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  1. If you vocalize a ball loudly, someone is going to hear, "Foul!" I would think it would be more important to give the count at any combination of 3 balls or 2 strikes.
  2. This does not bode well for the Size 9.5 D 950s I want to sell.
  3. I was out this weekend trying to find the anchors for the bases. Any dirt I moved was quickly replaced by water. We use a set of old bases instead of plugs, since the field is behind a middle school and the plugs would disappear quickly. Sometime over the winter, the school janitor removed the bases, worried that they might be stolen. Actually got to find something with my metal detector. (Actually, it's the wife's, but that's another story) But walking across the outfield felt like walking on a waterbed. Spring in the PacificNW can really suck.
  4. We have some fields that leave a little to be desired. Ball hits fair in right field, but then hits a gopher hole and slowly rolls under the fence. TOP orTime of Fence?
  5. That's the level. I don't see it a lot, but we have a bunch of really fast runners and the last thing I want to see is a major injury. Most of the time, it's not a problem, but if I see it, I'll usually talk to the coach and player between innings. 98% of the time, the coach is grateful.
  6. Would anybody call OBS if F3 has got a foot dead smack in the middle of the base? Happens a lot with kids.
  7. Nevermind, it's a type A OBS, so it's dead ball. Shakes out some more rust.
  8. IIRC, last year in MLB it was 2 every 5 games. I think the excitement of a passed ball far outweighs whatever time-saving they think they are going to get. I don't understand doing this in LL. More time is wasted between innings when the catcher isn't even close to being ready or a coaches lineup card is incomplete after the first inning. I predict the time spent explaining why you can't request an auto-IBB after the first pitch will suck up more time than the thrown IBB.
  9. The little I know of FED rules made me wonder the same thing? HTBT, I guess.
  10. You expect these guys to know all the rules? Is it safe to assume the same for OBR?
  11. Would you kill this on the OBS, or just signal OBS and make sure nothing else happens and then call "Time" I would think that since the OBS was not intentional we have a delayed dead ball. If the defense gets casual, a smart R2 might decide to take off for 3B.
  12. And that is why the PU gets the bigger cut. So I'm guessing FED mechanics are different than LL mechanics. Seems bizarre for 11u.
  13. I would think in fairness, since the defense is allowed the advantage of the 4th out, the offense should be allowed to correct their mistake. My caveat would be that if the runner had left the field, he couldn't come back on to fix his mistake. Similar to the defense not being allowed back on the field. But I don't make the rules.
  14. I think the problem started here. In my limited experience, U1 should be coming in and around 1B, so he really shouldn't be in position to make that call. PU would be following the runner up the line and would have the better vantage point. If that ball is not fielded cleanly, U1 won't be in position to make the call at 2B.
  15. More of a response to stkjock's scenario and clarification for myself. The ball in the OP is still a batted ball regardless of whether or not it was judged to be a bunt or not.