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  1. Same here
  2. They may be heavy, but the low profile it gives is amazing. My Gold fits like a glove. I don't think the TW did a lot for the Douglas. It was already low profile, but I was just a gear junkie being a gear junkie when I sent them in together. Now I have two collectors items that can take a shot. Too bad my season is just about done. College ball is over for me and the High School playoffs will be done soon as well.
  3. That makes since. I once had a 15" black one and sold it. Been wearing my 13" Grey with Team Wendy Retro and @Thunderheads gap protection and T-hooks the past month. I have lost about 35 lbs since the start of the year and the Douglas fits me much better than it used to. Still rock my Team Wendied Gold, but I forgot how much I like the Douglas as well. I love great gear.
  4. I would have thought the padding would be blue standard. That is what came on my new Douglas with the grey plates.
  5. My local academy has those was going to go try on a pair today.
  6. That is what I was thinking. I have not worn nikes in years...A brooks guy. Not sure what people recommend. Thanks for the input.
  7. Looking for some feedback. Maybe from guys that work a lot of travel ball on turf fields. I am going to an umpire clinic in Oklahoma this summer where we will work on turf. Any recommendations on some base shoes with a little ventilation. They don't need to be baseball specific, just comfortable and look decent. I have NB 950V2 that I love, but they are hot since they are leather on the top of the foot. Looking for something with a little mesh to help cool my feet down. Thanks.
  8. People will need to know the length.
  9. People will want to know the model number.
  10. I do this as well. Never an issue.
  11. No problem. I will probably post them for sale on the site tomorrow. Happy hunting. If this was 12 months ago I could have helped you out. I unloaded all my random colors.
  12. I have three XXL Smitty shirts that I am willing to sell. They are old MLB style with the thin pipping on the side. 2 Black 1 Blue. Worn 1-3 times each. I lost weight and had to size down.
  13. Worked with a guy that had them last weekend. I really like them, but they are so dark. Nowhere near the color of the old (good) polywools. My college group won't allow them yet. They seem the closest in color to the GD charcoal pants.
  14. Force 3. Love them. Year 3 no rust.
  15. Buy a bunch...the new ones don't hold up. Break very easily...unless he has updated it in the past two years. The plastic comes apart where it is connected near the brush part. I still have an old grey one that I use. Broke several of the new ones after one or two games. He sent me several for free back when he was letting guys test gear for free to get his name back out there.