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  1. Thanksgiving Traditions/Awkwardness

    That sounds amazing! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year as well!
  2. It’s been a stressful week guys and gals, so I thought it would be fun to share some of those awkward/funny T-day traditions or events. I’ll get it started: I remember this Thanksgiving when I was about 5 or6. There was a sliding door that was the only path to the backyard (where the party was at). Well, either people had drunk too much or forgot their glasses because that door was smacked about 25 times that day. People were walking having full-on conversations with the people on the other side and then BLAM! Anyways, by the end of the day everyone had a migraine and some, judging by their actions, probably had a slight concussion. The moc is now officially open!
  3. @Scott Kennedy you know you guys are awesome and managed to get us the real deal shirts. This site sold both of these models but the only thing they have left is XX, plus I’d rather buy from a company I trust. Is there any way you could get these and make them available to us? Thanks and keep up the great work!!
  4. Now, before I come across as a jerk or WAY too optimistic person, I had hopes that someone out there in this huge community of ours had a cool CP such as the Power or a Douglas that wasn't in the best condition and they are willing to part with for a LOW or what they think is reasonable. As you all know, my league has this "Rule of 18" where an umpire cannot behind the plate unless he or she is 18. Well, I will be 18 just a few weeks after the Spring season starts, SO... HOME PLATE HERE I COME!!! I wanted to wear something that would celebrate such occasion/achievement, I, still can't believe it, was gifted my dream mask by one of my favorite players and I was looking to see if one of you out there could help me complete the "set" with the CP. Thanks again and I apologize if I come across as snobbish, SD
  5. Wilson trade!

    Looking to trade unused Wilson mask since I don't see myself putting it to use in the near future. Thanks! oji185]
  6. Enjoy it my brother, I know you'll put that holy grail to good use!
  7. Hi everyone, sorry for being long gone. I would also like to apologize for the little issue that started in my last post and THANK YOU to those who handled it perfectly. School has been swinging at me left, right, front, and center, but I have been working towards my goal of attending my dream school: Harvard. I am ashamed in asking for this, but since we are a vast community I know that some, or all of you will be able to help me. As you all know, these schools are extremely competitive and some sort of contact or person of interest there could help my chances of getting in. As I said before, I have sacrificed a lot throughout all of my life to get to this stage: senior year with good grades; and this goal is something that have I always, with the help of my friends and loved ones, worked for and strived for. Thank you all and I apologize again for asking this her.
  8. What is Jim Wolf wearing?!?!

    Thank you for the reply and the useful insight. Greatly appreciated.
  9. As I have mentioned before I'm a huge Jim Wolf admirer, and I noticed something different in yesterday's game, something that greatly disturbed me, something that caused me to look twice at the tv. He has a new mask. It seems like a Wilson but I'm not a 100% sure. I would surely appreciate it if you all could help me out. Thanks
  10. Scholarships!

    I hope everyone had an awesome new year! As you may know, it is getting to that point in the school year where scholarships are being looked up. I was wondering if any of you knew if there is such thing as an umpiring scholarship or award available. I am sure my fellow young umpires, as well as myself, will appreciate it any information.
  11. Majestic MLB Shirts

    Shoot, I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in this, but I like sporting the Majors stuff myself because I look up to some of those guys, and all things considered you made a good point with the bigger target metaphor, but something I've taken notice of is the fact that some of those coaches think they are in the majors and think, especially little league coaches, that their kids are some toughened up 20-30 olds that have some sort of prestige to be defended out there. Sorry for the boring discourse but the point being that if they get that "right", we umpires who are busting our butts out there in the sun should get the right to show-off a little bit as well.
  12. Majestic MLB Shirts

    Did anyone notice the sudden price spike yesterday?
  13. Majestic umpire shirts

    @tpatience Just out of curiosity. Is it an Angel Hernandez shirt?
  14. eBay Finds

    Link should work now.
  15. eBay Finds

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/Mizuno-Umpire-Mask-/112211590499?hash=item1a2054fd63%3Ag%3A6o8AAOSwo4pYGJVi&_trkparms=pageci%3A48463a82-b10a-11e6-a327-74dbd1807b5e%7Cparentrq%3A8e575ddb1580a60cca2f9294fff281fe%7Ciid%3A23 I do not personally like Mizuno masks but I have to admit that this one is pretty neat.