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  1. Gotta admit, clicking on a link called "sketch toy" made me a little nervous. OBR 5.06 (b) Advancing Bases (1) In advancing, a runner shall touch first, second, third and home base in order. If forced to return, he shall retouch all bases in reverse order, unless the ball is dead under any provision of Rule 5.06(c). In such cases, the runner may go directly to his original base. Once the runner retreats behind second base, as he did on his way back to first, he must touch second base again before advancing to third base.
  2. Batter's box fair territory

    Heyyyyyyy no Bigfoot slander on the message board.
  3. Mask Choice

    I'm glad the TW suggestion worked. When I put a memory foam pad on top the 6 stitch was feasible. Building off your point of a 6-stitch not being comfortable, it's not that it doesn't fit, it's just that I don't want the brim of my hat up against the bar. I don't even notice the thickness of the bars anymore, but it probably took two innings my first game to adjust to it.
  4. Mask Choice

    Any idea how much?
  5. Mask Choice

    I like the feel of the All-Star Mag
  6. Cather pick off at 2nd base

    Following up to @MadMax and @noumpere , as soon as you notice the catcher is going to throw to second you should immediately take a few hard steps to your left. It all goes back to angle/distance, and you can only get so far. Then once the throw turns you you have to get stopped and set, knowing that you got into the best position possible.
  7. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    I've been really surprised at how often I get offered water (and occasionally Gatorade) down here, because as you said it never happens in Washington. Oregon, in your case. I'll even have people offer me water when I'm down to half a water bottle here. It's quite nice. To those of you drinking 5 bottles of water a game, more power to you. I'd have to pee like none other if I did that.
  8. Masks (x3)

    Wilson Aluminum sold.
  9. Masks (x3)

    I have a few masks I'd like to part ways with. First up is a silver Wilson Aluminum mask with standard Wilson two tone pads. I don't have a harness for this mask. The frame is practically new, I think it's seen the field once. The pads have been used a few times but are still in good shape, just with some discoloration. Asking $100 shipped. This one hurts a little, but next up is a Champro Magnesium mask with slightly used TW pads. They're washed, but for whatever reason they're still discolored. Frame is in excellent shape. Asking $100 shipped. Finally, I have a powder-coated black Wilson titanium. This is the low profile version, with black Wilson memory foam pads. I still have the "W" if you want it. Asking $125 shipped. PM me with any questions you might have.
  10. Masks (x3)

    Bump, offers welcomed.
  11. Foul Tip vs. Foul "Trap"

    Foul ball. A CATCH is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a ball in flight and firmly holding it; providing he does not use his cap, protector, pocket or any other part of his uniform in getting possession.
  12. 25 seems a little old IMO. I know they don't necessarily like the 18 year old kids as much as college graduates, but I'd say you're better off getting in at 20 or 21 than 26 or 27.
  13. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Will Little has a black Nike TI too.
  14. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Nope, because it was designed to be worn against a skull cap, which already has padding.
  15. Masks (x3)

    Sorry I've been away from my laptop since I got home. Send me a PM
  16. Out of Baseline No Call

    Step and a lean is heard a lot.
  17. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Interesting. I got it off of OfferUp from a minor league catcher in the White Sox organization.
  18. Easton speed elite mask

    This is the stock traditional mask for UCLA catchers, so I'd imagine the protection is at least decent. Everyone on here will tell you that the frame doesn't matter nearly as much for protection as the pads do. Now, as @kylejt mentioned, I'd definitely make sure the brim of your hat isn't touching or too close to the bar, because then an impact will push into your hat and hurt more than it should.
  19. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    The Champro Mag is a great mask, and is actually sitting right next to my All-Star at the moment. If you're comfortable with the protection it gives you I'd say keep using it. I've only taken one decent shot to the All-Star so far and it just bounced right off. The All-Star is comfortable and cool, but is it worth $200 more than the Champro? Meh, probably not. I do like the concept of the blades intersecting the plastic plate on the bottom pad though.
  20. Mask Porn?

    @BT_Blue can we get a picture of the backside of the mask?
  21. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    That's the stock pad.
  22. Hey everyone, I have an ~11.5 inch Carlucci Hall of Fame Model chest protector for sale. Obviously it's old and it shows with scratches on the plastic plates, as well as discoloration in the straps. There are two small tears is in the leather on the back but other than that it isn't deteriorated. The leather strap that secures the bottom of the harness had to be replaced because the old one got too dry and snapped. The replacement is brand new. The bottom strap for the harness lost some of its length when the leather strap was removed because it was so dry and rusted. There's enough left to secure the CP to a small frame, but I'd recommend replacing the nylon. I bought replacement nylon a while ago for the harness but I don't want to tamper with it any more than I have. I'll let the buyer use the nylon to lengthen or replace the existing strap, as he/she chooses. PM me inquiries and offers, I'll gladly send more pictures or answer any of your questions. Thanks!
  23. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    That may be true, but it was my warm blanket.
  24. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    It was cool to have but @Thunderheads it's sold, lock it up!
  25. Passed ball caught by umpire

    Suddenly I want to be Dan Bellino.