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  1. When is it time to hang it up?

    For the past several years I have asked myself the same question. And every March my panties get all in a bunch and I'm back at it. Selfish reasons: I do it for the love of it. It keeps me fit. It is something I have worked at and have become very good at doing. I am well respected in the community and enjoy the mens night out at our weekly meetings. Real reasons: The community, the youth, the parents, the coaches, the schools and baseball need us! Continue to educate as long as you possibly can, which is the reason I began officiating 20 yrs ago! You can go golfing on Saturday
  2. Balk call extends MiLB playoff game

    Double stop balk? Looks like he came set at his chin.
  3. What I have come to understand is a batted ball which hits the TOP of the wall is still considered to be "in flight" for the purpose of this situation with the exception that it cannot be caught for an out, but can still become a HR due to its "in flight" status. My original thinking was since it didn't meet the definition of a HR due to the ball losing its in flight status once hitting the wall and not going over it, it had to be a GRD. Considering the ball still "in flight" off the top of the wall makes it easier, which I believe Mr. Carl Childress was addressing back in 2011 (I believe) on another board. What Gil said seems to be the correct ruling.
  4. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    IMO, the last two posts have NOTHING to do the the OP except for... it does not continue over the fence, but instead, immediately returns to the playing field, it should be adjudged as never leaving the playing field. It would be left in play. So it can't be a HR! The fielder then knocks the ball out of play! Any physicists out there? If it hit the top of the wall, it SHOULD go over So it never hit the TOP of the wall?
  5. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Based on the MLBUM that if a ball comes to rest on top of the wall it shall be ruled a GRD. So that, IMO, contradicts Mr. Childress' interp. But it confirms the other sitch where the fielder bats it back
  6. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    If it comes to rest on top of the wall it is not a HR. It's a GRD. The yellow is padding and defferentiates the playing field fence and other DB objects.
  7. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    That was a sitch I gave you for another thread. Let's not put too many eggs in one basket I may be wrong on that because of the JR interp I posted. IM me when you get a chance
  8. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Lol didn't I just post some? now it's time for someone to prove us wrong.
  9. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    The ball didn't continue forward and over the fence for a HR. The ball bounced back into the field of play then batted out. After it hit the wall it was no longer in flight. Not much different then hitting the face of the wall, bouncing off the fielder, and then going over. A HR is a fair batted ball in flight and then deflected over the fence in fair territory. Another interp is it is a HR if a batted ball hits the top of the outfield fence and then bounds over in fair territory. Both from BRD. AO 3-21: J/R: "If a fair, batted ball strikes the top of the home run fence, but can still become a home run if it proceeds over the fence over fair DBT and strikes DBT." Im not alone on this interp. Award two bases if a fair ball is deflected over the fence into foul ground.
  10. "Our Man" Does Water & Net Sports?

    The "pay me" mechanic?
  11. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Watched the game live. No review. If they had, I would like to believe it would have been over turned. And I'm a Ramirez and Indians fan!
  12. End of CWS tourney weeks

    I feel the same way! Give em hell girl and do your job!
  13. CWS

    What world do you live in? The best should be calling the best of the best! With all the training and the money spent to get there, you would think we would get the best. Explain how umpires get to a college level? hmmm... Do college officials come and evaluate HS officials to become college officials like they do for athletes? NO I know college officials who have NO right or experience to be there! Overall, they have done a good job, but what ever happened to improving your game!? Let computers call the game!
  14. CWS

    Watch the game! Zone was different for RHB vs LHB! Look, I'm not critiquing this particular PU, but the whole series it seems strike zones have been criticized. In the FL vs LSU ? game they put the PU on bast the whole game! Catchers, pitchers, batters questioning every other pitch. My point is, for guys coming up, get in position to see pitches both up and down, in and out. These guys seem to be set in their way and don't change. There are officials who have been calling for 30 years and for 30 years they have been calling it wrong. More so for Basketball!
  15. Mr

    ? i know you know better, but for those who don't know you, you may want to re-phrase that!