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  1. BU has all touches at tag ups at 1B and 2B, PU has all touches and tags at thirds. Even with R1 R3 1 out ball down the right field line, by the book, BU has tag up at 1B and PU has tag up at 3B.
  2. Good thing I have enough masks that I don't need to take the +POS bait.
  3. When in A, the base umpire has the CF straight in, straight back, and anything else to his left all the way to the right fielder moving to his left. If it's a can of corn, without a F/F decision needed, the BU comes in and pivots to take the BR while the PU assumes responsibility of the catch. That said, the BU should know where the ball is at all times.
  4. Color?
  5. You must've missed the uniform change.
  6. Right. Which is why R1 would have to go back and touch and cross HP back in the direction towards third for R2 to legally touch home. My question is whether or not R1 is permitted to do so under the rules. I know I've heard of a similar situation before but I can't remember the specifics.
  7. I've been taught to make sure the catch is completed before glancing back over at R3 to see if he legally tagged up. Logic being getting the F/F and catch/no catch calls correct is far more important than whether or not R3 was a step too early.
  8. Without my books handy, beerguy makes a lot of sense here. I don't see why returning to 2B from 3B is any different from going back to 3B from HP, other than the fact that the runner would've scored. Say we have R1 R2, two outs. Sharp line drive down the line that kicks off the corner and shoots towards CF. Both runners come across the plate but R2 missed home. Couldn't R1 touch home and go back to third to allow R2 to touch home and no longer be liable to be put out on appeal?
  9. Rule 6.01(i)(1) Comment (Rule 7.13(1) Comment): The failure by the runner to make an effort to touch the plate, the runner’s lowering of the shoulder, or the runner’s pushing through with his hands, elbows or arms, would support a determination that the runner deviated from the pathway in order to initiate contact with the catcher in violation of Rule 6.01(i) (Rule 7.13), or otherwise initiated a collision that could have been avoided.
  10. Boy, I'd love to work your level of ball where you don't see balks very often.
  11. My group requires two. I keep an extra indicator and my car keys in the pocket of my left ball bag.
  12. I had a similar play happen yesterday, but I judged the bat to have been dropped and then the ball rolled into the bat. I agree with @conbo61 about the bat hitting the ball vs. the ball hitting the bat. That's how I keep it straight in my head.
  13. Having extra shoes comes in handy when your shoes get covered in mud and you don't clean them off the same night.
  14. What size?