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  1. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    I hate when my partner wants to talk forever at a pre-game. Meanwhile, I'm there like "dude, I stopped listening 5 minutes ago!"
  2. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    Did he yell out "mise en garde!" before shoving his partner under the bus?
  3. https://www.mlb.com/news/umpires-share-new-perspective-at-dream-series/c-264703530
  4. Good Call Blue Intro

    Hope we didn't lose @lawump
  5. Retirement? Sale

    Hoggie is active on some facebook groups as well. I've alerted mutual friends about his actions here. I don't think the above clip fits this situation ...
  6. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    Haha, yeah, I stumbled on that one in my mind. Need to switch back to baseball mode. I blame the lack of free agent movement in MLB!
  7. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    One difference is, in 2-man, FU is in C, so is in a better spot to pick up on the play easier. I had a similar play last year, where I was 95% sure R3 was coming back and hadn't tagged (had to watch for touch by BR at 1B oviis), and made the call of out on the appeal back. If anyone had questioned, I would have gone to PU to see if it was an appeal, but went with what it looked like to fill in the % I wasn't sure about.
  8. Adidas Base Shoes

    How are they for cleaning? Really tired of scrubbing the New Balances and they look just as bad the next game.
  9. INDY Cold

    Spent Christmas in Bloomington and live in Hammond... It's been brutally cold so far. Moved here in 13 and suffered through the -20 with 20+" of snow that winter. Hoping this isn't going to be a repeat.
  10. Good Call Blue Intro

    This has been the most boring off-season ever so far
  11. Good Call Blue Intro

    Geez that is just amazeballs
  12. Catch/injury AFL game

    I didn't mean to imply it was, but don't think I've ever seen this call without the player showing the ball. I thought it was a great call and mechanic on going out and getting the call right.
  13. Catch/injury AFL game

    https://www.fanragsports.com/scary-outfield-collision-occurs-in-az-fall-league/ Really interesting here. RF/CF collide HARD. They're down for a long time. U1 goes out (not on this video) and F8 has control of the ball which is still in his glove, and U1 rules catch. Thought it was interesting seeing the ruling of catch when F8 did not voluntarily show the ball.
  14. Backswing interference?

    Well Joe Buck .... Isn't there a rules guy that Joe consults? Glad they ruled on it, cause that def needed some clarification. That will still go down as the craziest inning I've ever watched. Jays-Rangers (Joey Bats batflip game) 5th inning is now second.
  15. How in the world can you change that call?

    100% was called a swinging K, then he called time to get a new ball.
  16. Had this happen in a 12U fall ball game a couple weeks ago. 2-2 count. Batter swings really early and on his follow through, he hits the ball into foul territory. Ball did not reach catcher's glove, or bounce first, he hit it directly on the pitch. I call Foul, then go "wtf just happened?" and go ask my partner. We change to Backswing INT and call batter out and nobody questioned it. But I still wonder if it should've been foul, since he hit it before it reached the catcher.
  17. Really like this bag. I think I might own everything F3 has made, but I really like what they've put out. I don't use this much in season, since my shin guards are always dirty and used too much, but love having it to store them in.
  18. How in the world can you change that call?

    He called it a strike in the game. He didn't call it foul. He only went to the crew when Granderson and Roberts complained.
  19. Cross up or deke

    Cmon. I'm one of the most knowledgeable and unbiased Cub fans around. I said his issue was in framing and receiving, I said his arm is, in 4 words, phe no me nal. He's one of the best at backpicks and caught stealing (esp when Baez is making the tag!). He's not fat. He's PHAT. Ross was great at that backpick too, but Contreras' arm and his n'synchness with Rizzo is on a whole nother level. Rivera and Avila can't carry his jockstrap (or Maddon's that he apparently wears to manage) on D or O skills. But he's not an elite framer.
  20. Cross up or deke

    Contreras is a young C. He was a 3B until 2012. Only has about 2 full seasons worth of games behind the plate. He's improved, but is still very much there for his Offense and rifle of an arm, and has a ways to go on the receiving end. He does block balls pretty decently.
  21. What's the Count?

    Perhaps, I just saw him flash it that way 2x
  22. What's the Count?

    Anyone catch batter going to 1B on ball 3 last night in Cubs-Dodgers? PU seen asking U1 if he has 3-2 as well and they bring him back.
  23. Backswing INT vs foul ball situation

    Shoot, you don't even have to offer at it, ball hits bat as you duck, etc.