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  1. Right, but maybe it would've prevented the rest of it. All he heard was that the guy made it. It's basically saying the same thing you did, but differently.
  2. What about "In my judgment, he was tagged before he reached the plate."?
  3. revert to profanity,if you can't answer the question
  4. A couple years ago, my friend and I are in a bar when this other guy's friends are getting talked to by the bouncers (who we're friends with). Guy turns to my friend and says "if they kick us out, someone's getting knocked out!" My friend says "Nobody's getting knocked out" Guy: Well I'm going to fight them. My friend: No you're not. Guy: Well, I guess I'll just try to get my friends in line. But for a player? Definitely need to let him know he's not going to do anything and assert your authorita
  5. D3K
  6. Ball grazes wrist, hits the bat what you got? Now if he's attempting before it hit him? Inclined to rule dead ball swinging strike
  7. Thursday, we started a game at 85 degrees. By the time I went to bed, it was 55. Friday, high of 50 and raining. Today, had a JV triple header invitational and we get there and before I can gear up, lightning detector goes off and everyone decides not to play. This is the one thing I hate about baseball! I already stress Friday nights about waking up on time for games, and then add in the weather situations, and it sucks. I barely sleep on nights with questionable weather. I only ever have anxiety over not waking up in time for games.
  8. It's a Cardinals blog. Cards writers are very insulated and anti-everyone else. I think of the scene in Tommy Boy where the car full of guys are chanting "O'Doyle Rules!" Every team has it's fair share. I like to read the blogs that acknowledge a world outside their own. Viva is actually one of the good ones that will acknowledge another player/team is good once in a while.
  9. Video was busy
  10. Never meant that we aren't Pro, I meant the MLB guys. I know they're not perfect. This play is a great opportunity for us to learn. I've had good discussions with guys about where it went wrong and how to best take it.
  11. So son is balking? What'd he do?
  12. Last year, I had a men's league semi-final game with a possible second game, where my partner no-showed. I had my phone on me trying to reach assigners. I butt dialed 911 twice. They called back, then texted, and I replied back that all was fine here, how are you? They never showed up. I don't know as if that would actually happen.
  13. Yeah, I was kidding about even pros doing it, I just thought the whole play was comical.
  14. and because yakety sax makes everything better:
  15. I guess it happens even to professionals!