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  1. Wilson aluminum for sale w/memory foam pads

    This will sell better with "aluminum" in the title.
  2. Hey everybody, I have some equipment I'd like to part with. Masks: Wilson Dyna-Lite with doeskin wraparound pads and a diamond harness. The wear on the pads is mostly cosmetic. There's a lot of volume left in the pads. $35+shipping. Wilson Aluminum with West Vest pads and West Vest harness. Entire rig is in excellent shape. I also have memory foam pads if you'd prefer. $90 shipped. Powder coated Wilson Chrome Moliben with two tone Wilson pads and generic black harness. The powder coat is metallic bronze and looks awesome in the sun. $100 shipped. 13 inch Wilson charcoal chest protector and 17 inch Wilson platinum shin guards. Both in excellent shape. $45 plus shipping for the CP and $50 plus shipping for the shins. PM me with questions or general inquiries. I sold my 2010 majestic shirts but if anyone wants a classic red, gray, white or cream Smitty shirt, let me know.
  3. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Last bump before I leave Wednesday morning, I promise
  4. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    CP sold!
  5. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Indeed I do!
  6. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Prices dropped.
  7. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Bump. PM me with any kind of offer, I need this stuff gone by the 19th before I go to school.
  8. Home Plate Collission

    Our guest asked if it was okay for the runner to initiate a collision, and the answer is no. The criteria for initiating a collision can be found in the rule book.
  9. Home Plate Collission

    That still doesn't give the runner the right to initiate a collision by lowering his shoulder, throwing a forearm, deviating from his path, etc.
  10. Shoes Shoes Shoes

  11. Shoes Shoes Shoes

    Hey all, I have a few pairs of shoes I'd like to move. $40 shipped each OBO. New Balance 950 all black base shoes size 11, black and white Reebok base shoes size 11, and Riddell plate shoes size 11. The Reebok shoes show a little age via stains on the sole but everything is in good shape. Thanks!
  12. F2 carries ball to DBT

    "Catch and carry" isn't a thing anymore, at least not under OBR.
  13. Strike 3 Mechanic

    Believe it or not we watched this video in training.
  14. Why wasn't an out

    @Rich Ives really?
  15. Shoes Shoes Shoes

  16. Base Uncovered

    I think I remember having the same thought when I watched this at BWW, but I really don't need to watch the Mariners lose again.... and again. And again.
  17. Pitch Clock — AAA Level

    Fail to be in the box with five or more seconds on the clock, meaning he isn't in the box by the time the clock drops under :05. Right?
  18. Up to the league I suppose. I assume it would get the same "that's contact" response and point as any other bump.
  19. Future MLB hires

    @Gil put out a good piece on this not too long ago, with personal favorite Ryan Blakney being relatively high on the list.
  20. Why wasn't an out

    I'd put my money on a chopper off of home plate that looked like a fly ball. The OP said this was a AAA game, so there's no way something painfully obvious was missed. I had this exact play happen yesterday. Sinking line drive to F4 that he caught cleanly with his glove on the ground. He threw to first base anyway, but it was pretty clear to my partner and I that he caught it.
  21. How do you hang them up? If I pull them straight out of the dryer they are wrinkle free but I use one of those hangers that has the bar across the bottom instead of clips. I'm sure that type of hanger has a name. I do iron them on occasion and that seems to be 50/50. It's great for the crease but yesterday I tossed them in the dryer for a few minutes afterwards for a better look.
  22. Hydro Dipped Mask

    For what it's worth, theres a shop about 2 hours away from me that said they could do a mask for $45. It's worth exploring the different places in your area. They aren't as large scale as the place @blue32 had it done at, so that could explain the lower price. The only downside is the quoted 5-6 week turnaround time.
  23. Your Own Personal Albatross

    Beware Dodger fans, I've been a Mariners fan my whole life and they're on their 16th season without a playoff appearance.
  24. Ump Ejects Himself

    Once upon a time I played LL baseball. My last year was in the majors division, and being in western Washington, field conditions were always a concern. One day we start a game under good conditions, but as the game progresses the rain starts to pick up. The home plate umpire had a bit of a reputation among us, but nothing too serious. The field wasn't acquiring puddles or getting muddy, but everything was starting to get a bit slick. One of our runners crossed home plate but optioned to simply run through it instead of sliding. He slipped and stumbled a bit, so PU came out in front of the plate, took off his mask, said "We're done, field isn't safe" and walked off. His poor partner was left on the field thinking "What......... just happened," exchanging blank stares with both coaches. Eventually the base umpire left as well and everybody went home a little early that day.