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  1. Logo removal

    Echo the Honigs harness. It’s logo’d but solid color as the straps so can’t really tell it’s there. Also has hidden tunnels to keep the excess straps contained.
  2. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs, fly ball to LF and U3 goes out. Pu has tag of R3, U1 has to haul a** across for playback at 3rd F7 makes the playback into 3rd on a retreating R3, plays out like a “ normal” leaving early appeal (no tag on runner, fielder holding the bag) Now the situation, and it doesn’t matter which one, PU has info from one part of the play that affects U1’s end ruling: Say ball beats runner to the base, but U1 ruling on the play is “Safe” because there is no tag, not seeing it as a left early/no retouching appeal, but PU does have him leaving early. —or— U1rules him out on left early/no retouch appeal, but PU has him leaving/retouching legally so it becomes a tag play. Thoughts? PU need to step in with crew and clarify all the parts of the play with everyone? Hopefully all this makes this makes sense.
  3. Obstruction on trail runner

    Wanted to put this out there because I guess I'm not sure of the answer. Set-up: R2,R1 or R1 only, Batter hits a ball to the gap everyone has a chance to get extra bases Lead runner gets a bad read, trips up, or 3rd base coach sucks and holds the lead runner at 3rd. Trailing runner is rounding 2nd, obstructed by F4/6, but continues to 3rd base and is retired by relay throw just short of the base. Do we award R1/BR third and "force" lead runner home and score, or are we keeping lead runner at 3rd, and placing trail runner back at 2nd. Applying the same ruling as ball thrown out of play that you place the lead runner and adjust or are we awarding the runner obstructed and moving people forward to adjust for the infraction. Thanks in advance
  4. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    Not a lip reader by any means, but this is what I thought was said. Video also doesn't show whole arguement As the arguement started HC seemed to point/gesture to video board and said something along the lines of everyone could tell he was safe. Winter seemed to say something to instruct to not point towards videoboard. Now to the sbnation link I thought Winters said "this is your warning, no more Dan" just as that clip started. Then some parting shot. Thats my take. It'll probably be a video with the audio included next season.
  5. WVG issues

    I've got a WVG that I've had maybe 5 years, but only have worn 10 times, maybe. I just can't get to liking it. I've got the WVP that I love, but it's starting to get worn down, so I've been hoping to use the WVG more. My my issues are mainly these. I don't like the hard plastic in the middle neck area. Seems to really stick out and my chin/throat hits it. Hurts a little, but mainly rises to just above an annoyance. WVP has that pad there. Other issue is the bottom section folds under on me, and then the straps wrap around the bottom and then I'm adjusting all the time. It also then changes how it "rides" and pushes into my throat Have the force 3 harness on it, used to have the old Honigs K1 harness on it that was a slight early upgrade from the Wilson stock one. I know it needs to break in, but I've worked it over pretty good, folding the sections over and over again through the years, and store it "balled up". Just cant seem to like it. Took it off after 1.5 innings today during a rain delay. Any one run into things like this? Do I just need to keep wearing and I'll get used to it? Like I said my WVP is getting pretty nasty, look to alternate to extend each ones life cycle.
  6. WVG issues

    Mine have those loops but they are on the lower side pad and run the whole length (3-4 inches) so there's a lot of play. Ump-attire pic has the side loops more akin to the WVP. Thinking I may just tack sew them down a little do make a smaller channel for the strap to run through. Maybe that will prevent the sliding underneath that lower outside pad.
  7. WVG issues

    It's not the harness. I've had the stock, the Honigs, the delta-flex, and the force 3 all on it and it does it with all of them. It's doesn't move up and down, And the straps don't loosen. It the fact the straps shift under the outside padding of the protector rather then "riding" on the plates.
  8. Plate Coat

    Anyone know if plate coats are being sold by anyone? Know that Honigs was ordering from Hardwicks' and dropped them, and even reached out to Hardwicks and got a response that they no longer make them. Know they are fading out, just wanted to be able to get one, and have that option to wear in colder weather. Did the google search route too and came up with nothing. Hoping someone has some answers or ideas.
  9. Plate Coat

