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  1. FED game last night in which in 6th inning, R1, R2; pitcher goes to mouth after a pitch and receiving ball from catcher. Without ever wiping off his fingers he went to the mouth with, he wipes only the baseball on his pant leg. I was 100% that he was weeping only the ball and not his fingers. I balked this as soon as he came set for the next pitch. Was this the right call and was the timing of the balk call correct?
  2. Is there any rule set which specifically covers or restricts a defensive player from throwing over any dead ball territory?
  3. Good call. I pooched that one. Lucky it didn't cost them any runs in what was a good ballgame.
  4. I was coaching a JV game last night on opening night in Iowa. While on offense, our BR with nobody on base strikes out on a curve ball. The pitch hits the catcher in the chest protector and bounces 35 feet up the first base line. The BR turns and take probably 5 steps towards the dugout. As catcher is giving chase, I yell at my BR to RUN, RUN, RUN! PU snaps back, "He's out!" The catcher was still chasing the ball. I responded with, "No, he's not. He has until he enters the dugout area," (referring to that situation since it was only the first out) which the BR was still 25 feet from. PU rips his mask off, takes a couple steps towards me and yells, "No he doesn't, that's a SOFTBALL rule!" I could do nothing more than shake my head. Rule citation: FED 8-4-1 (i), and this situation is explained in more detail in this year's case book.
  5. This was a HS district playoff game in Iowa a few years back. Talk about distant slot positioning, lol!
  6. Since this time, he has improved slightly. Now, he looks straight over the top and wears the balloon, LOL. And, unfortunately, yes, he still gets postseason assignments. This particular individual also works the bases entirely in the "B" when in the middle, regardless of situation. I share my frustrations @Panther32 that in Iowa, unless we're within 30 miles of Des Moines, we don't get any type of formal evaluation, for better or worse. It's the good 'ol boy system at its best when it comes to postseason around these parts.
  7. We both umpire high school in the same area and the same levels of competition. However, there is no local association. It sucks, but attempts to put one together have failed. Having been around this umpire before, I knew that approach would not end well. I thought about bringing it up as I handed him some ice after taking a shot to the forearm on a foul ball, but history of watching this guy work many games told me better. He also works HS softball, and probably did mix up the rules, or he just tried getting one past me. Either way, he was there for a paycheck, not for love of the game or making sure the kids get a fair game. Experienced coaches can easily tell when that's the case. I agree, most good umpires would be receptive to a gentle approach and question, then go do their homework. The BEST umpires will admit when they're wrong............on the next date they see the coach.
  8. I went on Ebay and found a cheaper pair of the Nike Dri-Fit golf pants. The color is a lighter shade of charcoal (matches up pretty well with an older pair of charcoal Honigs combo pants I have). Another plus is they come with the length/inseam already tailored and included in the price. The fit, comfort, stretch, and air flow in them are as good as it comes when it comes to wearing in heated conditions. My 1.75" belt does actually fit into the loops of my pants, so I maintain the professional look. I'll use these as backups to the Smitty poly spandex base pants, and who knows, maybe more.
  9. Under Armour is taking over all MLB uniforms beginning in 2020 I believe. I may be a year off. Anyhow, UA will most certainly be putting their mark on umpire apparel within the next few years. Personally, I'm excited about that!
  10. I'm familiar with this bat. It's the Easton Mako Torque. It was a selling bust. But the application and idea was brilliant to keep hitters from rolling over. Anyways, totally legal bat unaltered, but no natural rattle to it. If it rattled, get it out of play. Nice work.
  11. Had the hidden ball trick ran to almost perfection last night in a high school game in MN. BR doubles to RCF and second baseman held onto ball in his glove. I was moving over into 'C", and seeing it coming, checked the pitcher and he was on top of the tabletop portion of the mound without the ball. Sure enough, runner begins taking a lead and second baseman charges over to make the tag in time. I ruled the ball dead, called the balk, and gave runner third. DC came out and argued his pitcher was not on the rubber and he saw the play ran on a clip in a minor league game. I said, "Yup, I saw that one too. Problem is that's OBR, we're playing FED rules." I further explained in FED the pitcher can't be in the vicinity of the rubber (within 5 feet I believe) on the dirt portion of the mound. He took it pretty well, ha.
  12. The ball was never dead. The BR doubled to RCF. Why would that kill the ball?
  13. NFHS 2014 Case Book - 6.2.4 Situation I: With R1 on third base, F1 starts his pitching motion and B2 requests "Time", but the umpire does not grant it. B2 steps out fo the batter's box with both feet and (a) delivers a pitch. (Skipping to the ruling) Ruling (a) The umpire shall call two strikes on B2, one on the pitch and one for B2 stepping out of the box. Seems pretty well edited here.
