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  1. Mask-It Colors

  2. Nike Ti Mask for Reduced Price

    @Thunderheads I think he edited his post to show it sold above.
  3. +POS black frame

    Sold @Thunderheads . Please lock it up. Thanks.
  4. +POS black frame

    FREE shipping within continental USA New frame $35 shipped
  5. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    Me too. Does the runner have a chip in his shoe that says it was him that touched the base? As a rule, I don't see how practical this could be. And this can't be very cost-effective. If the base has technology, the runner's shoes must have it too, and then the umpire has to wear some sort of receiving device to be notified. If any one of these fails, you're back to where you started - good ol' human reasoning and vision.
  6. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    Survey taken.
  7. What frame is this?

    @jwclubbie This is a close mask to the Mizuno, at least as close as I can find out there right now. To me, the ear guards look very close. If not this one, then Diamond would be the closest other mask I can think of with those ear guards being hollow as most have an arrowhead or something else there. All Star has this still in production and it's only $69.99 from All Star themselves.
  8. Navy blue plate coat

    Ouch. I was afraid of that. How many times do you guys wear these in a year? I don't mean to be nosy, but I only wear a jacket maybe 3 times all year in OH. I'm hotblooded though and once I get moving around I get warm quick. I'm not sure I work enough cold games to justify the expense. I do like the professional look though!
  9. Navy blue plate coat

    May I ask what they're selling for? I'd like one, but not able to break the bank.
  10. What frame is this?

    Yes, different model than the 2qa-122 which is more what we’re used to seeing from Ted Barrett.
  11. Plus POS in Trouble?

    I have ordered two times in the past month and got both... maybe I was lucky?
  12. Lightweight jacket suggestions?

    I love the convertibles! I almost never use sleeves with mine though.
  13. Zett black

    @Thunderheads Sold - lock 'er up please.
  14. Zett black

    $30 shipped within CONUS
  15. Ebay finds

    I was wondering when that mask would make it on here. I'm not sure that was ever an All Star mask. It looks home made. Of course it was, but it is so poorly shaped now that it's hard to tell.
  16. Equipment Porn?

    There's a super nice one on Craigslist - but the guy will only deal in cash in California. Only wants $90 for it and it looks clean. If anyone's near him - pick it up and let's make a deal.
  17. ISO ZigTech Plate Shoes size 10.5 or 11

    I know a guy had a brand new pair of 11's in all black. Wanted $90 shipped. Not sure if he still has them, but I can check.
  18. Football reconditioners or repair places?

    I've often wondered about this even with an old Platinum pad. Would it hurt anything to drill (hot awl) some ventilation into the padding? I mean, Schutt has them in the padding and even the plates are like swiss cheese for aeration!
  19. Hydro Dipped Mask

    That makes sense, as they use it on auto parts as well (like rims). I'm sure that rocks and road debris would make it wear much more than a baseball would.
  20. Hydro Dipped Mask

    I like the idea of dipping, but the cost is a little extreme for me. It looks great. How does it hold up if hit by a foul ball?
  21. Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    In the mask porn area there are pics from @Thunderheads and possibly @MadMax as well
  22. +pos chest protector

    They don't say...but it still has return options I believe just like any other new one.
  23. Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    Maybe a nice side business for an artisan such as yourself?
  24. +pos chest protector

    +POS has manufactured refurbs of these for only $79.95 + shipping (normally only $7.95). Now is the time folks if you are considering it!
  25. Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    Don't want to steal @Thunderheads thunder, but you have to custom make one. I'll let him give you the details.