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  1. Regarding gear, first focus on mask and cup. Then CP, then shins and finally shoes. I prefer a mask vs. a helmet as I find it easier to remove. Also, I wear it loose enough to rotate on my head if it gets hit with a glancing blow, or allow for maximum pad compression if it's a straight on shot. I also recommend a hard shell CP. The harness is an important part of the CP, so keep that in mind. I was happy with my V-Sport with it's OEM harness, but then added an All-Star Flex and it's like a new CP. It fits and feels much better. Finally, this is a great resource, don't be afraid to ask questions.
  2. First, we don't use umpires for anything under minors. A couple years ago, we started having coaches umpire games. In our minor division, we have 6 teams with 2-3 coaches per team. There are roughly 50 games per season, so each team is responsible for providing the PU for 8-9 games. There are a couple major coaches who work the minors games as a way of scouting talent. We pull a parent in to work the bases. Coaches don't work their own games. For majors we also use coaches, but each team has to provide a PU or BU for games. We have a couple guys from our District who work a couple games as well. The UIC creates a schedule at the beginning of the season and we work off of that. We also have a brief clinic at the beginning of the season run by a couple of District umpires. Is it the best system, no. But we've discovered that we do no worse than most of the guys we pay from an assigner. And our coaches develop a great deal of respect for the umpires. I had one coach say that before we forced him to work behind the plate, he would be screaming about missed plays and bad calls. After working his first game, he couldn't believe how many calls he missed or blew. Now, he restricts his complaining to really obvious calls and is much calmer during the game. He's also started working on teaching his kids the rules. One of his kids noticed that an opposing player was using a big barrell, of course, the paid umpires, didn't know the rules and let him complete his at bat before removing the bat. (no other penalty) You'll probably get some kick back from the coaches, but I think it's well worth it.
  3. Sorry, was also trying to work during all of this. IIRC, there was also a replay request in the midst of all this. I caught the original out of the corner of my eye and then when the announcers took over on the replays it all went to hell. Of course, not having a camera angle of the retouch didn't help. I'm watching on Sling, so I don't have the ability to rewind or replay.
  4. I'm watching, and am really confused. R2 & R3, deep ball caught at the fence. Looks like both runners tag up but then there was a whole lotta weirdness. U3 sends R2 (now on third) to the dugout. Then the team makes an appeal at 3B, during the time, then they make a legal appeal at 3B and then at 2B. Where U2 makes no signal. Of course, the announcers are talking about force outs and appeals, but none of it makes any sense. Did I miss something?
  5. I have no idea why he moved his hands in front of his CP. Nor why he continues to wear that Wilson helmet.
  6. Years ago, I met some guys who served with my uncle in Vietnam. They really downplayed any of their military experience, "...just regular army..." It wasn't until later on that I found out that they were both Rangers.
  7. I don't know if it works the same way with this type of gear, but a friend who sold Apple computers to corporations had said that if they sent a computer out it was considered sold, so any returns could not be sold as new. He had a truckload of new, unopened gear that all had to be opened and reboxed and then sold as refurbished, even though it never left the trailer and was returned with the original shrinkwrap on the original pallet.
  8. I understand not wanting to stir the pot, but I'm a little disappointed that the officiating crew didn't walk off.
  9. IIRC, the umpire was assaulted after a HS game. We did have the squad cars at a LL game, although it was non-violent. A parent let loose a barrage of 4-letter love words on the umpire after a close call at HP. The umpire, then asked the parent to leave, the coaches asked the parent to leave and then finally, the cops got the parent to leave. To his credit, the umpired finished the game explaining to the kids that he was there so they could play baseball, and that language like that has no place at a LL game.
  10. After an umpire was assaulted by a fan, Oregon passed law that does give the umpire the ability to remove fans. A couple years ago, we had 3 squad cars show up to a game to aid in the removal process. Every year, it's the first thing listed for inter-league rules set forth by our LL District.
  11. I would drill out the rivet. I would think that would be the easiest for most people.
  12. Making the flex harness standard would actually go a long way here. I just added an All-Star harness to my V-Sport and the fit is amazing. I had spent months trying to get the original harness to fit and never could. I had to add some polyprop webbing to the top straps, but it's now way more comfortable and form-fitting. I was going to use Raz's harness, but the AS was a really good deal. Not CP related, but I got my son a Schutt batting helmet. He loves it. Not as hot as his old one. The Schutt Air Max stuff looks good and is making it's way into Catcher's helmets.
  13. I agree with you on the above. The part I have an issue with is that the coach had said that U1 told him that had the ball remained in the glove after the glove fell to the ground, he would have called it an out. I'm not seeing any kind of control or "firmly holding it". When the glove hits the ground, the definition of a catch has not been met, regardless of the ball not touching the actual ground.
  14. In this instance, the ball took the glove off, so the fielder never had control of the ball. The ball staying in the glove is more luck than anything. How would you rule the ball popping out and landing on top of the glove? If the ball remains in the glove, we now have the issue of using detached equipment to pick up the ball.
  15. I was watching this game, but wanted to verify the ruling. LL Districts championship game. Hard line shot to F5, the ball hits the glove and rips it off F5's hand, the glove with the ball in it, hit the ground and the ball rolls out. It's ruled as no catch. After the game, one of the coaches asked if the ball had stayed in the glove, would it have been a catch? I said that since, he didn't maintain control, I would have ruled no catch. What's the correct ruling?