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  1. Seeing the video in this post had me thinking... How many warm up tosses do you allow a substitute F2 that has to take the field because the starting F2 is ejected while in the field defensively? This video has no base runners, but I imagine that of some were in, they'd be stealing on the first pitch the sub F2 sees. (Speaking as a past F2, that F1 better try a pickoff before sending on my way)
  2. "Reasonable" is literally my favorite word.
  3. Can you share some experience with this site? Whenever I try to reach them via a Google search (on my phone, using an adblocker), I get a message that the browser blocked my connection. They always seem to have the lowest prices, bit I'm pretty skeptical. Guessing its just a Chinese front... Which is worth the risk sometimes (if everything goes smoothly)
  4. I think this is what you are talking about... I did the old "Zoom and Enhance" thing of it in the pic posted. I don't think his foot is out.. definitely not completely... MAYBE if you say his heel is off the dirt and his toes are completely out, but even that is a stretch.. Either way, I'm not making that call.
  5. Seeing the video in the post at the bottom had me thinking... How many warm up tosses do you allow a substitute F2 that has to take the field because the starting F2 is ejected while in the field defensively? This video has no base runners, but I imagine that of some were in, they'd be stealing on the first pitch the sub F2 sees. (Speaking as a past F2, that F1 better try a pickoff before sending on my way)
  6. His right foot, behind the plate? (this is the closest frame I could get to the point of contact with the bat... The ball, although impossible to see, has already made contact and is one the way to the ground.. probably about 3/4ths of the way there.
  7. This plays like a joke... But I bet you're dead serious... During bench clearing brawl, with automatic ejections for leaving the bench, this is the way to handle it. Yeah.... Even though someone else noted defensive players that leave their position get tossed too. That doesn't protect the lone offensive player in every situation. (Think about how many plays end up with 2 or 3 fielded around a single base runner on a single base) I think we can clean this up with a simple, but smart, 3rd-man-in rule. 3rd man in is tossed (Any subsequent player is also tossed). Unless the 3rd man is in there trying to break it up.
  8. This brings up an interesting question of the situation was slightly different... What is a fielder consider doing when he bails out at the last second if he loses sight of the ball... And I mean, last second... He's under it, waving people off... Loses it at the last moment and jerks to one side as he covers his head (or makes some other obvious "bail out" move) and obstructes a runner... When is he no longer fielding that ball? The MOMENT he bails, or does he have a half beat or so where he's still protected?
  9. Wait.. what? I know I'm new to the terminology, but I really thought I had it down and understood... But if this description is accurate then I am WAY off... I thought whatever base you start the play at is what give you your R#... And I can't recall ever seeing a B3? (Batting 3rd in the lineup?) I would think this would be labeled as follows.. 1 out, R1, R3. R1 is running on the pitch, and F4 is breaking to cover 2nd. BR hits soft blooper toward 2nd base. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I have gone astray?
  10. Boom.
  11. I wonder if the guys do the brand covering themselves or if the equipment guys do it for them... Since it's just cosmetic, I imagine most wouldn't mind having an equipment guy just deal with it.
  12. Hey guys.. Glad I found this forum.. Looks like I'll like it here... I grew up watching my dad ump and always wanted to do it.. I always say that I wanted to be an ump before I wanted to be a ball player... Finally got my foot in the door this year, doing little league games.. Will be attending ump school in January (2017) so that I can graduate to higher grounds and continue this passion. I truly love being on the field. I'm very proud to wear my uniform, even for just my small Little League games. I just wish I could find a way to make this a full time job! My dad would tell me that if an umpire did an absolute perfect job, then the coaches wouldn't even be able to pick you out of a police lineup. He obviously knew how unrealistic that was, but it always stuck in my mind as something to shoot for each game. Anyway, I'm excited to be in the fraternity and to have found this site.
  13. @TheRockawayKid I'm a little late seeing this, but seeing as school is just about over.. I'll keep you in mind.
  14. Stormtrooper gear would protect you... And while they do update more often then Wilson, it is mostly cosmetic changes. The real star of the show for any Star Wars/Umpire hybrid would be Mandelorian armor.
