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  1. Double play Cubs-Brewers

    terrible slide, if the leg is extended, he may have just gotten it in there.
  2. TCU - NC State balk

    I see the free foot move before the back foot steps off. At 1:07
  3. Looks the 1BC knew the rule and said something there as well.
  4. Out or lodged ball?

    if you had what would you rule?
  5. Out or lodged ball?

    Thanks @maven
  6. Out or lodged ball?

    I cannot find a reference in OBR other than a catcher on a third strike (6.05(b) and 5.09(a) I thought I recalled the rule would dictate this not being a legal catch. https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-pivettas-jersey-catch/c-1839492983
  7. Interesting Time Play

    right click on the video while playing, a dialog box will open, 7 choices appear, one is "copy video url at current time" mouse over to that choice and copy
  8. Interesting Time Play

    Here's the play from the Cubs broadcast https://youtu.be/28n3v10D5L0?t=4446
  9. Interesting Time Play

    there was, at least last night on the telecast. Frankly I didn't watch the whole video I posted as I had saw it live
  10. Interesting Time Play

    IMO, he's pissed at R1, Happ for not sliding, he appears to be giving him the "down" signal to me. I should add, PU, did a good job on the play.
  11. Interesting Time Play

    From the Mets-Cubs game tonight 9-13 R2 and R1 really botched this up https://www.mlb.com/video/lagares-throws-out-happ/c-1830769583 More video on the play
  12. Does the run count

    considering how many games are played across the nation on a weekly basis, who knows how many, 10,000 a week, more?
  13. ALWS

    the guy on the far left in the first pic makes LU look young.
  14. LOL! Damn auto correct. From my reading here, I'd have thought that he would want to rotate to his left to see the tag applied better Gotcha. Live I just didn't get the impression of it being directed at PU so that's why I was a bit surprised.