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  1. Nonononononononononononono. We've had a wet spring, but that's nothing compared to the fall/early winter. I already have to play golf in the fall, don't ruin baseball season.
  2. Oh, that's possible. I can't 100% tell but my first impression was that he's off the rubber..... @stkjock ?
  3. Wouldn't it have to start on the rubber?
  4. The strips on the Schutt seemed flimsy when I kept bothering them while making Max's mod, but I haven't noticed any problems since I put it all back together.
  5. MR

    No. The third out was a force out so no run scores.
  6. Here's how I think of it. The batter runner is allowed to exit the three-foot lane by means of a step, reach, or stride for the sole purpose of touching first base. The rule doesn't say he's permitted to be out of the lane, it says he's permitted to exit the lane. So if he hasn't met the definition of running in the three-foot lane, there's no way he can exit it and he's subject to INT.
  7. It's normal. Definitely not low profile like my chrome moly. I didn't think Diamond was low profile either..... @MadMax ? Someone on here, I think @acpar72 , HATES low profile masks. Some people believe that you're more likely to suffer a concussion on a straight shot. I don't know if there's any evidence to back this up so believe what you will. I can fit a 6 stitch under my mizuno. Easier to do when it's powder coated. My 6 stitch sticks out from my chrome moly.
  8. A week or two ago..... Play extremely similar to yours, but I had a high throw and miserable tag attempt, which led to the runners foot getting in there. "SAFE" Coach comes out. At first it looked like he was going to the mound, but last second I realized he was coming to talk to me. DC: "The throw was there in plenty of time, did he miss the tag?" Me: "Yep." DC to his F4: "Put the f*#@%$! tag on him!" Then the DC went peacefully back to his dugout.
  9. This is a good first hardshell CP. I'll back up wolfe and say that that top pad is annoying beyond belief. Whoever buys this will be glad it's gone.
  10. Oh, good to know. Thanks.
  11. I understand the premise for your question because of the term "appeal." A couple things to address. 1. An "intervening play" is a very specific play with less than two outs where we have R3 who is played on at home but is ruled safe, then the BR is called out for RLI. In this instance, and this instance only, R3 is allowed to score despite the interference. 2. The defense can still ask to "appeal" the check swing after the throw down to third base. They must appeal before the next pitch but other than that, they can take as much time to appeal as they want. Whether or not that appeal is changed to a strike could depend on how much time is taken, but that's a discussion for a different thread.
  12. Seeing as this was a half inning later, we shouldn't (and won't) be discussing old plays. HC: "Can you try to get in the right position for that play at home next time?" Me: "[Coach's name], you already came out and asked about the play from last inning, we're done discussing it." I won't explain my mechanics to him because that can only lead to more snide/uninformed comments that will cause more issues. When he comes out to argue safe/out, all I'm telling him is that I had him out on the tag. Always let the coach get the first word to see what he's asking about, and then be as clear and concise as you can. No reason to feed him information he doesn't care about or say anything that could be used against me.
  13. Might as well make this line your signature... I find that as long as I'm paying attention and considering a passed ball, I can bounce over to 3BLX on a passed ball to my right as long as the backstop isn't super close. If the ball kicks straight back to F2 the runner shouldn't be going anyway, so there's nowhere to be. It can be tough to get back to see the tag with the pitcher covering sometimes, especially if he sets up right behind the plate and tags the front edge.
  14. The squeak drove me mad. The hard foam bar in the middle also put a lot of pressure on my shins that would start to hurt after 90 minutes or so.
  15. Very true. I'm surprised I haven't seen a R3 break for home when the pitcher starts his wind up, trying to draw and pick off and in turn a balk.
  16. Still a balk in the wind up. Cueto got called for this in SF a while back. Once he starts his motion to deliver home it must be continuous.
  17. A guy I worked with had the Wilson Platinum shin guards and moved the hard ankle plates down a bit on the padding. They looked like they fit well and the flaps fit just like they should. I'm curious how well the F3 shins fit on these shoes.
  18. Hey all, I've decided I want to give these pads another try, now that I have a much fuller schedule than I did last year. Does anyone have some Wilson memory foam pads they could part with? If so, as the title says, I'm looking for a set. Thanks.
  19. I think I sold you the Zett but I got it from Trevor in the first place.
  20. I can't speak to NCAA as @White47 did, but @Mister B has it correct for high school. OBR we can change the call from foul to fair as long as nobody reacted to it, allowing the play to continue as if the call had been fair all along.
  21. It appears I've gotten this whole unscoring a run business tangled up in my head. When can a runner retouch home and "unscore" his run to go back and touch third, and when is he unable to legally do so? I know he can't if a following runner has scored but it appears there's more to it.
  22. Quick question...... what kind of league has balks for 9 year olds?
  23. My local LL would kill for that many junior umpires.