  15. HA! I kept waiting for him to get down on his hands and knees and start blowing on it to keep it fair.
  16. To be fair... It kind of sounds interesting. I mean, check out this one (of two) review: (emphasis mine) "Author Bill Deane tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the hidden ball trick in this thoroughly researched book.The hidden ball trick (HBT) is almost as old as baseball itself. The first recorded incident was on May 20, 1872. Deane has documented 264 cases of HBT. As Deane shows, the HBT can be pulled almost any time, and it isn't just rookies who are the victims. Veterans and future Hall of Famers have found themselves on the wrong end of the embarrassing HBT.Some players consider the HBT as "bush league," and from time to time, there has been talk of banning the play.Connie Ryan, who played in the majors from 1942 to 1954, said the HBT is a "perfectly legitimate maneuver. A runner and his coach have an obligation to be on their toes to prevent it from happening."Details of the individual HBT range from just a couple sentences to 200-300 words. To Deane's credit, he offers multiple newspaper accounts of the play, if they're available. He even corresponded decades later with some of the players involved to get their version.Deane enhances the book with chapters "Tricks Gone Awry," "Unsubstantiated Possibilities," "Odds and Ends," footnotes, a bibliography, an appendix listing all 264 HBTs and an index.Deane offers a variety of interesting tidbits, such as the HBT was successful three times on May 26, 1914, throughout the book.Although this isn't a book for the casual baseball fan, those with an interest in research and baseball history will find it well worth their time. Few subjects in baseball have been as thoroughly covered and documented by a single author." At least I find this interesting... Not $44 interesting, but interesting nonetheless.
  17. Got to wait a few weeks to order. But I've been looking forward to it for months.. been following you on FB for a good while... Still want that hat with the normal UmpLife logo on it.
  18. Hahaha! True story... 10 minutes after I made my post above, I was walking through my kitchen and I just stopped dead out of the blue and thought to myself "Maybe I'll like the clacking sound?" Now I'm REALLY climbing up the walls for this stuff to get here.
  19. Yeah... My summer in LL had games spread all the way across the spectrum of level of play... And my experience matches up with what you say. The lowest levels of the league were just pelting me... And I was wearing an old catchers CP... complete with only one shoulder pad... You know for easy mobility when I need to throw down to F1. Though there was this one SMALL (8-9 maybe?) F2 that I probably would have picked to protect me in every game.. even with the 12 year olds. He was great. As for the throat guard... Yeah... I'm 6'4"... So my worry here is obviously the foul off the dirt coming up on me. Figured the 6 inch gave it a better chance to reach the CP. I've read the 4 inch can hit you in the throat still instead of bracing against the CP as I imagine it's designed to work. As I've mentioned before, I was a catcher my whole life. I'm used to getting dinged. A lot. Plus, when I played Hockey in HS, I was a big lumbering goon (think Brian Boyle) that was slow but immovable front the from of the net.. Took a good amount of deflected pucks in my day as well. But you're right... Still hurts. Ha.
  20. Quick backstory in bullet form: - I've known the game of baseball like the back of my hand since I was 3. You could argue that Hockey has somewhat stolen my heart, but this game was my first love and I still follow it religiously. - My father was an umpire and I grew up watching the game from both the player and umpire perspective. - I've lead what many would call a "hectic" (though not entirely terrible) life and have never had a chance to really put some roots down somewhere enough to start Umpiring. The point of all of that is to say that I've ALWAYS been an umpire, I'm just now getting a chance to really be one. I'm not someone who is "trying this out" for a bit or doing it just to make a few extra dollars. This is in my blood (as I assume many of you feel) and now that I am settled, I can start my journey right, which as we all know, involves gearing up properly. Last season I worked about 50 Little League games using the leagues gear (except for NB Plate Shoes, which I purchased) which wasnt the best. Heck, I even used one of those big external "pillow" pads with the handles for a while (which admittedly brought back memories of playing with similar ones my dad used to have, but I digress). The assignor of the league is associated with a popular and successful Umpiring Association in NYC and suggested I sign up with them to take the next step and do higher level games. Obviously, it was time to invest in myself for this season. I looked into various starter packages but none of them really did it for me. I did A LOT of research online, especially here. I read virtually every review of every piece of