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  5. All: It was GREAT to meet so many UE forum members & also Warren Workman who's helping me get my login/pw issues situated. Id like to get on here and interact, but it's been an issue he's helping us get resolved. OK...pants. First, go watch the videos if you haven't already done that. These pants fit true to size. Listen to me, I'm the ONLY Umpire that went down a size and put full gear on and TRIED my best to split these out. They didn't split. They didn't snag, rip, tear or get caught up on my shin guards. In the video, I even have on 2 different brands of shin guards without telling anyone until the very end!! Poly Spandex material pant play cousins....yes, it's THAT material. Even with a nutty buddy, tights and shin guards on - don't feel golf pant material. How could you? The point is you are now wearing lightweight breathable material. These pants MOVE with you and stretch when they need to stretch. They breathe when it starts to get hot. I ran these pants underneath a sink faucet and watched the water bead up and roll off. Yes .....these pants are legit. Everyone that was in Baltimore loved them. MiLB guys loved them...MiLB big league call up guys loved them. CWS Umpires loved them. Coordinators loved them. I LOVE THEM! Hear me when I type: Do you think I'd wear these pants on TV every weekend for ACC/SEC if they were going to split or embarrass me and/or my crew?? No way! THAT'S how confident I am in these pants. ive attached a picture of side by side comparison in simple overhead lighting. Wools are in MY right hand and Spandex in MY left. Even the wife says, "different material is the difference, not the shade of color."
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  14. This video is for the MID-CUT version of the NB V3. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube with your email & get notified of all downloads. About 15 videos so far including BOTH versions of this Umpire shoe & Wilson MLB West Vest chest protectors. You can also find these videos on our website in the product page.
  15. A separate video to show this won't happen. But if you want a picture, email me and I'll send you something next week.