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  1. Yes... runner is replaced.
  2. I too struggle with the line up cards. Feels like some of them are 3 feel long.
  3. He ruled interference on the on deck batter and sent the runner back to 3rd. Total MSU book ruling
  4. You're probably right.
  5. Maven I was just trying to show people what the actual ruling would be on this type of play, since very few believed me when I said this was a no call. But ok. I will not try to educate coaches and parents anymore. I'll just continue to let them scream nonsense at young youth umpires and continue to drive young umpires out of the game.
  6. I am no one in this situation. I was just relaying it to this group of umpires since the group on Facebook didn't seem to want to believe what their resident umpires, me and a few others, were saying that there was nothing to call. F3 never threw the ball and in the situation the runner never touched home because the umpire in the game killed the play.
  7. So in the actual situation, the umpire apparently called interference on the on deck batter... and then returned the runner to 3rd. I, along with a few other guys, said that was incorrect and there should be no call. One guy decided to say that I was "wrong and retarded" and the runner had to be called out since the on deck batter assisted him in returning to 3rd base... which never happened.
  8. R2 rounding 3rd collides with the on deck batter near the plate and falls to the ground... that is what happened
  9. Oh it sounds like a cluster... and some of the responses from Facebook were absolutely mind numbing
  10. Asking if you would make a call? If yes, what call and why. If no, why no call.
  11. I'm going to wait for more people to answer before I tell you what happened in the game. I was not involved in this situation at all.
  12. 1 out, Runner on 2nd, this is Pony Baseball, Bronco Division (10-12yo). Ground ball to the SS, who makes a bad throw picked by the 1st baseman, out on the play. Meanwhile, the runner from second comes in to score, 1st baseman does NOT make an attempt at throw. The runner attempting to score runs into contact with the on deck batter, who made his way into the batters box. Whatcha got?
  13. I have a watch but I thought Missouri did not want us putting teams on the clock... or am I wrong.
  14. Just signed up and deposit sent... lets do this. Jason are there any bigger shirts than 2x?
  15. I started umpiring when I was 18... In my mid 20s I became a coach... in my mid 30s I got back into umpiring. I was the voice of reason in our dugout and the rules guy.