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  1. Man, @MadMax, you've got me pumped. I replaced my ten year old Wilson pads with the F3's this year. First run on Sunday, can't wait to see the difference.
  2. A Wilson harness would work on a +Pos mask, right? I have TW pads and a harness from an old Wilson mask that are looking for a silver frame mask.
  3. Ill be breaking out the new low cut shoes, new F3 shin guards, new golf pants, and hopefully new F3 CP on sunday.
  4. I wear two. Even if you're wearing two, but especially if you're only wearing one you should get the new Smitty XL expandable bag. Be careful of the websites that are taking 11+ days to ship your stuff though.
  5. UPDATE: Got a response today. Apparently the person that processes orders and sends info over to Force 3 to ship out was out of the office and came back today. She said she sent the info over to F3 and they are shipping today. I asked her to follow up with them and confirm that it was V2 and it is. Could have a happy ending but ill still keep my non-29% markdown business with UA.
  6. Took several shots to my aluminum Wilson dynalite in summer wood bar league this past summer. No issues.
  7. No response to my email from yesterday yet. Order still pending, bank account not charged, original email response saying it'd be shipped by end of week losing legs. Losing faith in this deal.
  8. Their next email response will be telling. I will keep updated. If it is a V1 then they can be expecting a return.
  9. We'll see. It hasn't shipped yet and the purchase has been pending in my bank account until today when it fell off. Email into the company this afternoon for an explanation.
  10. I did on Friday
  11. Has anyone that got this deal actually had it shipped yet?
  12. Had to go shut off figure out why it wasn't posting then saw MM's post about live photo. Looks like we took it right around the same time!
  13. Nice frame. Those jackets they're wearing in the field our U.G.L.Y.