    Honig's has them in the 40's along with the sport loft as mentioned. Reached out Fechheimer/Flying Cross and they have pulled out of making them too. Just need to keep looking around I guess and some relic will become available.
  10. Pre-game Rituals

    Left handed, but I honestly don't think that why. I've always done left to right for as long as I can really remember, back to playing goalie in hockey in grade school and catcher in baseball. Also applies to getting dressed in regular clothes. Only do 2 things right side first, putting in my contacts and cleaning my ears with Q-tips.
  11. Pre-game Rituals

    I've changed what I do over the years, used to drink a certain drink, eat something specific, listen to a certain song. Right now for a college game I'll eat a PB&J about 15 mins out from my arrival time which is about 1.5 hrs before first pitch. Do that because I'll usually have somewhere from 1hr-3hr drive and would have eaten before I left. Want to have something to last duration of game. After that it's same deal for college and HS. About 45 mins out I drink a 5-hr and start drinking a bottle of water. Will get a bathroom trip in as well; 2-3 sometimes. I get dressed left to right (left leg, then right leg in pants etc.). This is a must, and even do it with regular clothes, not just a baseball thing. Plate gear goes on left to right; shoes, shins, chest, ball bags, in that order. If I'm in a locker room, I'm the last one to leave. National anthem I close my eyes at "oh say does that..." open eyes after last notes stops, put on my hat, tap my left shoe twice, and then 3 small claps, or taps on my right thigh with my right hand if I have my mask. Quirky enough? These are just habits/routines I've just done and stuck with over the many years of sports and now officiating. All are replaceable except the getting dressed Left to right. I've in the past accidentally done something right side first, and proceeded to take everything off and restart from scratch.
  12. Type of hem on pants

    I've always had the hidden stitching, about 2" up from the bottom. I've never told anyone what to do it that way, its's just what they've always done. Had pairs done from about 6 different places over the years including Honigs warehouse. Just took in the poly-spandex last week and for the first time was asked which I wanted. Went with the hidden one because it's what I've always done. I also thought the normal would show a lot more then they do in the poly-wools that I've seen people have the normal stitching done. I have had had the hem get caught a couple times and rip. Took them back and they restitched.
  13. Never been used, fitted it to my Gold, sized it, then decided I didn't like it. Don't have the side clips for it but upper straps have the sizing slides on it. $20 shipped within the US. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/CPUHPRO_All-Star-Delta-Flex-Umpire-Chest-Protector-Replacement-Harness
  14. All-star delta flex chest protector harness

    @Thunderheads Lock it up, sold
  15. Flex Style Harness

    Are you still looking? I'm willing to part with mine. Never used it. Put it on my Gold sized it, didn't like it. Doesn't not have the side clips that fit the All-star or t-hooks either.
  16. I've got a pair of reebok plate shoes They are the black/white model, lows, size 14 regular. Never worn other then to make sure they fit. Just never needed to wear them and now looking to getting the Zigs. Asking $65 plus shipping ($5-10). Going to put up on EBay on Friday or Saturday.
  17. Reebok field magistrate 2 plate shoes

    They went up on eBay and sold. I just gave away pairs of similar plate and base a couple weeks back to a young new umpire.
  18. Test Question - Pitching Conferences

    I had trouble with all of the conference questions, miss this one along with the others. Trying to now wrap my head around it and understand Is is this a legal conference because the new RP had started his warmups in anticipation of facing Batter "A". Since PH "B" was announced after the warmups then its not the same batter. Apply the rule to the "person" as opposed to the "batting position"? If PH was announced before the Relief Pitcher then it wouldn't be legal? Timing of what happened first matters then.
  19. Illegal Act by pitcher?

