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  1. Qualifications

    Size is just like temperance, mobility, confidence, attitude, and rules knowledge when it comes to umpiring: it won't hold you back until it holds you back.
  2. Umpire

    Your response: "Since 15 seconds ago when it hit the bat and went outside the lines to the fence."
  3. Weight Loss Group

    I know I've heard people on here say before that your intake of water and your sleep schedule will have a huge impact on your progress.
  4. Does the run count

    The play at first is not a force. A force can only be created by the batter becoming a batter-runner. Once a trailing runner has been retired (in this case, the batter-runner, who was retired on the catch), there can be no force play. The play at first is a live-ball appeal, and is therefore a time play (meaning that runs count if they score before the actual appeal is made on the runner for not re-touching).
  5. Hit or Fielders Choice?

    Hm. I think 2 seems a little extravagant, but then again, who the hell am I to tell you how to spend your rat farts?
  6. This discussion makes me wonder why the padding on the top of the wall is yellow, because it doesn't make sense. If the padding on the front of the wall was yellow, and the ball hit it, it would be in play and no longer in flight. If it hit the top of the wall and continued out, it would obviously have left the field of play in flight (before touching the top of the wall). And if the ball came to rest on the top of the fence, it would be out of play and a home run (as it should be). So why have a yellow line on the horizontal surface at the top of the wall? Isn't that really the entire source of the problem?
  7. Missed the play

    So you find your spot about 15 feet from 3B, several feet inside the foul line, and if there's an overthrow, you drop step left, cruise home, and get there in plenty of time. And, as a bonus, you can get in on the 3B end of the rundown, take a tag from a great angle, and not leave your partner to eat a sh!t sandwich while you're anchored to the plate, missing a pretty good game.
  8. CJK

  9. Ebay finds

    USA Softball (formerly ASA) just re-branded this year, and offers powder w/navy panels, navy w/powder panels, and pink w/navy panels. They all have the self-styled collars and the only collar accent is seam piping in the trim color. No red or white anywhere.
  10. What is a swing by definition?

    True, as long as the batter did not strike at the pitch before it touched him. I know you know this, but in the interest of correctness, if the batter is touched by the pitched ball while striking at it, we've got a dead ball strike instead of HBP. As for the OP: The batter doesn't have to "swing." Anything that the umpire judges as "striking at" the ball is enough to call a strike.
  11. What to look for here?

    I read @Mudisfun's post before I watched the video, so I knew there was a tag to watch, and I still missed it the first time. At the levels I work, this play is a litmus test for whether you actually have the respect of a coach, because s/he's going to want to talk to you, s/he's going to ask you to see if your partner can help you, and your partner doesn't have a look at all. So now you're going to have to say to that coach, "Chris, we have to go with what I had. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I didn't have a tag. If I missed it, I missed it." And either s/he's going to appreciate your body of work and your honesty, express some disappointment, and move on, or else s/he's going to go bananas over a situation that s/he already knows you handled as well as you can. I hope you never have to deal with this call. When you do, I hope you only ever experience the stinging disappointment from knowing that you didn't measure up for a coach who respects you, and not the strain on your rotator cuff (and paperwork) when a coach who doesn't respect you decides to show his/her ass.
  12. 2 Ejections same game.

    The plate guy looks like Dan Bellino.
  13. Invalid appeal question

    May, 1984 -- Detroit vs Boston. Marty Castillo of the Tigers doubled, Sox thought he missed first. F4 Jerry Remy stood outside the foul line behind 1st base in case F1 Bruce Hurst threw wildly on the appeal. The appeal was denied and Hurst was charged with a balk that moved Castillo to third.
  14. Base Uncovered

    Stay on the outside of the diamond, along the "rim" of the grass.
  15. Out or safe

    Did he get tagged by the ball, the hand holding the ball, the glove holding the ball, or the glove holding the hand holding the ball? If he did, he's out on the tag. If he didn't, he's not out on a tag. There is no provision for a fielder tagging a runner with his head. Past that, if the contact with the catcher's head was judged to be intentional/malicious, the runner may be declared out, and possibly ejected. Also some rule sets prohibit an attempt to jump over a defender in some circumstances, and allow the runner to be declared out for a violation.
  16. Top Three Stupid Arguements of 2017

    No one asked me and I'm sure nobody cares what I think, but this makes me sad. It means that the defense no longer has to pay attention to whether there's a touch in order to decide whether to appeal, because they can watch for this cue from the umpire.
  17. +pos chest protector

    I believe the standard @MadMax answer to your problem is "kill the rivet, reposition fabric/padding to your liking, insert Chicago screw."
  18. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    Man, I think it's awfully tough to judge him as "interfer[ing] with the fielder taking the throw at first base" from that picture.
  19. I can think of an obvious example of a player who might have done this: Jim Abbott, fielding a bunt to the 3B side of the mound.
  20. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    In spite of mechanics, review, pregaming, and attempted communication (I've been in many games where I was shouting to my partner throughout a play and s/he never heard me), this particular situation still happens, and we have to be able to resolve with the last-ditch safety-net mechanic of LOOKING AT EACH OTHER before someone makes a call. We recognize that we kicked the rotation, we both hesitate, and then one umpire SELLS IT HARD. Then we both refocus and move on.
  21. Tag at 1st

    In fastpitch softball (USSSA), the batter-runner is out if s/he retreats toward home to avoid or delay a tag. Rule 8.17.G (2017 book, p 47) Any other runner may retreat to avoid/delay a tag, with no penalty.
  22. Mask Porn?

    Those somanabatching iceholes.
  23. Obstruction?

    There's a difference between "crashes" (generally meaning "both playing within the rules and unfortunately trying to occupy the same space at the same time") and "intentionally crashes" (often called "trucking" or "going through" a player). But you knew that already.
  24. Fun with clocks

    ASA (2016) has the same provision: Again, probably not applicable given your description of the timing (step across to other box while pitcher is ready -- out; step while pitch is in the air -- nothing without contact). But it might matter someday.
  25. Fun with clocks

    I don't know what rule set you were using, but USSSA has rule 2E (p 38) that says From your description of the timing, I don't think it applied in your situation, but it's worth knowing that 2E does not require contact, a swing, or even a pitch. It only requires a pitcher ready to pitch and a batter who steps across the plate from one box to the other. The more you know...