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  1. Hey everyone, I have an ~11.5 inch Carlucci Hall of Fame Model chest protector for sale. Obviously it's old and it shows with scratches on the plastic plates, as well as discoloration in the straps. There are two small tears is in the leather on the back but other than that it isn't deteriorated. The leather strap that secures the bottom of the harness had to be replaced because the old one got too dry and snapped. The replacement is brand new. The bottom strap for the harness lost some of its length when the leather strap was removed because it was so dry and rusted. There's enough left to secure the CP to a small frame, but I'd recommend replacing the nylon. I bought replacement nylon a while ago for the harness but I don't want to tamper with it any more than I have. I'll let the buyer use the nylon to lengthen or replace the existing strap, as he/she chooses. PM me inquiries and offers, I'll gladly send more pictures or answer any of your questions. Thanks!
  2. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    OfferUp in Anaheim.
  3. Super shiny Wilson, Nike, or All-Star

    Based on the videos the Mariners are tweeting out it looks like it's the standard color.
  4. Super shiny Wilson, Nike, or All-Star

    @tpatience Bro is this what I think it is..... if so add him to the list.
  5. 2018 OBR changes

    Definition of Interference: (d) Spectator interference occurs when a spectator (or an object thrown by the spectator) hinders a player’s attempt to make a play on a live ball, by going onto the playing field, or reaching out of the stands and over the playing field. Thanks, Toronto.
  6. The MLBUM doesn't include hindrance either. They seem to agree with you, saying the proper mechanic is for the plate umpire to call "Backswing hit the catcher" as soon as the violation occurs. Interesting.
  7. 6.03(a)(3) reads: (3) He interferes with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box or making any other movement that hinders the catcher’s play at home base. The comment you cited is a follow up to 6.03(a)(3), which already addressed hindrance.
  8. Majestic Jacket with MLB logo

    Some MiLB guys don't like to wear MLB logos. Baseball is a superstitious game after all.
  9. Vinyl Dip?

    I wouldn't trust plasti-dip to stay on a mask. I'd be willing to bet it will chip off rather quickly, especially if you get hit.
  10. Weird Comparisons request: Plate Shoes

    My two cents... If you have the chance, go with the Zigs. They're the most comfortable shoes out there. I can't confirm this next bit but I've been told by MiLB umpires that the V3's have a tendency to tear and fall apart.
  11. Obstruction Question

    In OBR we follow Maven's guidelines and determine whether or not the OBS caused R1 to miss second base/fail to retouch first base in time.

    Yes I know. I was addressing your comment that said a ground rule double has to hit the ground first.

    A batted ball that goes through the outfield wall, not over it, would be a two base award. I doubt you'll ever see that happen though.
  14. Obstruction Question

    Since FED has a minimum one base award for obstruction, would you still call the runner out on appeal if he went back and touched first base? Say the initial throw from right field got to first base before the runner did, and even without the OBS he wouldn't have gotten back to first base before the appeal, but he still retouched first base. Would you call him out and not award him second base?
  15. What does 8.2.2 M say?
  16. As others have warned they might not do a traveler's crease with the poly spandex. I took some into Jos. A. Bank and they wouldn't do it.
  17. All-Star FM 25mlx mask with bent bar

    Me neither
  18. All-Star FM 25mlx mask with bent bar

    The delta flex (I think is what it's called) harness is designed for catchers who wear helmets. It's much harder to take off of a hat. Plus it does look a little funny.
  19. Foul Tip K/Stolen Bases

    I can only think of two possible explanations for this. Either 1) it was a foul ball, which seems unlikely given there was a throw down to third and it sounds like he struck out. So 2) there could have been back swing interference, which would result in a strike only and runners returning to their bases occupied at the time of pitch.
  20. Poly spandex pros: Lightweight, cool in the heat, dry out quickly if you're working in the rain, very comfortable Cons: High maintenance, wrinkle pretty easy, cold in cold weather games, base pants have very wide legs at the bottom I only wear the poly spandex.
  21. Glove falls off after tag

    I remember being at this game...
  22. Quick fit question

    It looks like you need to wear it tighter. Tighten it so that the top of the pad is snug against the bottom of your neck and that should help with the shoulders. Let me know if that doesn't help.
  23. Marty foster mask

    Don't try this at home, kids.