. Or that you said anything wrong. You asked for advice on handling this situation, this is how I, and what appears by the response, many other Umpires would handle it on here.. I try to keep it simple, which IMO keeps conflict down. When I'm talking to a coach I pretend that I'm talking to my wife ( who is not baseball savvy, neither are some coaches). If I said he made it she would assume he was safe and probably quite listening. That human nature, we hear what we want then we turn or ears off. There are multiple ways that the above can be interrupted. Notice I didn't say there was multiple meanings (however I would agree there is). IMO the more detail the worst off you are. Out, safe, strike, ball. Those four explanations will cover 90% of conversations with coaches. You might have to add a, "he was", or "it was" in front. Don't ask for help if you can't take constructive criticism. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I think your agreeing with me??? If a coached ask me, "did he not make it?" I would respond with, "he was out." nothing more nothing less. Now if the coach want to walk down and have a more in depth discussion (a short one) I might go into a little more detail, but very little. details tend to get you ito trouble when talking to coaches.
  14. I not sure that this was the best choice of words. You got to remember who your talking to and how they will interpret it. to a coach "you made it" means safe. We understand what your saying as an umpires, but a coach in the heat of a game doesn't think like an umpire. I would have probably just said, "I had him out coach." A persons perception/interpretation is their reality. Now, to the coming back out to re-discuss the call. I'd probably say, "Coach its over," and if that didn't move him on his way I'd issue some type of warning.