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  1. @tjohnson That is one beautiful mask, I'll keep an eye out for you when they show one of your games
  2. @umpstu I was planning on going to the Palm Springs camp but something came up. And yeah I'll be 21 if I do go to the academy this year, but I feel like having one more year to mature a bit more would definitely help. But if I do go and get offered a job working JuCo, and it's not too late to apply I'll definitely be going to the academy.
  3. No doubt they're great. I've just had a D1 bbuc alumni buddy say not to go & just go to pro school, while another D1 bbuc ambassador say to definitely go b4 pro school. But I think I'm gonna wait another year on pro school, enjoy another season of HS while opening some doors with College guys incase that's the route I end up going.
  4. Has anyone (probably on the west coast) been to either of the black and blue clinics, If so if so what was your experience like?
  5. While I'm still waiting for a response from Unequal about retrofitting my CP, is anyone selling their TW pads?
  6. Yes, I think they have a soft armour padding that's .5" as apposed to the .25 trauma pads so I can shape up to sew/glue together. Still need to look into it, but was also going to see if Unequal would be willing to retrofit my gold with some of their pads if the price is right.
  7. I think I'm gonna try and make my own pads with some padding from spartan armor. I wanted to stay around .5" but I believe they have a .25 and .35 pads, you think that'd be enough padding?
  8. Here's a pic I took a couple weeks ago after trying tan. I have no idea what type the tan paint was as I can't find the bottle, but I can definitely say they messed up the pads a good bit. As for the black ones, the face did stiffen up a bit but no where near as bad as the tan ones. (I'll stick with TW)
  9. Just some acrylic paint, with a foam brush so far. Will post a close up of the pads once I finish them up.
  10. Still have to touch it up with a detail brush but its not bad. Ignore the dent
  11. Hate to revive an old post, but I decided to give it a try. Will post results later
  12. Found a 4000mag and a nike, in one of the pics does the left ear crimps look kinda funny?kinda looks like it isn't a clean cut
  13. Lol thank you, I wish I had my phone earlier today :/
  14. Bought a Wilson Ti off @JoHart10. Perfect condition and fast shipping. Thank you again
  15. Still available?