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  1. I watched it a couple of times. I think Farrell just went to save Pedroia. He had to say something to Wegner to shut Pedroia up. But he doesn't really make a fuss over it. It's actually Pedroia that yells one more time over Farrell's shoulder (after Wegner had already done his best to keep P in the game) and Weg looked over at Farrell and it appears says he's got to go now or you do. Farrell had his back turned but I suspect asked Weg to dump him. Weg looked like a veteran ump and outclassed Petroia. He had a great game.
  2. Two Quesions

    Both the last two replies were helpful. Thanks!
  3. runner's lane interference

    I still think it was RLI under OBR. Looked like Zimmerman lost the ball behind the runner and also pulled his glove arm back into his body to avoid a collision with the BR. It was a crap throw but I'd give the benefit to the defense since there's absolutely no reason for the BR to be inside the lines. I guess I'm saying BR was not where he should have been so rather than debate whether F3 may or may not have been able to catch the ball is putting the burden too much on the defense when the offense has interfered. Unless the throw is airmailed into right field if it's close enough to wonder give the benefit to the defense. Run where you're supposed to run.
  4. Two Quesions

    Oh I understand that. I meant should we have ejected after the play for the coach yelling that's a balk in the middle of the pitch? Is that enough to penalize or were we right to let it play out since the defense wasn't negatively impacted? We definitely told the coach to knock it off but does what happened really warrant an ejection?
  5. Two Quesions

    Or should we have ejected immediately even though the play continued?
  6. Two Quesions

    So the coach was yelling at us. He thought there was a balk and was yelling at us about it. If it had caused a balk I guess you eject at that point?
  7. Two Quesions

    Was umpiring a juniors level little league tournament last week. The third base coach (also manager) emphatically yelled "that's a balk" during the delivery. We were running four man so I wasn't even sure who called it. None of us had a balk and the batter bunted and was put out at first. But the coach so confused his own runner at third that he hesitated and then was thrown out at home. Was a pretty funny situation. Point being yelling something like that on the field could definitely be offensive interference in my mind if it had caused the pitcher to stop or something like that. If it had caused the defense to stop and allow runners to advance I would have put them back.
  8. Honig's

    Second on the shirts. I really prefer Honigs shirts. I hope they get it straightened out.
  9. Balk question

    I believe this is a balk under FED rules.
  10. +POS Mask/items for Sale

    Is the frame $40 shipped and do you take paypal?
  11. LLWS - Curacao Pitcher

    Ha, well I'm no MLB umpire, and they seem to be fine with it. Still different than taking more than the allowed two steps from the windup, or picking your free foot up and putting it back down from the set. Just wondering how I'd respond to a coach who complains a pitcher is violating 8.01 and it is messing up his batters. "Sorry coach, we don't really worry about that rule." And I'm certainly not trying to be argumentative. I just don't understand why it's not enforced if it's there.
  12. LLWS - Curacao Pitcher

    I understand a pitcher can vary speed of delivery. We are talking about starting/stopping delivery or adding in steps which are not allowed according to 8.01 which is not dependent on runners. And I know what you meant by real, and I know what Rule 2.00 says. Since it didn't reference Rule 2.00, and a whole page had been taken up describing what IS legal, I just assumed that doing things 8.01 says not to do was illegal, and would be covered in 8.01(d). It seems that is not the appropriate interpretation. I would still like to know how to handle a situation where the pitcher does something not legal, like start-stop-start a pitch or take too many steps, and then delivers a pitch. The fact that both pitch deliveries require that once you start the pitching motion you must complete it without "interruption or alteration" matters and should be enforced. The batter should not be put in jeopardy of a strike or out if the pitcher is not following the rule. Is it just a no pitch, resume count? Obviously this happens mostly in lower levels. I have not seen it in juniors, seniors, or school ball, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. But it still seems like something that would need to be addressed. If not as an IP/ball called, then however. Thanks for the replies.
  13. LLWS - Curacao Pitcher

    That's a fair point. Stopping a delivery is one thing. But what we were talking about is a stop or adding movements or steps other than the one back one forward, and then delivering the pitch. That seems illegal by rule to me. And the point for me isn't to be punitive to the pitcher at all. I just think that timing up the pitch made difficult when you can't reasonably assume the pitch will follow the legal parameters. In your example it's just a no pitch. Like if the ball slips out of the pitcher's hand with no one on. But actually delivering the pitch makes the batter do something. I guess I just think it's important to make a fair balance between pitcher and batter, and pitching outside the rules for legal delivery seem unfair...If you don't want to call it illegal, then maybe not legal.
  14. LLWS - Curacao Pitcher

    You're adding words. 8.01(d) doesn't say "real" definition of illegal pitch. 8.01 describes two legal pitching deliveries. I assume since it says nothing about runners and that pitchers pitching to batters is fundamental to the game, that how you pitch to the batter does matter, especially given the length of descriptions of the two legal deliveries. From the windup you get one step back and one forward with the free foot and that you pitch without interruption or alteration. Anything else from the windup does not meet the definition of a legal pitch, and could potentially create a disadvantage to the batter, who has an expectation to see one of two legal pitch deliveries. I think LL rules are messy because they are amended from OBR and not always clearly so. But I just disagree that pitching rules are only there to protect runners, and that 8.01(d) only refers to the definition in Rule 2.00. Why would we allow pitchers to pitch in a way not specified in 8.01 that could create a disadvantage to the batter?
  15. LLWS - Curacao Pitcher

    Hi, I'm resurrecting an old thread it looks like. I umpire a lot of Little League. Obviously we'd have to see the video but I question some of the comments on this thread. First, 8.05 applies to balks, and since there are no lead offs in Majors and below, they are enforced as illegal pitches (12U). But that doesn't mean that you have to have runners on to have an illegal pitch. Rule 8.01 goes into great detail about what is legal, and by rule, once you start your motion you are committed to pitch "without interruption or alteration." It also states from the windup you get one step back and one forward with the free foot. Otherwise, you have an IP and 8.01(d) states that an IP without runners on base is a ball. Legal/illegal pitch rules aren't just to protect the runners but the batters as well. We make this call all the time in LL as the younger pitchers will get nervous and do this. It really messes the batters up and it is not a legal pitching motion according to 8.01. I think 8.05 confuses people because it starts with "with runners on base..." and then has the note that Majors and below it is an IP, as if that's the ONLY time you have an IP. That's not the intention. They are just making a note to address that there are no balks in lower levels. So if I had been doing that game (and if the motion was really as interrupted as it sounds like it was) I would have called a ball every time. Just my $.02 and I'd love to hear any other comments. But we enforce this as a point of emphasis at our league.