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  1. What age group? At best this pitch is 5" inside, which is probably kissing the inside line of the batters box.
  3. It always works, even at the MLB level. I think we should encourage all umpires to use the silencer for a called third strike, because it's clearly the best of the three options.
  4. He sent me an email saying he was overwhelmed with offers so he put it on eBay. I don't mess with eBay so you guys have fun.
  5. Straight from the Kent Murphy mechanics.
  6. Standard in teaching via clinics and camps or standard in practice by umpires who don't attend clinics and camps?
  7. Gotta love the Facebook forums. I've never been on them, but the war stories just keep coming.
  8. Bumpppp
  9. Hey all, I have a few pairs of shoes I'd like to move. $45 shipped each OBO. New Balance 950 all black base shoes size 11, black and white Reebok base shoes size 11, and Riddell plate shoes size 11. The Reebok shoes show a little age via stains on the sole but everything is in good shape. Thanks!
  10. One can dream. I doubt the market for umpire equipment is big enough to justify personalization of all of our equipment. I hope I'm wrong, because this is an awesome idea I'd love to see happen. Then again, you can customize anything if you have the dough for it.
  11. On a DTK, he's out. On a bunt, likely tangle untangle. On ball four, does it matter that there was contact?
  12. I don't believe tangle/untangle applies here. I think it's likely that Barrett didn't see the trip, and that's what he relayed to the manager. Intent doesn't matter, and distance from HP doesn't matter. If the batter runner clearly hinders the catcher's ability to field the uncaught third strike, he's out. It appears the catcher tripped over the BR, clearly hindering and even preventing him from fielding the uncaught third strike. In my non-professional opinion, the BR should have been called out. But, the big league guys are always right, so maybe Barrett knows something we don't, or maybe he didn't have the catcher tripping over the runner. If the latter is the case, then obviously Barrett would not have had the BR hindering F2 and thus no call would be warranted.
  13. How many points if it had been a gold "W"?
  14. Looks like a good place to stand after you just rung up F2 on a perfect pitch at the knees and aren't quite ready to talk to him yet.
  15. Anyone looking to make the jump to a hard shell, go buy that CP right now.
  16. So let's say you're starting it B. Ball is hit. Step up, turn, face the ball. Standing set for the play at second. Once that play happens, drop step and signal, right? So from here we're basically parallel to the grass dirt line in front of us. Are you suggesting another drop step or a crossover step?
  17. Isn't it a drop step and then a crossover step once the fielder releases the ball?
  18. My dad made me watch it with him and the alarm clock every morning nearly drove me insane.
  19. I'm with you, Rich. Unless there's a scoreboard with the batting lineup on it or I know 100% #21 is due up after #6, there's no reason the umpire should recognize this.
  20. Ah! Here's some scenarios I'd like opinions on. Do you guys use "slide or avoid" when determining if either player has violated the home plate collision rule, or do you determine who initiated the contact and whether or not they were within their legal right to do so? If there's contact between a runner coming home and the catcher (or any fielder covering home), are you calling the runner out because he didn't slide or avoid even though he didn't initiate contact? If the play is 20' up the line (no expectation to slide) and the throw brings the catcher into the path of the runner, are you calling the runner out for the collision? Remember, OBR.
  21. I'm with Arik on this one. We encourage people to use the search feature for "common" questions, and he had something valuable to contribute. In other situations, when you do offer your knowledge and rules application to a senior umpire, they'll hit you with the "I'm going to overrule you" and there's just no response to that. Sure, you can plead your case, offer what you saw and repeat your rules knowledge, but you can't exactly break into an argument with your senior partner on the field. And, before you get on FED's case for making PU god-like (paging @MadMax), I was PU. And it was an OBR game.
  22. Don't forget the gold W chin tab!
  23. Quick, everybody guess Max's ideas until he posts!