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  1. Farewell for now

    Wow! It's a long way from Dillsburg to Indianapolis, if you know what I mean. Best of luck!
  2. Runners Returning to Base

    To add to the part about the ball becoming dead, the umpire does not call time until the ball is controlled by the defense in the infield and no runners are advancing (or retreating). If there is action on the bases the ball doesn't become dead just because it is returned to the pitcher.
  3. Baseball

    @maven and @noumpere Sorry guys! I guess I was reading it too literally. Now I get it. I need to remember where this question was asked.
  4. Baseball

    I am a bit confused as to what is so difficult here. The OP said "If a ball bounces in bounds before first base then bounces out of bounds before first base". That would mean it passed over foul territory before going out of bounds. It did not pass 1st base, nor was it touched in fair territory. FOUL BALL!
  5. Why wasn't an out

    That's exactly what I'm saying. The player's reaction is just one thing we can use to help us determine what happened. It can be more of a reliable indicator in some situations and not so much in others.
  6. Why wasn't an out

    This is true, BUT player reactions can help us make our decision as to what actually happened. Proper timing would take all information into account.
  7. Ball bounces

    Rich, thanks for bailing me out!
  8. Ball bounces

    It also cannot be a caught 3rd strike.
  9. I couldn't disagree more, call what it is, not what everyone perceives it to be. If it passes through the strike zone it is a strike, no matter where it ends up.
  10. Batting out of order / substitute

    I was coaching in a game where our sub forgot to report. He was listed on the lineup card I gave to the other team. After a BB they appealed BOO and the umpires agreed and called him out. I could not get convince anyone that it was not BOO, but an unreported sub. My son, who was a player, knew the rule as well. He actually told me to get myself thrown out (I didn't). If I had called the UIC of the league it would have delayed things and we probably would not have gotten the 8th inning in. We won in 8. I did call the UIC after the game about another matter and mentioned this to him. He said an unreported sub is never an out under any rule set and that the umpires should have known better!.
  11. Matt Holliday 11th inning today

    I can't call that normal base running but what is the criteria for interference in this sitch? Would it need to be intentional since it was a thrown ball? I wish there was a better view of the runner when he gets back int the vicinity of the base. Other than wonky base running it doesn't look like he did anything intentional to cause interference. A better throw probably would have gotten the BR.
  12. Interference?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but a high level 15 year old F6 should be able to catch this ball (as I envision it) with ordinary effort. I would have called the IFF on this. I get it that that is a moot point if INT is called, which it sounds like it should have been.
  13. More Ontarian Hilarity

    Volump, I have to admit up front, some of your comment rub me the wrong way. This story, however is very entertaining! No disrespect meant toward any of our Canadian viewers! Thanks!
  14. FREE MLB UMPIRE CAMP- Louisville, KY

    Do they ever hold these clinics in the SE PA area?
  15. WTB a Quality Indicator

    Bit of a hijack here but why are so many indicators 4-3-3? I could see in slowpitch making use of it to keep track of a courtesy foul, but that is all.