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  1. Foul tip?

    Oh, I mean he whiffed on catching it. That was 100% hit, just think it's a foul ball. now Bleacher Nation is awesome. I've met him a couple times. Really good analysis
  2. Foul tip?

    I think he whiffed on it. Side note - f barstool sports. They're horrible.
  3. "Our Man" Does Water & Net Sports?

    Glad you added net there ....
  4. Bears!

    We're all here to help each other
  5. Bears!

    Better football in this thread than the Chicago team!
  6. does the run count????

    Nobody reads stickies/FAQ's. Even if it comes up before you can make a post, nobody reads them.
  7. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    Looks like an issue on their end - site's been down now. I didn't get it in Chrome w/ MSE.
  8. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    "Actually, I ran out this morning and am really jonesing, do you have a connect?"
  9. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    Norton sucks. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Oracle Virtual Box virtual machine running Linux for anything questionable (customers send us sketchy links sometimes) and never have an issue. We also recommend Kaspersky to our customers. Some of them deal in 100k+ transactions regularly. Nobody's had an issue with either of these antiviruses. Norton, McAfee, and especially Avast and AVG overblock stuff. I've seen AVG corrupt Windows to the point where it has to be re-installed. Not isolated instance either. Comodo also is guilty of this. And then there's Zone Alarm, who once kept me from accessing the internet after a Windows update. That's the last day I ran that program.
  10. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    LOL, I just think there's probably a common thread for those having issues - antivirus/browser. umpire.org >>>>>> facebook groups though.
  11. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    What's the antivirus?
  12. Adidas Base Shoes

  13. udbrky

  14. Full brawl NYY vrs Detroit Tigers

    Throwing at players intentionally is so stupid. If you want to fight someone, just go fight them. Stop being so passive aggressive and try to instigate it by throwing at someone.
  15. Brief moment of fame (?)

    Wikipedia and Baseball-Reference both confirm it is father-son.
  16. Can-am league or American Association

    Pro school and get to know the assigners, impress them.
  17. That angle was the only one that looked like he came close, but I thought it moved forward only because he was trying to dodge the ball. I am a Cubs fan, but I'm pretty impartial about it. I thought the Zobrist K last week was a strike.
  18. http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/umpire-mud-eggs-seat-cushions-toledo-indianapolis-steve-stephen-kane/18z5p4gixwxmf1m64cr56l0j6b
  19. The odd thing is, the PU the other day said he blew that call vs Zobrist. Zobrist does have a reputation - almost Votto-ish for knowing the zone really well. I thought the pitch was in the strike zone watching the game and looking at brooks. I thought it wasn't a strike based on how it was caught though - for the MLB. But I lol'd at all the "robot umps" people, because that was a robot ump strike. Those guys just say that **** though every time a call goes against their team.
  20. Future MLB hires

    That's not a nutty buddy
  21. If we said something like that in the local paper, you don't think there'd be repercussions? Players and coaches get fined for criticizing officials to the press. I'm going to be the sacrificial puffin guy - I think he should've been penalized for saying that.
  22. So I'm at the opening ceremony for the Cal Ripken 10u WS. It's 5 mins away and I know 2 guys working it. This airplane banner flies over:
  23. 'Tis a dark anniversary.

    Fisk did hit more HR, but Munson had almost as much WAR in half the years. Always sad to see a player die early. Whoops, read wrong somehow. But if you take their averages, Munson would've put up a lot more in the same time frame.
  24. Watching Vanover Work, 7/9/17, takeaways

    He had the plate this past Sunday night (LA-SFG) and was so freaking loud. I rooted for the players to swing at anything close so I didn't hear "Haih!" so loudly. It was annoying. I'm sure a lot of it was the field mic, but geez. I noticed he said ball rather loudly too - probably only like 40% as loud as strike calls, but you could hear it a lot.
  25. Anti-robot ump article

    http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/robot-umpires-electronic-strike-zone-in-mlb-pitchfx-balls-and-strikes/ggv80p4qmsu31d72sohrmbcnj @Gil This is an interesting perspective, since most of pop culture want robot umps. Ryan Davis is a very good up and coming writer as well. He worked with Harry Pavlidis on this. My only beef is he says knees to pits, but it might just be for journalistic purposes.