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  1. Hmm, one of my friends in college said he woke up, looked in the mirror and said "damn, why'd God have to make me so beautiful!" One of you is doing it right
  2. Worked with a guy tonight, 3rd time this last month, and he always shows up right at game time. Tonight, he said he'd do plate before the game, and I had to dress quickly and he came up at game time. So frustrating with a partner that continually does what they shouldn't do.
  3. What part of Chicago? I know there's some burbs guys, and I'm NWI.
  4. I was watching the game too and saw the springs! I said "hey, I wear that mask!"
  5. Ha, I grabbed dinner at a bar after a rainout and saw that and said to a guy I knew watching it too before he brought him back! "He's keeping him there!"
  6. What basis is there for a suspension? No historical. What'd Utley get for taking out Tejada? 2 games? That was malicious. This slide was not malicious. It was illegal.
  7. He had a path, Rizzo went in towards the infield.
  8. Recommended reading?
  9. Well I'd forgotten they did it. I was puking before the game and puked in the 5th inning, just slipped my mind until 3 batters later they made the change.
  10. Sorry, thought all men's leagues were OBR. My question was, does he have to make the change since they started to, but weren't allowed? Other team thought F5 had to come in and cited a time their player was forced to, because he had started warming up as a joke. I told them that was different, because this time, the previous pitcher took the first warm ups.
  11. Men's league, continuous batting order (in before LOL men's league) F1 from 5th comes out and takes 3-4 warm up pitchers, F5 comes in and throws a warm up. I realize the change and make them switch back. "Original" F1 has to: a) complete B1's at bat b) Throw a pitch to B1 c) Exit via injury/ejection (oviis switch is allowed) If A or B, F5 has to, or does not have to take his place immediately after condition met?
  12. Is there anyone any more that doesn't know the onion is satire?
  13. I don't, it was a foul ball, so I doubt there's a clip online. It was Tuesday.
  15. I mod a work and a work-field forum. It's the nature of forums. You're going to get people who don't look to realize they're in the wrong subforum; that there were 10 threads about the same thing they're starting a new thread regarding on the front page, or that the forum etiquette is not to post in 6+ month old threads (it me). Most users, especially guests and newbs, don't take the time to learn their way around a forum and read the guidelines and rules before posting. Good luck in changing that all over the internet. Browse some sub-reddits some time and see how terrible that place is.