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  1. I wonder if it's also a lot more boys playing travel/showcases and not playing legion, seems to be a trend from what I've read
  2. Ms

    The skunk in the outfield huh?
  3. IIRC - there's a rule in the green book about cheering and the start of the pitcher's motion?
  4. LOL Great story
  5. This one?
  6. HR as long as the runner is not "assisted" by anyone in getting to the plate there's no issue., high fives are not assitance
  7. stolen from the other thread
  8. Not that uncommon of a occurrence.
  9. Holiday's eye is not on the ball when it's fielded. Unfortunately the video doesn't pick up Holiday until after F3 starts his throwing motion. to say Holiday was so savy that he knew the base wasn't touched is a stretch, plus with his limited 1B experience, he's probably worked on drills for such 3-6-3 DPs and would think a ball hit near the base that F3 is getting the sure out the speedy Ellsbury and the slow R1
  10. @ :24 Holliday's reasoning
  11. For anyone that cares - Holliday's comments are at :24 seconds - he figured F3 is tagging base and he's not running into a tag
  12. it happened to me on a hotel wireless network Saturday, has not happened on my home or work network yesterday and today