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  1. Still available.
  2. $65 shipped to you (retails at $89) ---- BRAND NEW! I did a quick Google search and this is a minimum of $10 cheaper than what you'd pay for one from a store after S&H and tax. Silver frame with navy pads & red Honig's harness. Great for navy & red uniforms and High School ball. P.S. If you want frame only, I can sell it for $55 by itself. Thanks!
  3. New this year, been cleaned after each use. I just don't like the fit on me. I'd like to get something less bulky. Great protection, but just not for me. Measures approximately 12" from neck opening to bottom of CP. Original harness included and unused (I used an Ump Life). Asking $110 shipped to you.
  4. I have a new Nike harness I can let go. Message me please if interested. Thanks!
  5. Sold. @Thunderheads please lock it up. Thank you.
  6. Worn twice. Nothing wrong with it, I just have too many masks. With pads and visor and free S&H: $65 With pads - no visor - and free S&H: $55 Frame only and free S&H: $45
  7. Money sent
  8. I'll do that. Forgive me as I'm not sure, but harness is black right? I'll pm you my email for PayPal if yes. Thanks
  9. Does the $25 include S&H?
  10. Thanks, I did a search for Zro-G, I should have tried Zero-G as well.
  11. Does anyone have one of these and/or can you give feedback on these? I see several posts on here about the new COBRA, but wandered if this one is any good. It looks like it would offer the same protection level as a WVG or WVP, but I know you can't judge a book by its cover. +POS even has these refurbished (manufactured 2nds that are repaired for a missing rivet, fabric tear, etc.) for about 1/2 cost of a new one. I am considering one as a backup CP. I have other +POS products and really like them. Thanks!
  12. Good transaction with @harrisonj23. Prompt shipping and product arrived in like new condition.
  13. Mine arrived today as well. It also had the sun visor attached prior to shipping.
  14. My order from late Friday is in the mail.