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  1. These have changed my life...best keep shirt tucked in product ever. Work great for Football officiating, baseball umpiring, and keeping normal dress shirts tucked in.
  2. Equipment Bag Debate

    Ebag all the way. I had the original Force3 and the updated one with better zippers and wheels (Force3 actually sent me the upgraded version for free after I had two of the first gen ones zipper fail within a year of use). I have had no issues with the ebags. I actually had the medium size one that I use for family travel and football. Just added the smallest one as well for quick trips. I am a very loyal ebags shopper...even my laptop backpack is from them. Anytime I have had an issue they replace the bag or part rapidly with no questions asked. I won't go back. Love the orange interior as it makes things easy to see.
  3. Beltre is always where he was standing last night. The local broadcast team even mentioned how far around he gets a week or two ago on a broadcast....just surprised that an umpire picked a time like the blowout last night to say something. I think he has been doing it for years.
  4. Nike plate shoes? Old school guys needed.

    When is college at Texas A&M several of the guys that called college baseball had this type of thing done to +POS and Honigs plate shoes.
  5. Willing to sell the shirts for $15 each now. Heading on vacation next week and would love to move them before then.
  6. Mizuno 2qa-129

    I have a 2QA-110 it is the titanium one with a throat guard in black. I also have a 2qa-122...I have a spider on it. Both were powder coated gunmetal by mask it.
  7. Already heading to the USPS today...somebody buy these shirts and they can be on the way to you today!
  8. Sold.. @Thunderheads lock it up.
  9. I listed the size in the OP. They are Japanese size 29. I wear a US 11 and they are a tad big for me.
  10. i have two black and on Carolina Smitty pro-series shirts SIZE XXL for sale. They were each worn 1-3 times. I lost weight and had to size down. The shirts are in great condition. The only imperfection is a little residue from where the numbers were that I removed from the sleeve. it is clear glue...not much could probably be removed. see pic. $20 $15 each plus shipping. If you buy all three I will ship them to you for free.
  11. I have a brand new in the box pair of Mizuno Franchise Trainer Prime Edition size 29.0 (I wear a size 11 and they were a tad big for me). Looking for $60 plus shipping. They are black and shiny. White Mizuno logo...three velcro straps. They look sharp. If my foot was a little bigger I would have them in my rotation.
  12. ***New In Box*** New Balance MU460

    Sold lock it up.
  13. Type of hem on pants

    Anyone doing the notch hem? Curious about trying it