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  1. Horrible news - @grayhawk

    best wishes for recovery
  2. Another "OOO"??

    https://getyarn.io/yarn-story/1a262370-d40a-49b6-807f-28fb8df1d895 Rounders quote relevant here
  3. Indy ball story

    Thread on twitter with indy ball stories.
  4. Umpire jacket

    The Honigs shirts I got this week seem to be better. How's the Smitty's convertible sizing? I really like the Smitty's MLB light blue MLB replica. It's so comfortable.
  5. Another "OOO"??

    Yeah, even if they did call him out, if they ruled INT, it's TOI and runs had previously scored. Umpires might wanna check their hands after grabbing that end of the stick.
  6. Another "OOO"??

    Live ball still? Issue warning imo to the team.
  7. Umpire jacket

    Honigs' convertible jackets are like 3 sizes smaller than they say they are (comparably)
  8. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    Yeah, I wonder too.
  9. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    2015. I mean that the website now currently shows 2015 as the current one available.
  10. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    summer 2016
  11. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    WIM has notes about FED and NCAA rules all over the book. the website still says 2015.
  12. Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

    I'm confident in the protection it provides all over.
  13. How quickly they forget

    That's about the most random member of a team to get ejected.
  14. Going flash sale

    I thought that was what you meant, but wasn't sure if you meant you were selling stuff.
  15. Going flash sale

  16. CHC-LAD mechanics lessons

    Good points. I thought it was a fun play to see that even the pros f up and something we can all learn from
  17. CHC-LAD mechanics lessons

    https://www.mlb.com/video/heywards-single-gets-happ-home/c-2205936583 I know fair/foul is first priority and it's R2, not R3, but should he be going this far? I know I hate batted balls in this location as PU. Bonus lesson on timing by U1 here as well!
  18. Run scored on double play

    Yes, I implied that he stayed there. I get what you're cooking, I'm pretty sure it didn't go down that way though.
  19. Run scored on double play

    I've seen a few goals scored on their own basket, or go over and back trying, but no rundowns between the plate and dugout
  20. Run scored on double play

    Yes. I'm just trying to picture this play and I can't even.
  21. Run scored on double play

    Why wouldn't they just touch 2B? If R1 did not acquire 2B, it's a force out. No runs score.
  22. Can you do anything here?

    Oh, this was a 4-man crew, that's why I was wondering which you were talking about with positioning, because of steals at 3B.
  23. Can you do anything here?

    Thanks, I have experimented with both and am still trying to get more 3-man experience. I thought in 3man, you wanted to be on the 3B side though more.
  24. Can you do anything here?

    Is that for 4-man? I like having the look from B with R2 and C with R1 - deep on both that is.