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  1. Mizuno mask with TW and the shovel. I also have the spyder throat guard.
  2. Carlos torres uses the wilson bucket with a 6 inch throat guard on the outside of it. Look him up if you want a photo.
  3. I use TW and wilson memory foam. The wilson pads are much softer but i think TW handles shots better.
  4. I love my shovel but it took me finding it on a japanese version of amazon and a buddy of mine shipping it to me. Might have really been the last new black one.
  5. I know its not TW but im curious what it is.
  6. Anyone know what padding torres has under his CP?
  7. So for my MILB season i have that bag. One side has my base shoes and polish, the midlle is my WV gold and a traditional mask and throat guards, the other sise is my wilson shock helmet. The bottom is my belts, shinguards, accessories, plate shoes and a foam roller.
  8. Good luck finding any others. Mizuno does not make them anymore. I found a black one from japan that i had a classmate buy for me and ship over. @BT_Blue