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  1. AHH, I don't think it is, he commented about the RSS feed in a post the other day.
  2. /\ this is the way I took it watching it yesterday. Gil's been slacking on posting his EJ reports on UE
  3. that's the "Minors" division and lower
  4. he said he did yes, was on his way to the box after one or two pitches when we called him out on the bat, however, this was the second at bat for the kid as well... our kids picked up on it the first time but did not say anything to one of the coaches. I don't fault the PU as with bat rules being different in many divisions , Ump said nothing and was not aware of the consequences in tournament play. the TD called Bristol to get a ruling - once the player and coach were EJ'd I got to stand at first and hear some very kind words from the parents of the other team......
  5. at some levels - player is also EJ for the illegal bat and the HC must be gone as well (LL Majors) we had this happen in the Williamsport District Tourney last year when a player came up against us with a big barrel bat.
  6. I didn't think he would be personally, however, wanted your ultimate expert view, as always, appreciate the insights,
  7. Thank you @maven - so that then since the collision is "not avoidable" if he drops his shoulder and barrels through.....? is the runner out?
  8. great discussion, so based on what I'm gathering in the posts, from the runners stand point, OBR rule set, he'd be expected to adjust his line to slide into fair territory to avoid the catcher? seems to this layman, it would a difficult thing to do based on the timing of F2s move backward to field the thrown ball.
  9. Rich - watch it again, at :50 you can see the ball up in the air, I watched it 3x before I picked up on the ball not being in F2's possession.
  10. common tactic in LL Majors to steal a run
  11. I can't access much video at my office (damn firewalls), however the pitcher is ELI LINGOS, if anyone can search for clips of him.*
  12. I think he may have told you that in regards to women............... @Umpire_ar - I'm not an umpire, however, I could suggest after you notice the issue, still occurring, you can remind him that his lack of hustle and effort will be noted by the coaches and could jeopardize future assignments, which of course would hit him in the wallet... fear and greed too very powerful motivators (in general)
  13. guess I should have looked at his site.. LOL thanks @Richvee
  14. /\ then the bolded would seem to apply
  15. where was F3 when he caught the ball and what did he do immediately after he catches the ball? If you read Maven's post, this sequence is the crux of the ruling