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  1. Would you be willing to do all three for $40 including shipping to VA
  2. I found the shirt on the site but there is no sizes or way to order
  3. Thank you all for your feedback...with this all said I was hoping to get a Burnt Orange shirt and the USA Shirt but doesn't seem to have the dropdown for them so i guess they are not available. Kind of bummed but thanks for all the help.
  4. i am looking into getting some new shirts from these guys and wanted to see what others experience has been in the past with them. i emailed them over the past weekend with a question and still no reply. Any feedback would be great.
  5. I am looking for most any thing that is different than the ordinary black or blue (but could use a powder blue with black collar). Message me and we can talk
  6. I am still looking for used shirts for this summers state tournament. Let me know.
  7. @gnhbua93 i would take new but I can not afford to pay $120 for shin pads to buy them new from the sites.
  8. I know it is probably the longest shot ever but I thought I would try to find a used set of Force 3 shins the 16.5 inch. If you have some you are willing to part with please message me.
  9. I use the Champion and like it. For the money it is a great protector and after I got a customized CP harness from @Razzer I love it even more.
  10. Looking at the F3 shins and has anyone had problems with the strap clips breaking? If they do break what would be the fix?
  11. Thanks...I should have said this is what I have and am looking to maybe upgrade some or all over the next year. The TW pads are less than 15 games old.
  12. I am looking at upgrading some gear over the next few months but not sure what I should upgrade first. --Rawlings Ti Mask with TW pads --Champion P210 Chest Protector --Champion Sports Single Knee Umpire Leg --NuttyBuddy cup --New Balance MU460 Umpire Plate Shoes
  13. Can anyone help me find this ruling in the partner and I had a discussion about this the other day and I can't seem to find it. OBR and Babe Ruth would be great. We were doing an adult game and they play OBR but we discussed BR too
  14. I always have found Eastbay to be good quality and a fair price.
  15. Thanks for the offer but I should have been more clear...I have plenty of black and blue shirts. I am looking for various color shirts to use for matching partners in travel ball and other umpiring situations. I have nothing against black or blue for umpiring shirts but just want to add more options to my collection.