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  1. I was coaching in a game where our sub forgot to report. He was listed on the lineup card I gave to the other team. After a BB they appealed BOO and the umpires agreed and called him out. I could not get convince anyone that it was not BOO, but an unreported sub. My son, who was a player, knew the rule as well. He actually told me to get myself thrown out (I didn't). If I had called the UIC of the league it would have delayed things and we probably would not have gotten the 8th inning in. We won in 8. I did call the UIC after the game about another matter and mentioned this to him. He said an unreported sub is never an out under any rule set and that the umpires should have known better!.
  2. I can't call that normal base running but what is the criteria for interference in this sitch? Would it need to be intentional since it was a thrown ball? I wish there was a better view of the runner when he gets back int the vicinity of the base. Other than wonky base running it doesn't look like he did anything intentional to cause interference. A better throw probably would have gotten the BR.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but a high level 15 year old F6 should be able to catch this ball (as I envision it) with ordinary effort. I would have called the IFF on this. I get it that that is a moot point if INT is called, which it sounds like it should have been.
  4. Volump, I have to admit up front, some of your comment rub me the wrong way. This story, however is very entertaining! No disrespect meant toward any of our Canadian viewers! Thanks!
  5. Do they ever hold these clinics in the SE PA area?
  6. Bit of a hijack here but why are so many indicators 4-3-3? I could see in slowpitch making use of it to keep track of a courtesy foul, but that is all.
  7. So should the umpire say or do anything to indicate that #2 is not a valid appeal? Or should he wait to see what develops and then explain as necessary to the HC's?
  8. It is actually in the league rules. They use FED rules with some mods. Any player, manager, coach, fan, who is ejected from a game by an umpire will be penalized $50 and suspended for the next game (not allowed at game) on the 1st occurrence (players not fined); Penalties increase for additional occurrences; Fines are paid by the Organization of which the person ejected is a member; Organizations can decide whether to be reimbursed for the fine from the member who was penalized. It probably helps that the league makes money off of the ejections.
  9. I coached when my son played 14U ball. In that league the umpires absolutely do have authority to eject fans. I saw it happen when a parent in the stands loudly questioned a strike call.
  10. I am still having trouble with why this would not be a catch. It's not like he took 1 step and ran into the wall and dropped it. I am envisioning that he had control and the process of the catch was over with but just kept running.
  11. I get the voluntary release requirement, but after the fielder takes a total of 12 steps where he had the ball under control is that not a catch? Do younger ages get the "benefit of the doubt? Just askin'.
  12. I am going to take a stab at this one. Perhaps you could get the double play on an interference call. it certainly prevented a double play. That does not negate the fact that MC occurred which demands an ejection.
  13. I get that. I also get the "inside - out, outside - in" concept. I was more referring to ground ball plays in the infield. Since you are outside the bases it is different than being in the working area behind the mound.
  14. I'd like your thoughts on mechanics based on the 60 foot bases compared to bigger fields. Last evening I worked my first game on the bases (60 feet) and it seems being inside on plays in the infield (on the larger fields) would allow one to move for better angles than outside the baseline. Am I right?
  15. I agree. Looks like the safe call was referring to the tag itself. It sounds like this is not the most proper mechanic, but the catcher and the runner kept doing what they were supposed to do at that point. They knew there was no tag and the plate was missed.