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  1. If you have a Douglas and want to get it modified, here are the estimates for the "normal" stuff: •Gap Coverage: $30 •Side Extensions: $25 •T-Hook Slots & T-Hooks: $25 •New Cushion (Black w/Black trim): $95 •New Cushion (Custom Colors): $125 •Different Color Trim: $30 •Shipping estimate varies - allow $20 •Some states require tax to be added as well. The man to contact for modifications is Mr. Jeff Cook. He can be reached at: jeffcook@douglaspads.com
  2. Douglas Custom Gear

    and T-hooks... If you do a search, I think we have a customization price list out there from Jeff from this summer.
  3. Shoes Shoes Shoes

    Any of these left?
  4. I'm looking for one of these styled masks. It doesn't have to be Nike. If you have one you're wanting to sell please let me know. Thanks.
  5. @Thunderheads sold. Please lock it up. Thank you.
  6. Fixed throat guard removed and painted matte black by Tony at Mask-it. It resembles a Mizuno now. This is for the frame only. $35 shipped CONUSA. if you pay by 2pm today via PayPal Friends and Family - I will ship to you via UPS today as well.
  7. Father's Day Masks

    I like it too, but its hard to find blue pads. Much easier for us to send a mask to Tony and have him paint the mask blue and then we can add black TW's.
  8. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Agree with Razzer. Could you possibly have them hydro-dipped? Other than that, or maybe dyed, I can't think of any way to have them look new(er) again.
  9. CP Help Requested

    It's not a huge difference. I've had both 13" and 15" and I can't say I noticed a lot of difference. I don't have them anymore so I can't measure myself. Sorry, it's not a measurement or proof of anything, but hope it helps.
  10. @Thunderheads lock it up please. Thank you.
  11. Taking offers on this mask. It's been customized and powder-coated by Mask-It in matte black. I will sell with or without pads - it's up to you. I currently have Wilson memory foam pads on it. They are used but in really good shape. I removed the big gold "W" chin logo with a seam ripper. The mask is super light due to being an aluminum frame and the TG balances it out nicely. Thanks for your time!
  12. WTB Syder Throat Guard

    Costs about $50 to get from Japan to US.
  13. WTB Syder Throat Guard

    I have one coming. Should receive tomorrow. What are you offering?
  14. I can't post pics for some reason... but I have it on eBay as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Diamond-Aluminum-Umpire-Mask-and-Spyder-Throat-Guard-Baseball-or-Softball/122844276164?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  15. CP Help Requested

    I’ve cut it out before. It’s do-able.
  16. CP Help Requested

    If you like the Gold try a 15” Champion. Thinner profile and longer - Champion even has a 17”! If you like Douglas and you have the budget, Jeff can cut it down to your size chest width. They’ll custom fit to you but it costs more of course. You can always remove side wings from Gold, Schutt, Champion, etc if you don’t want or like them as well. Find your fit!
  17. Mask-It Colors

    Hello everyone! If you have had a mask done by Tony and Mask-It, could you please upload pic and name the color. I'd like to get an idea of what he has. I've seen some great masks from there. I'm leaning on gunmetal and a silver-esque mask, but I'd like to see the samples. Thanks all!
  18. Mask-It Colors

    That makes sense. I love his work, but would love more options on the site.
  19. Mask-It Colors

    Metallic Silver
  20. Mask-It Colors

    Bright Silver
  21. Mask-It Colors

  22. Nike Ti Mask for Reduced Price

    @Thunderheads I think he edited his post to show it sold above.