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  1. I assign all age groups and 95% of my umpires are high school certified. My game range from town ball, travel, and some adult leagues. I'll send you a message on here.
  2. I have my own association, no real name per say. I assign for a few different leagues. Where are you from? Would you be interested in picking up more games?
  3. Glassboro Area
  4. Hello Everyone. I am currently an assignor for 2 little leagues (possibly 3, as I have been recently approached) and many travel teams and I am looking to expand my 52 umpire crew. I am always looking to expand and wanted to put it out there on here to see if anyone from the area would be interested in joining. Please contact me if you are looking to pick up extra games in the South Jersey area.
  5. Can you upload a picture here so I can see it?
  6. Is this still available?
  7. Is this mask still for sale?
  8. I am pretty far south about halfway between AC and Philly.
  9. I am in South Jersey. How about yourself?
  10. Hello Everyone. My name is Anthony, I am 25 years old and have been umping for 8 years. I started out with Little League and then moved to some local travel leagues as well as adult leagues. I am not a high school umpire because I am currently still coaching a high school team. I played D1 college baseball, so I have been around the game my whole life. I currently ump a few games a week and mainly weekends. This year will be my second full year as an assignor as well. I have a group of about 50 umpires that I use to cover two local Little Leagues and many travel teams in the area. I look forward to learning from everyone have reading a lot of good stuff.