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  1. Low profile Wilson TI

    Great condition Wilson low profile TI. Will come with a black honigs harness. PM for pictures. $130 OBO
  2. Mizuno 2QA-122 mask

    That was fast
  3. Navy blue plate coat

    It’s usually around January or February where it gets cold enough. I wore mine last night
  4. Navy blue plate coat

    I’m in SoCal so any time under 65. Say what you want
  5. Navy blue plate coat

    $307 for me.
  6. Navy blue plate coat

    Did you mean the one I’m selling? If so, it’s USA
  7. Navy blue plate coat

    They were extremely professional and helpful as well. I left them a message and Roxanne got back to me in about 30 minutes
  8. Navy blue plate coat

  9. All New equipment NEEDED!

    Those shin guards are the best I’ve had. Worth every penny. You get what you pay for
  10. Navy blue plate coat

    Not sure. Don’t have it yet
  11. Navy blue plate coat

    They aren’t making them. They found some when they shipped everything to denver
  12. All New equipment NEEDED!

    I just like the traditional mask more
  13. All New equipment NEEDED!

    I have a Wilson TI fx nearly brand new. I wore it for a game and didn’t like it. $235 and it’s yours
  14. Navy blue plate coat

    I have a navy blue PlusPos plate coat 50L. Great condition. I don’t need this anymore as I just bought a black one from Honigs. $175 + shipping
  15. Nike Ti Black-Riddell Power-Wilson items-etc

    I have his phone number, he hasn’t answered on that either