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  1. Sounds like he's really trying to get back in the game. Good for him
  2. I have sent 1 mask to tony and I'm about to send another
  3. Did he refund the cost of the mask?
  4. I wear two when I know I will recieve 6 or more baseballs.
  5. Sold it
  6. Well, how would a tailor do it?
  7. You should always size up to accommodate for your CP
  8. If I was to make my own plate coat, how would you suggest I go about doing that?
  9. What company makes them for MLB?
  10. Bump
  11. All of the MLB umpires have their same numbers. But why HW didn't have a number on his plate coat, I do not know
  12. That was the second thing I noticed after the mask
  13. I think it's the regular FM 4000
  14. I noticed in the US-Venezuela game Hunter Wendlestedt is wearing an All Star mask. Any thoughts?