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  1. If the batter interferes with the catcher and his attempt to field a dropped third strike he's out for interference. Throwing the bat which hits the ball and knocks it away from the catcher would easily qualify. This applies to OBR, I think FED has different requirements.
  2. Nope, you have it right. "Disengaging" by stepping forward isn't actually disengaging. It's a balk. I'm not sure if it would fall under a start/stop balk or something similar, but I'd tell the coach he has to disengage off the back of the rubber. Either way, it's a balk.
  3. We may be overlooking the fact that MLB umpires don't signal time for everything we would, so it's entirely possible there's a protocol in place and we just aren't seeing it signaled.
  4. I think Elk was getting more at something like..... oh I don't know...... calling TIME immediately on catcher's interference when the ball is put in play.........
  5. Correct. If there had already been two outs, then @MT73 has you covered. The batter can always run on a dropped third strike with two outs.
  6. Buck can do whatever he wants from his comfortable seat in the clubhouse.
  7. I'd imagine they get their uniforms/equipment transported for them at that level, no?
  8. A force is only established by the batter becoming a runner. So, unless it was a dropped third strike with two outs, there's no force.
  9. Looks like they grabbed two outs there...
  10. Mr.

    Is the bat not considered a foreign object, which would make the ball fair on contact?
  11. If you judge that the batter runner hindered F3's ability to field the batted ball, call the BR out for interference. F3 is the protected fielder so he has an absolute right to field the batted ball. And if you determine that the BR intentionally interfered with F3 to prevent a double play, since it occurred between HP and 1B, you would also call out the runner closest to home.... right guys?
  12. Eric Byrnes thinks he's Jim Joyce.
  13. Just to make a clear point, R1 is only out while on second base if he's standing on 2B while R2 is also standing on second base. If R1 is on 2B and R2 is halfway to third and the defense tags R1, he's perfectly fine.
  14. I'd apply your logic to the F3 CP. Had the V1, seen the V2, don't like it. Same with their mask. Have the V1, never use it. Seen the V2, don't like it. But these shin guards? Yeah, they're the real deal.
  15. This isn't that relevant to the shoe failure but how does an inside fastball to a right handed batter hit your right toe?