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  1. NB base shoes

    My points! Let’s just say I’ll try to bake cookies this Sunday if I can get my hands on them.
  2. NB base shoes

    There’s new base shoes coming out (idk when), and I’ve seen them but I was told not to release the actual picture but, I can post some NB turfs that may or may not look like them.
  3. Equipment Porn?

    I actually live like 20 mins away from the guy that was selling it, too bad I never check the local CL bc it's dry 99% of the time
  4. Congratulations man, hope you have fun and I'll definitely be watching in they show your game. @tjohnson My man Bostwick made the PCL league too so I gotta send him a text. But congratulations to all selected
  5. Matte black Wilson Ti

    @Thunderheads sold, please lock it up
  6. Matte black Wilson Ti

    Decided to buy a mizuno, no longer need it. Frame or frame w/ slightly used Wendy pads. (They've never been used but I washed them like three times trying to clean them after trying to get rid of the Wendy logo) PM for more photos and make an offer
  7. Any good artists

    lol, and thank you.
  8. Any good artists

    For sure, I get that. I wasn't trying to start an argument of any type, just trying to state that it's not some meaningless/reckless tattoo. & it's probably only gonna be an inch and a half by 3". Gotta do the math and just the frame.
  9. Any good artists

    No, baseball has been such a big part of my life. Whether it was playing since I was young, up to my last year of HS, or even now as I pursue a career in professional baseball (and if that doesn't work, college ball). So yeah it has significant meaning to my life. So even in 50 years, I'd still be happy with it as a reminder of the impact this game had my life, and as a symbol that I chased my dream (regardless of the outcome)
  10. Any good artists

    Can anyone draw a good Nike ti frame? I want to get it tattooed on my chest and thought I'd see if anyone of you guys could get a crack at it first.
  11. Mask Porn?

    For sure, it's probably never gonna leave my room. It's original purpose is was be a decoration on a wall. If I wanted to use a legit mizuno I would've just bought one to use, but I'd rather spend $60 on a decoration than $160+. But safety is my first priority so there's like a 98% chance this thing doesn't see a live pitch.
  12. Mask Porn?

    Here's the project, diamond turned faux mizuno w/ spyder lookalike tg. Next stop Tony's. How's it look?
  13. Mask Porn?

    You are correct, those savages would've eaten me alive had you not saved me
  14. Mask Porn?

    It's gonna take a really strong blow but I think it's possible. I've heard of it being done at home with a dead blow though
  15. Vinyl wrapping CP

    Probably one too many concussions