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  1. Update on my previous comments about the pants: I now love them. They give you a nice professional look. I have had other umpires in awe at the slight "shine" they have. My only complaint is that they're a little darker than most other charcoal gray shades, but hopefully others will adopt these pants in the near future.
  2. Not the best picture, but here it is:
  3. I'm currently watching Auburn vs. LSU and the home plate umpire seems to have a tan Team Wendy pad on his chin and a black Team Wendy pad on his forehead. What do you guys think of this? Is it unprofessional? It looks strange to me.
  4. I won't let the umpiring profession down.
  5. Ha! She started off with "great game out there blue" and then I sparked up a conversation about college and the next thing you know I was leaving the field with a phone number.
  6. She was probably watching a younger brother play. She approached me as I was done changing clothes and when I was putting the last of my gear in my trunk. To answer the last question, my only response would be that maybe she could be the first one to fall in that category.
  7. I only shake hands if I happen to cross paths with a coach or player who reaches out and tells me and my partner "good game", etc. on the way to the parking lot. Other than that, I'm gone.
  8. I am in college and the female I was talking to is also in college.
  9. I always do a post-game with my partner, but this game was one-man. I should have mentioned that.
  10. After each game I work, I try and get out of there as quickly as possible, but sometimes other things get in the way... an attractive female happened to approach me at my car while changing and I just HAD to keep a conversation going with her and eventually we exchanged numbers. I hope this does not go against any unwritten rule of umpire etiquette, but I just want to make sure. Good luck the rest of the season, gentlemen.
  11. Just to clarify, I'm in PA and there hasn't been a restriction on throwing the ball around or the removal of courtesy runners.
  12. Two weeks ago in a varsity FED game, the visiting team huddled around the HC and AC before taking the field and I let it go for about 10 seconds until I realized the pitcher and catcher were not warming up, so I went over and told the coaches to break it up and take the field. The coaches both gave me a puzzled look and the AC asked me, "didn't they get rid of speed-up rules this year?". I couldn't believe what I just heard, so I replied with "no, please have your players take the field". He gave me another puzzled look and before he said anything else I said, "I'll charge your team with a defensive conference if your guys don't take the field". He said nothing else to me and then told his players to get out there. No problems the rest of the game. Did I handle this correctly?
  13. I was working a FED game about three weeks ago and I was on the bases. My partner had a particularly loud strike three call and on a called strike two he yelled STRIIIIIIIIKE...... 2. You almost couldn't hear him say 2 because he realized his mistake in the middle of his call and got embarrassed. I gave a him a little thumbs up and we both laughed at one another and the coaches were laughing too. I don't know why, but it's the little things like this that make umpiring so great.
  14. Force3 shins have plastic buckles if you can get used to them. I love them!
  15. Is anyone else not a huge fan of the poly spandex pants? I thought stretchy would be a good idea, but my first few games this year behind the plate have been awkward with the pants. It just doesn't feel right.