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  1. Thanks, will do!
  2. You may want a little more tread for those early Spring games.
  3. Thank you for the info and feedback! Always welcome.
  4. Is it worth the $30? I don't remember it either and it looks fairly new. And thanks!
  5. Anyone know anything about this CP? I have a deal with a guy for $30. It reminds me of the WVP which is my main CP, but I thought I'd pick up a back up for that price.
  6. We're supposed to have "mostly" black shoes as well. A few that do college games have the B/W Reebok Zig Techs. I have both so I can match my partner. My NB plate shoes have the white "N" as well. Personally, I like the ones with white on them. All black shoes generally don't look so great.
  7. I have thought about getting a Navy mask as well for Ohio of course. We are required to wear all black shoes, black belt, but we then a navy shirt. Why not let us wear MLB black shirts to match our required all black accessories and usually all black gear? But far be it from me to try to change their minds now.
  8. Not to be sexist, but if it was a mother's FB, then there you go. Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads and it's only natural to assume umpires should as well.
  9. I can't speak from experience, but I've heard new 460 lows are light and super-nice. I've heard 3n2's are light as well, but they don't last more than a year. I've had experience with other 3n2 gear (jacket) and it's lasted well, but it's not same quality as other coats (Honig's, Smitty) and my old NB plate shoes (450's) have lasted very well and still look great after several years. My two cents, go with the new low NB 460's. I know I will be doing that once my old ones are worn out.
  10. I agree with others on the 2. I can put lineup, gum, pen, brush, indicator between innings, etc. in left pocket and it is a balanced look.
  11. Amen! When you said Benning, I was thinking you must be in Airborne school. I thought tanks were mostly at Knox and Sill. Either way, congrats on the tank driving - that must be a blast! Bottom line - have fun out there LT.
  12. I was thinking that too. The Nike Ti and Zro-G's are like 12-13 oz WITHOUT pads and harness - and this is less than 1/2 of that really low number! That has to be a false reading or misunderstanding of Justin's question by the representative. Not to be snobby, but not sure I would put my face and trust in a mask called ZOOMBAH either. It just sounds cheap. And we all know that if a deal sounds too good to be true, then...
  13. I know one or two like this. I guess I take the approach Kyle mentioned. Try to stand out all the more for hustling and doing your job right. Unfortunately, this is an older guy who's been doing it forever and sets a poor example to the new guys. Then, he stands back and complains he never gets anything above Freshmen ball and few games. I guess it's obvious to everyone but him why he isn't getting the games. Yet, he gets games because everyone needs warm bodies to cover the lower levels, especially in rural OH where I am. Bottom line, try to help and then leave it to him. You can lead a horse to water...
  14. Not sure how I would have reacted. I definitely wouldn't have said anything to the kid though. Don't ever let them know if they're getting to you!
  15. Guilty here too! I hate trying to fix it after the CP is on, too bulky to do finite movements like that. LOL