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  1. Cross up or deke

    I think if Contreras had kept his mitt in the zone he might've gotten the call, but it seemed like the pitcher missed his spot and Contreras' recovery resulted in him stabbing his mitt just off the plate.
  2. No sht fair

    I asked a lot of partners this year why they would signal on every fly ball out. The response I got? "I guess it's just what I was taught." .............because why ever update your mechanics, right?
  3. UCLA Bound

    http://launitweb.wixsite.com/webb Website is extremely primitive but the assignor responded to me in a remarkably quick fashion.
  4. I'm rusty on FED rules, so I'll let someone else handle that rule set. However, if you were using OBR, the runner cannot deviate from his pathway to initiate contact. Other than simply changing his path to initiate contact, it also includes the lowering of the shoulder or pushing through with his hands, elbows or arms. Your situation simply sounds like a botched tag attempt with the catcher moving to tag the runner. Calling the runner safe appears to be the correct call.
  5. Play at the plate

    In addition, in OBR, if he's moving to receive the ball he can be wherever he needs to be, which also allows him to block the plate.
  6. Backswing interference?

    For those of us that didn't watch the game, can you describe what happened after the bat hit the catcher in the mask?
  7. UCLA Bound

    Do any of you work for the LA unit?
  8. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Dyna-lite sold!
  9. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    I use the PRIZM lenses as well, but I'll wear them on the plate as well as in the field. They did away with the infield outfield thing a while ago. @HCueds , have you seen the current baseball PRIZM lenses? If so, how do they compare to your infield lenses?
  10. You had better luck than I ever did in that area.
  11. Appeal of pulled foot

    I'm going to chime in on the 100% sure mindset. I much prefer the "call what you see" attitude because oftentimes we aren't 100% sure when making a call, especially in two man. As BU, the play at first base is my responsibility. Sure, PU can keep an eye on it and gather information, but it's my job as BU to determine whether the batter runner is safe or out. Being inside the diamond, you often aren't going to see the actual space between F3's foot and the base. However, you can tell if he had to make a longer stretch than normal and whether or not his back foot got dragged off the base. I still need to be confident that F3 came off of first base to call "safe, off the bag", but I don't need to necessarily see the gap to know that he came off the bag.
  12. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Last bump before I leave Wednesday morning, I promise
  13. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    CP sold!
  14. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Indeed I do!
  15. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Prices dropped.