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  1. So Haniger was safe, Barksdale had highly questionable positioning for the play at the plate, and Angel Hernandez gave a "safe out" call and Servais took it?
  2. So.... did Capps and his battery mate intentionally throw at JJ January?
  3. King Felix used this mindset a couple years ago and got tossed while leaving the game. Must've been a Friday night because I remember he was wearing that hideous teal jersey (Friday home alternate). I want to know where Tumpane developed his plate stance, and who let him get away with it at the professional level.
  4. I always agreed with this until..... A couple nights ago I'm working at my favorite complex. Turf, close to home, good host organization, all that. Anyway, field 2 gets real nasty when the sun sets, moving from the left field corner all the way into left center and then FINALLY disappearing. Using my new Champro magnesium, thanks to @rjdakin, I actually had enough separation between my hat and the frame to where I could see over the top bar a bit. The sun was coming in right through the slits above that top eye bar and I caught myself thinking, "Man, a sun shield would be awesome right about now."
  5. My mistake @maven and @noumpere As I was typing I had a strange feeling that I was missing something. I must've jumped to "where could they be getting INT from" instead of realizing just how much nothing we have on this play.
  6. The ball struck the bat. The bat DID NOT strike the ball. This is an important distinction, and many guys have a different way of processing it. Either way, this is nothing and the play continues.
  7. FED lets players remain in the dugout, but coaches gotta go.
  8. The plate pants don't look nearly as billowy as the base pants do. Of course they're wider but they don't look foolish like the base pants do. Smitty long sleeve shirts also have surprisingly wide arm openings, so at least they're consistent.
  9. Excellent awareness by Jim Wolf to not only move on the first base line, but to actually drop way back into 1BLX for a good look at the F/F decision.
  10. I've recently learned via ump-attire's advertising that softball umpires wear heather. Hence the introduction of heather gray polyspandex.
  11. Pretty unusual to see that big of a flinch from a MLB umpire on a pitch that isn't in the dirt...
  12. So why is this different than a batter throwing his bat at F2 time and time again, or a catcher throwing his mask and hitting a BR time and time again, even if they're accidental yet repeated incidents?
  13. Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Ratified 12/15/1791. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
  14. There's a specific complex here where the bullpens are in play but tucked into a sharp corner behind the tail end of the dugout. The fence goes 90 degrees into foul territory, and then angles back into the right field corner. The home coach always tries to tell us that players can't throw over the corner created by the end of the dugout/start of the bullpen, but we just establish that that area is in fact in play. And then, if it were to ever come up (which I've yet to see), we would just treat it as any other part of the field. And don't even get me started on the amount of times I hear "catch and carry."