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  1. I believe the rule is more geared to prevent the usage of gloves like this by a pitcher, the rule is not made to make a pitcher with a black glove change it.
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  3. A powder-coated silver Wilson DynaLite frame, removing the vinyl dip really lightens it up. $70 Shipped.
  4. Um.. he says it is the nike pads with the Wilson Ti frame.... I'd say the bigger issue is that he wants a starting bid of $210 for a dented Wilson TI
  5. What 'reports' would these be?
  6. Just severely devalued them
  7. nike titanium mask

    No, he is trolling, I will double cross myself when I say, comments on posts for sale should be pertaining to the purchase of the item. The comments should not be used to make a smartass remark towards the original poster. He was simply including the cited information for anyone who did not know what hoops you have to jump through to get a Nike TI. Just because you or him knows that, does not mean me or someone else on this website did. If the comment was necessary for the sale of the item, I can understand that, but that comment did not build or improve anything towards the sale of his frame.
  9. If anyone has one they would be willing to sell let me know! Older or newer, doesnt matter. I also have a 13 in original WVG by Wilson if you wanted to include that somewhere in the deal. Just let me know!
  10. I think that they are leather right? I have not heard of Wilson making their memory foam pads in a brown. I would venture to say it is these..
  11. I think pics would make this a complete post.
  12. I like the look of them, I also think that it was not below freezing at any point, so some super thermal insulated gloves might not have been completely necessary. Just my opinion, I would be interested in them. What gloves do you find more proper? @LittleBlue
  13. @Thunderheads I know for sure one of them was wearing Franklin gloves, but a quick search on their website turned up no other insulated gloves than those. Made me wonder why they would be wearing batting gloves, maybe they just really like the feel.
  14. Are these the gloves that the MLB guys have been wearing during this WS?
  15. Anyone have, or know where I can get these Wilson mask pads?