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  1. Ejection and no substitutes

    Exactly...I hope that bat flip was worth missing the NEXT game...because that's what it's going to cost him.
  2. Rain, No Pay

    This is essentially how our local association has it set up....the numbers aren't exactly the same but close enough.
  3. Mini-review: Smitty Sky Blue Shirt

    They had a made in the USA model that was on clearance on their site earlier in the year USA300. They are def lighter and more breathable than the standard Smitty shirts. Not sure if they are still available or not...but I prefer them to the other Smitty's.
  4. Uniform Requirements

    Because it's really not already hot enough in Arizona for their umpires...so they have them wear BLACK....smh.
  5. Transaction Experience Thread

    Smooth as silk transaction with @Stan W. Thank you my fellow Keystone Stater
  6. ISO XXL Shirts for travel ball

    I have some XXL available...any particular colors you are looking for?
  7. Keeping the Big Canuck Busy

    Only if they think they can make more money on it.
  8. Gray wilson mask pads

    SMH......Shame!!!! T...I wish you luck on your quest for the Gray Wilson Pads.
  9. Time to go on a diet...they had 36 available this afternoon....lol
  10. +Pos

    Yeah that is definitely counter to what my experience has been over the last cpl of months. I placed 2 separate orders and both shipped the same day the order was placed and I had it at my house in 2-3 days.
  11. What should be upgraded first?

    Not that I'm a super expert or anything...but upgrading my stock harness on the P200 to an F3 harness made a HUGE difference in how well it fit and stayed in it's proper place. I don't see a need to upgrade from that unless you are doing some very high level stuff. I would probably concur with upgrading the shins to F3 if I had to pick something on your list....you have a pretty good setup there as it is.
  12. Nutty Buddy

    Ok...it did its job...but I still got dropped like a sack of potatoes from this shot on Saturday. One bouncer from a kid who was throwing pretty hard. Why is it that the pitchers are always way ahead of the catchers skill wise??? Lol for some reason the picture is failing to upload...oh well...pretty nasty scrub spot near the right side double holes. I think the shot may have pinched me on the opposite side because that's where the pain was really at...opposite of the impact mark.
  13. Nutty Buddy

    +1.....maybe the single best "investment" I made lol....
  14. Throat Guard

    Thank you sincerely for your service gentlemen.
  15. Force3 Mask in Action

    OUCH!!! That shot has concussion written all over it....if he passes the protocol then the F3 mask is well proven.