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  1. How many CPs are you sporting these days?
  2. You should, much better understanding of the game and the job. We require our coaches to umpire during the regular season. We no longer have coaches arguing balls and strikes. We also choose our teams via a draft, so a couple coaches use it as a chance to scout/evaluate upcoming pitchers. Also, our PU keeps track of it as well as the scorekeeper during Districts and State tournaments.
  3. I can't compare as I haven't worn anything else, but it's hot. It's perfect for early spring and fall here in the Pacific NW, but I'd be thinking about something with better ventilation if I was south of here. I actually picked up the Schutt for the summers here. Just have to finish modifying it for a better harness.
  4. I have the old style padding. There is nothing moisture wicking about it. The plus is that the foam doesn't seem to get wet, but my dri-fit shirt, that I wear underneath the CP is soaked.
  5. But that's not the scenario in the OP. Besides, if it's a U3K, it should no longer be a steal as the runner is forced. The catcher firing to 2B makes me happy, it usually ends up with R1 being tagged or caught in a run-down. (LL, so no leads) And what umpire doesn't like an extra out or 2 every now and then?
  6. IIRC, the runner occupies the base until he acquires a new base. This is why coaches teach F2 to throw to 2B on an U3K with fewer than 2 outs and R1. According to your partner, that would be a force out on a steal.
  7. Nothing as bad as that, but i had a partner stop to tie his shoe during a play. Most of the time, he locked on to the ball, while on the bases, and really had no idea what the runners were doing. The worst was when he called the runner out on a tag at 3B. The coach asked if he could get help, as he approaches me, he announces loudly that he really didn't see the play.
  8. why would you acknowledge the appeal on an out and not for a safe call? You are forcing them to make an appeal twice on the same play, which I believe is illegal.
  9. I don't think anyone is wishing that they go out of business, but over the last year, I can say that they've been stagnating. I went to their outlet in Salem Oregon last May and they had already cleared out all baseball gear. I placed an order online and after 2 hours of trying couldn't get their system to accept it. Called 2 days later and ordered on the phone. The order took 4 days to ship. I just ordered a couple of their bullet pencils. When I got them the erasers were dried out. Tried calling, but kept getting dumped into VM, left 2 messages and never got a response. Looks like they were bought out by somebody, but I would think that somebody would at least let us know who. Perhaps UA is trying a stealth move to displace Wilson. Who knows?
  10. yes!
  11. I've seen too many umpires use 90-foot mechanics on a 60-foot field. I suggested to one that he move outside the baselines, he told me he'd been doing this a long time and he's never been hit. 2 batters later, he took a hard-hit one hopper to the thigh. He moved outside the baseline after that.
  12. The patent-look toes and heels looks like a nod to umpires.
  13. First of all, R1 is runner at first, R2 is runner at second, etc. Save yourself the typing. Second, save your sanity, either learn to deal with only the manager. Ignore everyone else.
  14. I like the Honig's shirts, not sure who to turn to on that front.
  15. I'm intrigued with the Nutty Buddy Flex as it appears to have addressed this problem.