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  1. I'm guessing what the OP is not sure about is the fact there is a runner on 1st. Less than 2 outs, and runner on 1st they can not run on dropped 3rd strike. With 2 outs, you can run even if 1st base is occupied. But as mentioned above, that organization, county, rec, etc may have provision against running on dropped 3rd strike.
  2. IMO balks are the hardest part about umpiring. You don't see them very often. And I know it's one thing I need to improve on if I want to move on up the ladder. If anyone knows of a good resource whether it be video, YouTube channel, camp that focuses on balks or anything else you used to help you "master" balks I am open to any ideas. It's something I really want to improve on but it's hard seeing a move and not knowing 100% whether it's a balk or not.
  3. I have to wonder if this "fan" was at the game I called tonight. I ended up having to run a coach "who was absolutely certain" that was a balk and "if we didn't call it and it happened again he was coming off his bucket."
  4. As the above post stated it could have been a courtesy runner. In Fed rules (which is what high school is governed by) the pitcher and/or catcher can have someone who is currently not in the lineup nor has been, run for them. There are some variances to the rule depending on state, leagues, etc. other than HS. So instead of trying to go through them all again, here is a recent thread that discusses courtesy runners (CR).
  5. So is it just understood you have to use a sub as a courtesy runner if you have one? I had a team last night go crazy and parents yelling "it's make up rules night" because I told the coach since he had subs listed on the lineup card he had to use one of the subs as a CR (he was attempting to use his speedy shortstop). I thought it explicitly stated it had to be a sub if available. Note: It has been explained in our association (and the middle school league the game was in) that if you have a sub you have to use that as a CR. If you don't have any, it's the last out that was made.
  6. GA - Yes
  7. I think there are a lot of things to consider here. For one, this being showcase ball, the level of play is going to be higher than normal. So I am going to expect them to know the situations, the rules better, etc. At the same time, I am going to be mindful that the catcher is going to come up firing and probably make a good throw, and the fact it is 3-1/3-2 the pitcher is going to be trying to be in the strike zone knowing that he can't afford another ball. All that being said, one thing I have been focusing on is my timing behind the plate. But knowing the situation if it's a ball I'm going to louder than normal and try to be quicker on my call than normal trying to avoid this situation. But IMO there are going to be times the throw is still going to happen, tags are still going to be applied, and I think this is a situation where even if a call is made, it's going to be acceptable to call time, sort out what took place, and adjust accordingly. Note: This play makes me think of the dropped 3rd strike, 1st base occupied, B/R takes off anyway and catcher throws to 1st, makes a bad throw/R1 takes off/etc type of fiasco.
  8. No no My backside isn't red yet. I mean tell them that they can't do that and to give me a different runner. It was an issue last year in middle school. They would put their fastest player out there to run or run for any position. So it was a point of emphasis this year.
  9. I was just wondering if anyone lives near or ever umpired at the Lakepoint facility in Emerson, Ga (just north of Atlanta) where they hold a lot Perfect Game tournaments. I have emailed the facility, as well as people off the Perfect Game site and can't get a reply from anyone as to how to get involved umpiring there. Even if you haven't umpired there, has anyone here umpired under the Perfect Game banner and what did you do to get started? Being new to the area I am currently only involved with one association calling middle school & high school games and just trying to find more games if possible. Especially on the weekends because not many schools around here play on Saturdays unless it's make up games. Thanks for any advice. It is greatly appreciated.
  10. I am not certain about all states or rules sets but in LL they can finish their last better and in Georgia HS with the new pitch count procedures put in place this year they can finish whatever batter they are facing but must be pulled at the conclusion of that at bat.
  11. I enforce it as soon as I see it. On the lineup card after the plate meeting I make a section that says CR and then I write a "P" and under it I write "C" and when a courtesy runner enters the first time I'll write what number the runner is and for what position they ran for, that way I'll have a reference in the later innings.
  12. If this was 2-man this is going to be the plate umpires call all the time. The mechanic for fair ball is to point and say nothing. The only other thing I see that he could have done is continue pointing fair, becoming more and more emphatic as time goes on until he looks like the wacky POINTING inflatable arm flailing tubeman But with the information we have from OP it seems he did right. Just out of curiosity I'd love to know what the B/R did, the fielder with the ball, etc.
  13. I suppose it's calls like these that keeps the "human element" in the game that we so often hear about.
  14. AHHH HAAA I guess I was in the Fed mindset since that is mostly what I do...but this is the part I missed. This is one of the reasons I posted this to start with. It looked to me as if the throw was high and down the 1st base line toward home and that's what initiated the contact. So I was questioning whether this was obstruction to start with.
  15. Ok I'll bite...what am I missing? I see the coach say safe, then the umpire signal out? But why? Being a smarty pants to the coach? Clearly it's too late for me to be on here or something....