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  1. I know a guy had a brand new pair of 11's in all black. Wanted $90 shipped. Not sure if he still has them, but I can check.
  2. I've often wondered about this even with an old Platinum pad. Would it hurt anything to drill (hot awl) some ventilation into the padding? I mean, Schutt has them in the padding and even the plates are like swiss cheese for aeration!
  3. That makes sense, as they use it on auto parts as well (like rims). I'm sure that rocks and road debris would make it wear much more than a baseball would.
  4. I like the idea of dipping, but the cost is a little extreme for me. It looks great. How does it hold up if hit by a foul ball?
  5. In the mask porn area there are pics from @Thunderheads and possibly @MadMax as well
  6. They don't say...but it still has return options I believe just like any other new one.
  7. Maybe a nice side business for an artisan such as yourself?
  8. +POS has manufactured refurbs of these for only $79.95 + shipping (normally only $7.95). Now is the time folks if you are considering it!
  9. Don't want to steal @Thunderheads thunder, but you have to custom make one. I'll let him give you the details.
  10. Now you need the mask(?) and ball bags! PS - I'm kidding about the mask.
  11. I saw a really beat up WV pre Dyna lite mask at Play It Again on Saturday in Columbus. They were pretty rough, so I hesitated. Went back today to get them and of course they're gone! Got me thinking on this post and I wanted some too. LOL
  12. Matt, Did you ever get to that box? LOL
  13. @ZJesterYM do you still have these masks? Does anyone have any of these logos leftover on a harness or pads? Thanks
  14. I was too fast - it appears you are correct. If looks like it might require heating... of course, that makes sense on a car. On a CP, you could probably cut and super glue it down. I'm just guessing here though... I'll wait for the expert opinions.
  15. You've got something there! Here is a type of carbon fiber - similar I think to what he used. Much easier than painting a CP - and just as cheap!