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  1. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/04/22/javier-baez-and-d-j-lemahieu-had-a-disagreement-about-sign-stealing/ Does the ruling that F3 cannot position in front of R1 apply here? @Gil Are you guys planning on discussing this play?
  2. Biggest blowout ever?

    I thought my 27-0 no-hit game a couple weeks ago was bad. Team swung at every pitch the last 2 innings to just get us out of there. But wow, I can't even http://www.southcoasttoday.com/sports/20180418/buddy-thomas-old-rochester-baseball-feeling-agony-of-82-0-victory
  3. Biggest blowout ever?

    I always thought they should for non-varsity.
  4. Do you have a pet?

    I have a rescued beagle who was heavily abused and a brain damaged, autistic Boston Terrier. We just put our other Boston to sleep last month. Still missing her a lot.
  5. basketball

    not to mention that it's like 35 half the time here so far. I miss the hot gyms.
  6. Do you have a pet?

    wut I'm afraid of grizzly bears, sharks, and honey badgers. Honey badgers don't give a **** and that scares me. What about you @Deewelch
  7. PolySpandex size questions

    Yeah, but nothing like the flex fit.
  8. PolySpandex size questions

    Oh I sweated earlier.
  9. 444

  10. Force3 Shin Fit

    I love that I can take a hard shot to all my F3 gear and at worst, I have to re-adjust my mask. I switched to the Diamond MMA cup this year, and if it hits me anywhere in my gear, I don't feel a thing. I took 2 straight to the cup in the last week, didn't feel anything. It's just nice to not be doubled over in pain.
  11. Force3 Shin Fit

    You should wear with lows. The top of your shoe and the side bottom of the guard will rub and wear on each other.
  12. This is a timing play.
  13. PolySpandex size questions

    I've worn my F3 shins under my base pants. The Poly spandex are NOT flex waist. If you need to layer, size up. I like my plate pants a size larger than base. But, tonight, I went: Starter compression boxer briefs Diamond MMA jockstrap Dickies base layer Starter athletic shorts Poly Spandex On top: Starter Dri-Star short sleeve shirt Honigs 3x (bullshirt!) convertible jacket Hanes long sleeve cotton shirt Smitty 3x long sleeve shirt Honigs ligher weight jacket and tucked in comfortably. Then, the rain shifted, the temp went from 45 to 55 and I sweated my oysters off. On the upside, pitcher threw a perfect game!
  14. Darvish balk

    Well Cardinals got played out back in 1967. As a Cubs fan, seeing the replay right then, I think he balked, because everything stopped. Watching that there again, 100%, he just paused too long, looked like he was just going to stop. I'm more convinced of the balk. Going to send it to a friend in the AM for his opinion.
  15. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Pasted into word - 1563 words.
  16. Rain!

    I'm in NW Indiana (used to be in Columbus, but didn't umpire). I'm 10/19 so far. Thursday, we did a DH, and it was 35 and snowing. My feet got wet and cold, I couldn't feel 2 of my toes until after I was home for an hour.
  17. A Couple of Misc. Things

    I point right every time. Only difference with lefty is I try to point with right hand for "yes he did go" Foul territory. I don't. but do what you feel. I like the NCAA's passing the front hip, in B/C, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But for realz, If you think he went, call it. I feel like I have to be 125% sure if PU appeals. I called it last year in a mens' game. Batter comes to me later and asks how I called it. I told him that he fell down trying to stop himself from swinging. He said yeah, I get that and chuckled. He said he knew he swung, he just wanted to know how I could make that call there.
  18. Can't wait! When is this available for purchase?
  19. Poly spandex in MLB?

    I wore them at a game with a high of 35 and wind chill of 18. I had a base layer, knee high compression socks, and shorts underneath and my legs were fine.
  20. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Thanks, I'm just sick of scrubbing the mesh and having it be as dirty the next game.
  21. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    How do the turf shoes handle on regular fields?
  22. Use 1st names

    Are those students stopping that high and tight from hitting the teacher's in the face?
  23. Use 1st names

    I don't do it for <13, but for over that, I do. I think it's good to help teach kids how to interact with adults in a positive way.
  24. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Word of advice from my first year back in basketball ... think about safety as well. I got a random pair of Nikes, and stepped on something on the court in early November, felt like I stepped on a Leggo. It didn't fully heal until after Christmas. I bought the Reebok Zigs, and they are so much sturdier. I don't think I would've hurt my foot in them.