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  1. "Do you need to be ejected?" I think you could say "coach, I understand you're frustrated, but we've got a game to play"
  2. Is it hard locking in at the plate without bones in your legs?
  3. 55 is too cold Still not sure why I still live in the northeastern midwest.
  4. We got a stupid like 9"+ of lake effect this AM. Just did some shoveling, it's light, fluffy and dry at least. I don't have a game for 2 weeks at least. Ugh, and we're supposed to get round 2. FML.
  5. Found this discussion from a guy that knows the guy
  6. I saw this on FB and someone said that they thought maybe it was a blowout and everyone wanted it over, because the coach doesn't seem to react. The discussion was that this is the wrong way though, that he should call her safe, then the coaches would typically tell the player to lead off, they'd get banged for it for the out, but it wouldn't count against their BA/OBP.
  7. I've said something to the coach when working solo and they're yelling "safe" on a play. I can only remember doing it once. I just said to him between innings "hey, I'm the only umpire out here, if the players hear you, they might think that was the call and then it would be a problem" Otherwise, I don't think it's a big deal if someone does it.
  8. How is Razzer's harness with the Force 3 v2? Is it better than the standard F3 harness?
  9. @JimKirk I couldn't get just that - it said it had to weigh more than 0 pounds.
  10. Wish it would've been out a month or so ago when I made an order, now it won't let me order. @JimKirk Is it not possible to do just the visor?
  11. Have you tried getting a lacrosse ball and rolling it? Last spring, solo FR game with a strained knee, pulled the other hammy in T1, worked for a week like that before both heeled
  12. Does it fit v1 or am I getting convinced to upgrade?
  13. Once he's acquired 2nd, it's not a force, it's a tag play. So yes, run scores if before the tag, this would be a timing play.