gear in my price range. I read every single article on Ump-Attire and watched every single video on their YouTube channel. In the end, the decision I made was based on what I have seen mentioned in here COUNTLESS times: "Get the best that you can afford". I know that buy writing these next few lines, I am establishing myself as an arch enemy to @MadMax, as I know he thinks this is one of the worst things a new ump can do but let me explain myself... I purchased the following: (obviously from @JimKirk's amazing U-A) - Wilson Dyna-Lite Aluminum Mask with Memory foam. - 6" Throat Protector - Wilson West Vest Gold CP (12 3/4") - Nutty Buddy and Jock - Wilson West Vest Gold Leg Guards - New Balance Base Shoes (Mid Cut) - 2x Balls-First 4 Dial (Yellow) indicator Total: $497 In the next few weeks, I plan on purchasing a proper equipment bag (I got something that will work for now) and one of @Razzer's harnesses. Maybe even the Force 3 thigh pads. My reasons for doing this are: I want to feel protected. But I still couldn't get the BEST stuff on the market. This basically eliminated F3 for the time being... Despite MM's stance, far too many other people speak highly enough of the Wilson Gold and Platinums that I settled on those.... I have spent my life as a catcher and have also played Football and Hockey, basically I have spent my whole life strapping things to my body. Comfort was never going to be an issue so I knew I was going Gold over Plat based on reviews and my preferences. I feel like this will work for me because I won't be seeing really high level ball for a few seasons and I think this will cover me pretty squarely until then. At which point I plan on upgrading to mostly F3 gear (still not sold on their leg guards though). I do worry that maybe I should have dropped an extra $40 on the F3 Defender as an obvious upgrade to the Dyna-Lite but I needed that money to go to decent base shoes. I also wish I had the cash to do this month's ago so I could have gotten more feedback, but it is what it is. Anyone want to chime in here? Tips? Suggestions? Critiques? FYI - I already have ball bags and brushes and pants from last year. No need to suggest those.
  21. @codizzle The buckles really were just a MINOR issue that didn't really factor into the decision. In fact I didn't even notice them until a few days ago despite doing research for weeks. Just listed it as I was typing. I'd be fine with them, really. Just used to the old style since I was a catcher for so long. As for plate shoes, you missed me saying it early in my original post (it's okay, I'm long winded) but I bought those last year, and yes, NB.... Right before the V3's came out (shucks!). Love them.
  22. @codizzle Again, based on just reviews, descriptions and pics... The main thing was not having a hard shell on the ankles. It sounds silly, but I did a school project on the ankle WAY back in high school and ever since then, I've had a terrible fear of anything happening to my ankles. I understand that the F3s have some really sick padding there (looks like a damn golf ball) which is awesome, and probably wouldon't be a deal breaker by itself, but I am also not a fan of the snap buckles and I REALLY wanted a 3rd knee. Seems like the Golds scratches my itches better then the F3 on Leg Guards. So unless I come across someone who has the F3 And will let me try them out, I don't know if they make the upgrade list.
  23. Hey @Majordave Any interest in selling these?
  24. Will definitely be doing this when my new mask and throat protector arrive in a few days.
  25. This one is probably pretty infamous around discussions between umpires, so most of you probably know it by heart, but here's the video anyway: My father was an umpire, so I've always had a good handle on the rules and basic umpiring stuff, but it wasn't until I started calling games myself that I've begun to take notice of the really finer points: mechanics, timing and advanced positioning.. Those kinds of things. I've been watching a lot of famous plays to see how these things were handled by the respective umpires. This one had me a bit confused. But not for anything to do with what occurred at 3rd base... My understanding (and I could be wrong, causing myself the confusion) is that on an obstruction call, the umpire making the call indicates that obstruction happened but that as a play moves to another base and another umpire, that 2nd umpire has to first rule on what he saw at his base, then factor in the results of the obstruction. So looking at this play again, shouldn't the PU have called the runner out on the tag and THEN awarded the run on the obstruction call? Unless I'm missing something, he seems to have noticed the obstruction call by the 3U and called the play safe based on that. Whats the proper way to call this? If he did this correctly, I'm pretty shocked as I can imagine any number of things can go south quickly. Also, I know that the results of an obstruction call is at the umpires discretion on what would have happened had the obstruction not occurred, but on this play, which umpire decides that?