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  1. Spray paint the logo
  2. Post the final result
  3. That's why I wanted it. I saw it and right away I knew it was the same as a Nike
  4. Of course you got the reebok. I asked him to do a buy it now and it was gone when I woke up
  5. Probably the most beautiful piece of equipment I've ever seen
  6. From personal testimonials on this site and from talking to people using it. And the custom bucket Cederstrom wore for years
  7. The forehead on the wilson is very weak. Not good at taking direct shots
  8. My adidas is hollow steel.
  9. It's not titanium. It's hollow steel
  10. I meant 5000. Sorry
  11. 1000th? No. 3000th was a few weeks ago
  12. For anyone who wants to see, top of the 9th
  13. It's Stu Scheurwater, so wilson aluminum
  14. Because he hasn't officially retired.
  15. I did not. Just was told they were sold