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  1. CP under plate coat

    Looking sharp. Love the look!
  2. Field shoe?

    Man, the new NB plate shoe is no joke! Those things are beyond comfortable as well as protective. They're also not bad to look at either.
  3. Field shoe?

    The New Balance 950 V2 works for me. I find them very comfortable.
  4. Do it please, Max!
  5. ISO ... a unique throat guard

    Here's where you can buy the throat guard (SSK Spyder) that Alfonso Marquez wears... http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kz-i/item/10001391/
  6. Champro magnesium question

    @kylejt - I had one of my titanium masks sent off to be powder-coated at Mask-it Sports. If memory serves me correctly, I believe Tony told me when I asked what type of masks he could do that magnesium couldn't be powder-coated because the heat involved would make it explode. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. My "Starter Kit" Strategy... Thoughts?

    Oh my bad. I only saw base shoes in your list. However, when the time comes to get new plate shoes, you will absolutely love the weight and comfort of the V3s!
  8. My "Starter Kit" Strategy... Thoughts?

    @Radie I hear ya. Yes, the hard padding "golf ball" is very protective...just so ya know. But, of course, any piece of equipment you acquire will based on personal preference. I absolutely hate shin guards having a third knee. I never understood the hatred towards buckles. To me, they're easier to get on and off and the Force3's buckles are super tough. Plus, the buckles are always on the outside of your leg and the odds are very slim of taking a shot there. I didn't see plate shoes in your list. Are you planning on getting New Balance to go along with your base shoes?
  9. My "Starter Kit" Strategy... Thoughts?

    @Radie Just out of curiosity, what don't you like about the Force3 shin guards? I personally love that they are low-profile and I don't feel a thing when I get nailed by uncaught pitches.
  10. Hello all - I have these things to sell: LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.
  11. Equipment Bag

    Is that bag anything like the Nike Brasilia 6 duffel?
  12. I got mine a week ago and already have them hemmed and pressed. I wore both the base and the pate pants last night during a scrimmage. Very comfortable and sharp looking. With my OCD, I wish all the guys in my chapter would get these so we can all match. They are a true, dark charcoal that doesn't exactly match with the poly-wools. But, at least, we match better than those guys who refuse to buy anything but heather grey. I still like my poly-wools and will be keeping them for use as back-ups. However, I feel that when I need new pants in the future I will be going with the Smitty "golf-pants". Also, thanks @JimKirk for helping to bring us these pants.
  13. Transaction Experience Thread

    Likewise with @LittleBlue.
  14. Pull overs and Chest Protectors

    Concur about no long sleeve shirts on the bases. And, for the love of God, NO LONG SLEEVES UNDER YOUR SHORT SLEEVES (sorry for the outburst)! I know no one in these forums would do such a thing, but there are guys in my association who do...every...year. Even after hearing our board members strictly forbidding the practice. But I am a high school teacher, so I'm used to people not following directions. The only exception I have to not wearing a jacket behind the plate in when the conditions are drizzly and wet. But then, I wear the Smitty pullover with the open bottom so it tucks in nicely. Plus, it has the pocket on the left chest to keep the line up cards. So, in conclusion: plate = short/long sleeves or plate coat, bases = short sleeves or jacket.
  15. Low-Budget gear

    @Ikasnu - Listen to @MadMax, he'll definitely steer you in the right direction. Also, have you asked any of the guys in your association if they have any extra equipment that they want to get rid of? Sometimes fellow officials wouldn't mind donating equipment to someone who's just getting started. Good luck!