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  1. I also bought the Champion from U-A this year and would agree, it is the original style. I am still getting it adjusted to my liking and could actually handle more padding in the throat area. It just feels a bit lacking. Maybe just an adjustment issue or in need of a harness upgrade. I added the bicep protection (don't make fun,anyone) after I took a couple of good shots there. All in all I am pleased with the cp for the price.
  2. Maven, I am not in any way questioning your knowledge and expertise. However, where does the criteria of having the fielder camped under the fly ball come into play. I thought that is how ordinary effort is judged. Please help a newbie umpire here! We don't even have IFF in my rec league. I did a church slow pitch game a few weeks ago where I called 2 IFF's.
  3. @KenBAZ I hope you are doing okay and recover quickly! A bit of a hijack here, but when hydrating properly, the excess has to go somewhere. What do you do when the nearest facility is too far away to make it back in the time you have between innings?
  4. Where's KenBAZ? Doesn't he do these crazy marathons, in the AZ heat no less, all the time? I thought we'd hear from him by now.
  5. This!
  6. This is a totally different thing, if I understand correctly. If the ball passes through the strike zone on the fly and then hits the dirt it would (should) be a called strike. The OP concerns a pitch which bounces and then passes through the strike zone. This cannot be a called strike. In both cases, if it is strike 3, it would be a D3K.
  7. Back to my coaching days again, we once had an opposing team doing this. As our pitcher was winding up, they would make what I can only describe as loud, obnoxious grunts, ending right before his release. It was clearly meant to be distracting. The umps never addressed it and it never affected our pitcher. That lends the question, is this something to address immediately, or wait to see what affect it has?
  8. Back when I coached my son's 14U teams we won in a walk-off when F1 did this very thing. My son was R3 and scampered home for the winning run. I saw F5's holding runner often at that level and hated it every time...except that time!
  9. It goes beyond the rules at this point. It's basic human decency. Sometimes you just need to umpire and put the jerk coach in his place.
  10. Sorry! Just a little Disney reference for those of you with young daughters.
  11. Please, don't sing!!!
  12. In the OP, just as with pass interference or holding in football, the rules of the game provide appropriate penalties to remedy the situation. In both sports it requires that an official sees the offense plus in the OP the defense needs to see it and properly appeal it.
  13. That is what I was getting at. if they were not playing on R2 the throw to 3rd would be an appeal on R3, yes? Or, could the argument be made that they completed the triple play with the tag of 3rd and subsequent tag of R2? Probably not.
  14. Wow, quite interesting! From what I could see, the PU correctly signalled nothing on the tag of home plate. He saw that U2 signalled the batter out on the catch and that the force at home was now off. U3 knew that as well and waited for the tag of R2 at 3rd base. My question would be, even with F5 being on the bag for the throw to 3rd it would not be an appeal on R3, correct? It would need to be an unmistakable appeal.
  15. I am learning at this too, having never had the opportunity to work a true 2 man system. That said, wouldn't the BU in C have roughly a 180 degree angle to everything that is happening in this play? The PU would have a much better angle for seeing both R3 and the F/F and the catch/ no catch.