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  1. I feel the same way! Give em hell girl and do your job!
  2. CWS

    What world do you live in? The best should be calling the best of the best! With all the training and the money spent to get there, you would think we would get the best. Explain how umpires get to a college level? hmmm... Do college officials come and evaluate HS officials to become college officials like they do for athletes? NO I know college officials who have NO right or experience to be there! Overall, they have done a good job, but what ever happened to improving your game!? Let computers call the game!
  3. CWS

    Watch the game! Zone was different for RHB vs LHB! Look, I'm not critiquing this particular PU, but the whole series it seems strike zones have been criticized. In the FL vs LSU ? game they put the PU on bast the whole game! Catchers, pitchers, batters questioning every other pitch. My point is, for guys coming up, get in position to see pitches both up and down, in and out. These guys seem to be set in their way and don't change. There are officials who have been calling for 30 years and for 30 years they have been calling it wrong. More so for Basketball!
  4. Mr

    ? i know you know better, but for those who don't know you, you may want to re-phrase that!
  5. CWS

    What say you now? That was all game! Say what you mean and mean what you say! tx for that @stkjock
  6. Mr

    Hmmm... I'm assuming the batter took an inside pitch and it hit his/her bat and the pitch was caught, runner advanced. Batter is out, runner advances unless 3rd out!
  7. CWS

    Some work for the fame, others work for the game! Gimme 30 yrs back and $10,000.00 and I'll show you Dont get me wrong, they put in the work! But they are not all that just because they are there! There is a gulf course where I'm from called dumb dumb, it's only a 9 hole course tho!
  8. BU=Bulb Umpire
  9. Sounds like you did a great job! 9-10u ? Keep doin your job and teach the rats you're not gonna put up with their $h/t!
  10. PU covering home all day long! BU has base responsibilities of BR.
  11. CWS

    I can call that game in my sleep!
  12. CWS

    The OSU vs LSU game today! Balls in the box called strikes. Not even white line strikes, outside white line strikes! I can see if he was consistent, but it seemed like PU changed his zone based on the game and was outside his comfort zone. i didn't see the FPSR play you mentioned, but I did see HC come out on a judgement call at 1st and was given some leave way. Announcers said it was based on a call from yesterday I didn't see. What is the deal with calling pitches? "Ball, outside". "Ball, high". "Ball, down". ?
  13. CWS

    You are as good!
  14. CWS

    Can they sleep @ nite?
  15. CWS

    What is going on? Strike zones are inconsistent, positioning is terrible, judgement is questionable, coaches allowed to rush out and question judgement calls! Our association has 22 members, and our best 10 can do a better job! I can answer all these questions, why aren't the evaluators doing the same? A lot of our brotheren say they can't or won't evaluate guys because of the level they call because they are calling the CWS, but why not? All year their strike zone is as big as a dryer, now they are on tv and it seems they change their zone and they are lost and lose everybody else! Lefty zone is different than a righty, balls outside 6" called 3K, next batter called a ball? Where you @Jimurray @Matt sorry for venting, but this is what makes or brakes us at a level we get to prove ourselves! I know I'm gonna get some flack, but oh well! I can go call the Pirates game right now!