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  1. The Third Team 2017 WS ??

    @BCBrad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx9A0qTeJ-8&feature=youtu.be
  2. Judge or Altuve ?

    I'd prefer Judge, but it should be Altuve, he had the better season.
  3. The Third Team 2017 WS ??

    Isn't it on Youtube? if so you could download it, burn it, show it.
  4. wrong name on lineup card

    shame on the other coach for getting a "W" in such a SH*#ty manner... let the kids play the dang game
  5. "I'm good" - Wegner

    I remember that last night and thought that sounded bad.
  6. Gurriel's action and punishment

    IIRC from when I did the math, he's deal was 4 years at $47M, so yea, the 300K will not affect his lifestyle, but $300K is still a lot of cake to lose for a few seconds of stupidity. I agree Darvish handled it very well, a true gentleman, he gained a lot of respect from a lot of people.
  7. yea, what division? 12U is typically Majors, if it was Intermediate, then it's LLI "Intermediate League" not LL
  8. LL @ 12U doesn't have balks best of my recollection as there's no leading and no way to be deceptive to the runner now maybe an illegal pitch could be called, however, not having my green book at hand I cannot be certain.
  9. Gurriel's action and punishment

    I think the $300K plus loss of salary is a pretty good penalty
  10. Live or Dead Ball???

    Like this?
  11. Obstruction Q

    Thanks Maven
  12. Obstruction Q

    does that mean, once in the glove, it's now fielded and no longer batted?
  13. Relocating due to rain

    not knowing how far 15 mins away is, around here it could be 2 miles or less, so worst case say, 12-15 miles, dude's complaining about $2-3 max in gas money.... even at "milage allowance" it's $6, sheesh, give me a break. Now if he was traveling 25+ miles, ok maybe, then at least you're talking $10-15, so if your game fee is $50-60 then yea, it's a big percentage.
  14. Obstruction Q

    no, he's attempting to make a play on the runner while in possession of the ball. yes, when in possession of the ball and making a play it matters.