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  1. Sam is a story teller... I used to listen to his podcast, Effectively Wild... It looked at baseball in a different way.
  2. I'm with you... Chest high throw within the frame of the defender doesn't really get much more quality than that.
  3. If it happened the way that you said and the runner was outside of the lane the entire way, then he does not get protection for the last step.
  4. I haven't had an issue.
  5. Definitely have to re-touch or are liable to be put out on appeal .
  6. I think it is because people have a hard time knowing the difference between the glove and ball going over and the glove, ball, and player going over. They see it as the same thing, where as the trained eye knows that they are two totally different animals. The main difference here is control of the baseball. If the fielder has control of the baseball before leaving the playing field and maintains control when landing out of play, and the other steps for a legal catch, then you have a catch. The glove coming off with the ball doesn't show control of the baseball by the player.
  7. Always in a trash can or down the sewer
  8. I just throw in two pieces of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.
  9. The ball and glove are together in this situation. I have an out,
  10. As soon as the 2nd runner passes the plate, the first runner may not legally return to touch the plate. So if properly appealed, even if the first runner returns and touches the plate, that runner is out. You can not have passing beyond home plate
  11. I saw the thread... and giggled
  12. I'm sorry but the guys that wouldn't get the hook out on this one are a problem for every other umpire out there in my opinion. That line of thought is lazy umpiring. Toss the kid, go home and, write your report. It is part of the job we signed up to do. It isn't good "game management", it is lazy umpiring.
  13. It would just be interference... Remember that malicious contact is also "just interference" with an ejection added on.
  14. Stupid Google Image Search