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  1. How did you end it? Or answer it? Did he come talk to you or was this from the dugout? i think since you let it get too far already by answering his questions, I would answer his question. EJ isn't an option at this point IMO. Response could be, "next time I'll call it from the dugout"
  2. There is another thread under, Ask the umpire-"question on walk-off"
  3. Home Umpire News Close Call Sports/ Umpire Ejection Fantasy League UEFL Game Ending Appeal on a Force Play
  4. The next time F3 pulls his foot and he calls the runner out, I'm just going to say he got it wrong coach and change (overrule) the call.
  5. Does the BU know that just holding the bat there does not make it an attempt? And that he was wrong?
  6. ^10-2-3c
  7. One play still haunts me to this day, but it doesn't to anyone else involved!
  8. In FED, it's 5' from the rubber. The dirt portion is another matter discussed in other forums. Good call!
  9. Signalling a strike and saying NOTHING tells everyone, including my partner, the ball is still live! If the BR can advance, he can. If NOT, "batters out". Signalling with a fist and verbally stating, "batters out, batters out" And, the OP was vague on the situation. As I said before, what is the purpose of a safe signal when the batter and catcher, who is "the two people who most need to know", aren't even looking at you? Is it really for the fans?
  10. Is this a real mechanic? And, since the batter and catcher are facing away from you, why signal "safe"? Who's seeing it? If the BR is out, he's out! "Batters out". If not, there is nothing to call until he is out. If players don't hear anything, play ball!
  11. Too broad of a question with different scenarios! Specifics?
  12. @ElkOilWas the branch in front of, on or beyond the fence? I'm going with the call on the field! Cut the tree down!
  13. If you're an umpire/coach you will!