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  1. I saw it but not my size
  2. I agree with @Stk004. I have not worn a shirt lighter or more comfortable that the majestic panel shirts
  3. I bought it and it turned out I can no longer fit in a size 36. Unused. $20+shipping
  4. Jordan baker has switched from the all star bucket to the wilson aluminum mask
  5. I'm 17. I'm not very worried about it
  6. Other way around. I'm now a 38
  7. A friend of mine has started a new way to basically have coaches book umpires on their own. Text from my friend: Right now it's just a registration platform for the scheduling website we are launching soon. It's basically an Umpire hiring service that cuts out the assigner. So a coach can directly book umpires.
  8. I got mine from @mbkcoach
  9. Adidas mask spray painted black with tan TW pads, chin guard cut off and a mizuno throat guard.
  10. I have a Nike titanium powder coated gun metal. Used but no dents or sign of use. Frame only for $365 OBO. PM with a phone number or email for pictures
  11. Sold
  12. Wendlestedt is using the all-star
  13. I've seen a few other guys with it as well. I think Nic Lentz has it also
  14. Force3
  15. As did I
  16. I don't agree with that at all. I personally think it's a good idea.
  17. Just an fyi, I didn't pull what I said out of nowhere. That's what Payne told me
  18. Bump
  19. I have 4 shirts and 1 jacket Gray Smitty- L #18 $15 Military Green TOC- L #18 $15 Forest Green Camo TOC- L #18 $15 Gray Camo TOC- XL #9 $15 Navy Blue Majestic convertible jacket- XL $35(SOLD) $80 for all PM for pictures plus shipping for all
  20. I'll buy it off you for $50.
  21. That couldn't be more untrue. I have had a wilson aluminum before and didn't like it. I don't need a new mask as I already have a wilson titanium and a Nike titanium. I just think it could possibly be a good idea and sharing it on an umpire website is the best way to get it out there
  22. Was that game the trinity league? Only league that has BU for JV in so cal is the trinity league
  23. I can't answer those questions. I'm sure when it is launched, it will be figured out
  24. I think it looks kinda cool. I know Jerry Layne did it for years