  14. I know in NCAA the ball remains live and we are to signal for the pitcher not to pitch, but award them the strike penalty. But, it seems pretty cut and dry it is fair game for the pitcher to deliver if both feet are out of the box in FED. Why would I NOT apply a rule as written instead of the way some want it edited?
  15. Thanks for the citation Tborze. Good work. Rule 6-2-4 d.1 states, "if the pitcher legally delivers the ball, it shall be called a strike and the ball remains live. Thus, 2 strikes are called on the batter in sit. (b)." Sit. (b) refers to the batter stepping out with both feet. Why it has to be both feet and not just the one is fuzzy to me. But hey, we're learning and now I know.
  16. In addition, because the ball remains live, if the pitcher delivers legally after the strike award on the batter's box infraction penalty, another strike is awarded if the pitch is in the strike zone. Is this correct?
  17. Picked up this CP and after several wears mark it as an A+. I'm 5'10'' and the smaller model is a perfect length for me. The fit is tremendous, protection second to none, and low profile makes it look awesome under any shirt. Only issue I've had so far is throwing a ball back to the pitcher, but then again, I'm a 'hand it to the catcher' guy anyways.
  18. I would firmly argue the baserunner does NOT have clear access straight into the plate. Look at the catcher's left foot in the image just prior to him receiving the ball. If you extend the foul line, which is still clearly visible out in front of the play, it will run into the catcher's foot . The foul line extends into the apex of the plate, meaning the entire plate was indeed blocked. The runner then had to deviate his path to avoid contact, which is easily OBS. Mechanically, it is harder to see this from 1BX. If the positioning is in 3BX, there's a better chance of recognizing this and any other possible blockage of the plate.
  19. has a limited selection. The base pants are proving hard to come by. I'm searching for 38's, but found 36's on Lester Upstate Sports' web site. It'll be a tough fit to start til I knock off some lbs., but most worth it for these pants. Back to the drawing board. Lester's is out of the mid-range sizes.........
  20. has a limited selection. The base pants are proving hard to come by. I'm searching for 38's, but found 36's on Lester Upstate Sports' web site. It'll be a tough fit to start til I knock off some lbs., but most worth it for these pants.
  21. Just to touch on the dead ball appeal on this play at first in FED. If time is called after the BR misses first base, before his first touching of it, and the defense verbally appeals it, the BR still has the right to correct his error in missing the bag, correct? Just want to make sure I rule on this correctly. It is amazing how many BR's actually miss the bag assuming they are/will be out on the play.
  22. Legal. NCAA 9-1-b: The set position shall be indicated when the pitcher stands with his chest generally facing the respective foul lines........ Criteria met when he took the sign in a legal position.
  23. After doing my homework, I concede the proper mechanic to be calling "Time!",ruling the runner safe at the plate, and citing the OBS (cause you know the HC on the wrong end is coming out). This would be regardless of the type of OBS we're dealing with. But, after reading the situation again I see the play was never being made on R1 at 3rd. So, I agree with you ALStripes17 on further citing the type 2 OBS. I need to slow down on these things, ha.
  24. Only after video review could you claim OBS per the new NCAA guidelines. The catcher blocked the plate on the initial release of the RF's throw, not waiting for the last 60 feet However, If I was there working the plate, I'm going to the, "In my judgement" justification for the call (If that's what I called).
  25. Had a 9-inning JUCO game yesterday. Defensive team and pitchers had been working inside part of the plate all day with catcher set up normally on the corner, consequently hitting a few batters in the process. Nothing seemed intentional. However, in the 7th inning, out of nowhere, with nobody on base, and no outs, the catcher sets up WAY inside to a left-handed batter. Fastball comes in and brushes the batter back, HARD at the midsection. I immediately kill the ball, step out in front of the plate and warn both the pitcher and catcher. At that point the HC begins chirping from the dugout asking, "What? We can't set up on the inside of the plate?" I kept my cool and explained his catcher was WAY off the plate, almost behind the batter, and was not set up properly inside the catcher's box with both feet inside at the time of delivery, by rule, making it illegal. After a few more ignorant remarks by the HC I gave him his official warning as well as issuing a bench warning to the rest of their team. At the time, I was 90% sure it was intentional. In hearsay, I'm now 100% sure. I'm looking for thoughts if I handled this situation correctly or input how others might work it.