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  1. The problem is that if someone reacted to that foul call, the play is blown. As for the batted ball not touching the ground, that should be true in rulesets. A caught foul ball is still live. Is it not. I'm not calling anything foul until it's actually foul. I usually do signal which side of the line the ball is on just so everyone knows that I see the ball. I'm not sure if in the OP if the foul was ever verbalized.
  2. Once it's foul, it's a dead ball. There's no way to revive it. Sounds like this one, they just post dated the death certificate.
  3. I do mostly kids' games so there's a lot of guys hovering with the ball in case the runner accidently loses contact with the base. I'll let the hidden ball ride to a point, but most of the time the runner knows what's going on, so it's just an unnecessary delay.
  4. If that same fielder pulls away and just stands there with the ball, not allowing the runner to try and stand, I'll tell them to get the ball back to the pitcher. Still not granting time.
  5. Hope that F1 throws a third strike, F2 fakes the throw to 2B, R3 runs into the tag. F2 then throws to F4 who tags out R1. 2 outs.
  6. Time is granted when the umpire judges it should be granted. If a player slides into a base and requests time to stand up, he's probably not going to get it. Even guys who wear protective gear will stand before they request time to shed their gear. If you watch carefully, they climb up the base, never losing contact. Umpires don't like to grant time, it makes the games longer. As for the overthrow back to the pitcher, that's the reason we don't grant time to stand up.
  7. Ditto. Got a pair of all black with memory foam insoles. $20 at Ross.
  8. We don't get much lightning out here, but I had a flash in the sky during a game. I cleared the field and waited for the thunder. Nothing. Told both coaches that we'd give it 5 minutes. I did check the weather and the storm was over 50 miles away. After 5 minutes the dark clouds had moved north and we had sunshine. The 30/30 rule says we should wait at least 30 minutes, but doesn't say anything about no thunder. Baseball has been pretty crappy up here in the PNW this year. Normally I'd extend the 30 second rule to 60 and call the game then.
  9. Can't blame a coach for trying. We always teach our kids to take their lead from 3B in foul territory.
  10. Waiting to be shipped.
  11. Was watching one of my instructors work the plate at an LL Intermediate level game. 2 strikes. Ball comes in high and at the batter. He ducks with the bat straight up, ball ticks off the bat and into the catcher's glove. Strike 3, he's out.
  12. I've got the V-Sport, which is very similar. I paid $90 shipped on ebay for that, a Honig's mask, v-sport shins, a couple Honig's bags, a couple indicators and a couple brushes and a small brim cap. While the V-Sport is very warm, it's great for me. I've taken a couple right to the chest and it's done it's job. If the pads are still in good shape, it's a great starter CP.
  13. We teach our players to throw low to F3. It forces F3 to stretch to the ball and keeps them from throwing rainbows. But to answer your question, yes, it's really, really wrong.
  14. It's Little League (LL). LL is developmental, sometimes we get a coach who will actually hear what you say and then you don't have to deal with it throughout the season. I think it's one of those things that you don't see much of, so you do have to think about. Most of the time I'm happy to see the catcher attempt to stop the ball.
  15. no and no.