    R1. Pitcher stands astride the pitchers rubber (with the baseball, not hidden ball trick), looks into the catcher who taps away on different parts of his body, chest, knee, mask, etc, pitcher nods and then engages rubber and goes into his stretch position. Again stares in at catcher but makes no head nod yes or no, but stares in for a period of time of at least 3-5 seconds (long enough to actually take a sign). F1 comes set and delivers the pitch. Now one when he stares in for second time, I don't know if catcher is giving a sign between his legs like normal, or if there is no confirmation nod from pitcher because if he's shown something that's what he has to throw. My thought was I don't know what the "tapping" is for and once he engages the rubber, he at minimum simulated as though he was taking a sign. Thoughts?
  20. Illegal Act by pitcher?

    The previous responses are exactly my line of thinking and what I told the coach when he wanted him balked for pretty much not shaking his head yes/no while on the rubber. He is at least looking like he is getting a sign while engage and not just stepping on and coming set.
  21. You guys ever heard of this mechanic?

    This is the mechanic that was taught to me when I started 16 years ago. If the PU points to BU with right hand with no verbal, or gives a relaxed ask, or comes after appeal with a relaxed ask, almost in a "i'm just doing this to appease the coaches" manner, then BU is to say "No, he did not", and mirror the PU. If PU comes right away, sharp and crisp, or comes with the left hand, or with a verbal of "BU, did he go"-type ask, then BU is to offer his opinion. Again, this is 16 years ago and time have changed to where the PU owned the dirt circle area and how dare you question his judgement. This "method" leaves a lot to interpretation of another's body language or intent. Can't say that I use this thought process anymore
  22. CWS Ump-cam

    Didn't see all the games but saw a good many of them, but I can only remember seeing it on various Wilson masks (titanium, original dyna-lite). Only one I remember not seeing it on was Perry Costello (multiple games, Champ. series game 1 included) and he wears the Diamond silver lightweight mask. My thought is maybe the rig for the camera, looks like a sunshield with a camera in the middle, didn't fit into the upper part of the mask or didn't sit right with the hat or something along those lines.
  23. CWS U2 Postitioning

    There is no way to get ball-bag-you in a steal situation like this while starting inside. He was more like a 90-degree angle to the throw. Best hope is to get to the opposite positioning of ball-bag-you which would be deep "B" and moving and closing towards the bag with the throw. From where he is he gets a great look at a deep hook/reach slide but I would think a tag up the leg and thigh would be blocked out. Deep "B" gives you a look at swipes if you take a deep read step with the slide, gives you a look at the glove/tag at the front of the bag, and you also see the glove on the thigh in relation to the foot on the bag. This guy is selected for the CWS and in saying that has probably taken hundreds of plays at second like that so he knows how/where to look, adjust, etc. I just don't remember ever seeing that angle/look used before. Just doesn't seem like the most ideal position especially for the majority of umpires who may only do second in a 4-man system maybe twice a year.
  24. CWS U2 Postitioning

    On a steal I saw last night, U2 started in deep "C" heels on the grass, as the play developed, he backtracked to the outfield side of second to where he had the runner sliding in a direct line towards him almost off the back right corner. I can't remember ever seeing the approach to a steal. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it doesn't seem to line up with the "ball, bag, you" angle I've been taught. His positioning would be akin to being 3BLX on a play at the plate with the catcher setting up for a crash play. He would be looking through the fielders legs for the tag.
  25. Coach Needs To Go But Partner Doesn't Eject

    Thoughts on walking in to play rodeo even though he has not been ejected? From an umpire's perspective it may seem like your overstepping your boundaries Now I know that the BU isn't sure why the PU wasn't pulling the trigger. I get it, he froze, but BU doesn't know that until afterwards. Not sure how long this arguement took, but is there a chance as the BU to stroll in closer, I'm not saying standing side by side, but within 20-30 feet as the argument extends. Maybe from a closer vantage point, the BU can see the PU's reactions. Is he just annoyed by the coach, is he actually "frozen" to where he does need saved and doesn't know how to react, is he actually permitting this activity or unaffected by it? Maybe the PU body language can give clues and determine intervention Maybe when the opening comes to were he assumes the crouch behind the plate, the BU can swoop in, rodeo, let the coach blow a gasket even more and then dump him. Might look like your PU cant handle business, but you also end up taking care of the problem in the end.