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  1. Ordered a shirt with flag on the back on a Wednesday... was on my porch when I was leaving for my DH Saturday afternoon
  2. If the pitch is ruled a ball... it is ruled a ball until the swing has been appealed. No the offense can't appeal a check swing strike call. It would fall under arguing balls and strikes.
  3. I think they do it that way so it is easier to maintain for you and reduce weight on an already heavy mask
  4. It is a V2... you can tell by the position of the springs
  5. I signed up as I've said... Put me down for a 4x
  6. Ump-Attire has this shirt... smitty brand
  7. I have now read your post... and it has confirmed my previous post.
  8. Did not read the post... but as guessing that you are an umpire... yes you are.
  9. OBR 6.01(f) Comment
  10. So would you have had an issue with calling balls home runs that would go into the baskets in Wrigley Field and other stadiums in the 70s and 80s?
  11. Play offs in Missouri begin on Friday. I have a freshman game in IL this afternoon then it is to wait on my summer schedule to get assigned.
  12. Because it really is just you holding your strike call. I hold my strike call and usually just say no catch no catch... and then let the fun begin.
  13. Usually I go to the right field foul pole
  14. Ahh yes... first round is on me
  15. Perfect... Thank you and saves me some cash for some poly spandex pants