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  1. I guess Umpires are getting softer just like America, shame. Maybe you're just not calling the levels where the game runs on its own, so you feel the need to always interject yourself into the game.
  2. Sad to see how much you try and over officiate the game. Kid hit a big homerun, let him toss his bat. My gosh. Worry about the things that matter. If the pitcher chooses to hit the kid his next AB then so be it. Baseball is the only game that sorts itself out. Dont worry about stupid stuff.
  3. Dont take the fun out of baseball. Let it be.
  4. #2. Watch infielders toss while F1 throws his 8, put the ball back in play and roll.
  5. If they are not delaying the game, don't worry about it.
  6. E4
  7. Always good to attach a handle to the back of the catchers harness so you can steer him into the ball when he starts not blocking them... so as long as you're close enough to grab that you're good to go
  8. Wow, that is pretty awful. Ironic it is now Kentucky fans complaining about the officiating.. well we can save that discussion for another time
  9. I believe the rule is more geared to prevent the usage of gloves like this by a pitcher, the rule is not made to make a pitcher with a black glove change it.
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  11. A powder-coated silver Wilson DynaLite frame, removing the vinyl dip really lightens it up. $70 Shipped.
  12. Um.. he says it is the nike pads with the Wilson Ti frame.... I'd say the bigger issue is that he wants a starting bid of $210 for a dented Wilson TI
  13. What 'reports' would these be?
  14. Just severely devalued them