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  1. That is why I am buying the other colors so I can match my partners...they all have creme and grey that they use for summer travel ball.
  2. Message me with a price...I can remove numbers
  3. where did you get that and what was the cost?
  4. I am looking for Creme, Pink, Maroon, Grey, etc. (Pretty much anything not blue or black)
  5. OK...I say you on FB
  6. I wanted to know what y'all use to keep your hats from getting crushed/flattened in your bag or while traveling.
  7. Still looking
  8. How much?
  9. I saw them but I need 2XL...Thanks for getting back to me.
  10. I am looking to add some variety to my shirt selection for travel ball. If you have some 2XL jerseys (more colors is better) you want to sell let me know. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks...what does it look like and and is it similar to a Diamond harness
  12. I am looking for a harness for my newly acquired mask. The mask came with a MLB harness and I just do not like those so looking to buy another or trade this one for another. Thanks
  13. So no one uses one of the mileage apps that are all over the place to help track mileage?