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    Thought you'd gents would appreciate this. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22835004/inside-mask-umpire-crew-chief-mound-visits-mad-managers-having-your-call-overturned
  2. afaik, if the ball if live and they make an explicit appeal is made, why couldn't it be done while the play evolves, nothing in the rules that I can find to prevent it? it's extraordinarily unlikely to happen
  3. this would be a time play, two runs score, since R1 and R3 would (likely) score before the appeal is made. If R1 had not scored before the appeal is made then one run would score.

    yellow line or not, as stated, over the fence is a round tripper
  5. Interesting, there’s a thread about this play, IMO I didn’t see hinderence, wonder the opinion of the guys here @maven @Jimurray @grayhawk @lawump
  6. Fair or foul ball

    As commented, foul, the feet of the fielder are not relavent.
  7. Interference

    If the plate umpires judgement the contact hindered the catcher’s throw, batter is out, runners return.
  8. Strike Call

    what is the "scissors" for those novices on the board?
  9. I don't get this interpretation

    Gotcha, that was my thought after Maven's reply, thank you.
  10. I don't get this interpretation

    thanks Maven, however, my question as envisioned, which I guess I didn't phrase that well, was "tries to pivot" so you actually don't get a pivot, his plant foot twists and boom on his face.... however I realize it's a judgement call and would have to be seen as it happens
  11. I don't get this interpretation

    So riddle this... makes the tag, shows you the glove, ball still in it, tries to pivot for a throw, trips and ball dislodges on the fall? out or safe?
  12. Bragging a little bit...

  13. Calling a balk for stalling?

    Gotta learn the Jonny Cueto shimmy https://www.mlb.com/video/cueto-shimmies-before-0-1-pitch/c-238805783 just be sure not to stop even for a beat https://www.mlb.com/video/cueto-balks-in-utley/c-798282783
  14. Passing Runner

    Being discussed
  15. Two Batter Interference ?'s

    and the Emmy goes to F2
  16. LLWS 2018

    congrats @maineump that's awesome. I love watching LLWS
  17. Safe or Out

    thanks for the correction and explanation. /\ that's the root of what my question really was, I guess not phrased very well. as PU do you give some indication, I guess you do IF the call is in question by DHC
  18. Safe or Out

    If you're PU, would you under typical situations be in a position to see the tag made? and If you are/were - would you indicate to your partner that you had info to help? Obviously if DHC asks BU to ask for help and he came to you, then you'd give him what you had. TIA
  19. Safe or Out

  20. Does Pitcher Have to Pitch Bottom of 1st

    under LL rules yes, however not under OBR which the OP said was the rule set in effect
  21. The Third Team 2017 WS ??

    @BCBrad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx9A0qTeJ-8&feature=youtu.be
  22. Judge or Altuve ?

    I'd prefer Judge, but it should be Altuve, he had the better season.