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  1. Also here
  2. Wow! That's just sad.
  3. agreed, however, working the book at the same time and getting clips of the batter as well was a bit of a juggling act.
  4. I didn't have a great angle in real time to see if it was, if I had to say yes or no, I'd lean to yes that both feet were in contact, most of the time, I only grabbed the one video so I don't have other reference evidence.
  5. I know strange doesn't mean illegal, this was a pitcher we faced the other night, I wasn't sure what to make up of his windup position. After reviewing the rules, it seems ok, the umpires seemed ok with it as it was never discussed. Curious on others view.
  6. PU seemed to exhibit a fair amount of leeway before he EJ'd the HC
  7. Ah, I only looked at the quiz No they don't alternate, in LLI, it goes to min playing requirements for a sub, they must have one AB and 6 consecutive defensive outs before being taken out. Once that is completed, they can bat in place of the starter, IIRC. But they must bat only in that same spot.
  8. I didn't se a reference to marriage, however, it's a common practice in LLI for a starter and a substitute to be "married" to each other In the BO
  9. Right, your first view makes more sense after I read the OP and rule again. Thanks NU
  10. was it the first play from the infield or something else? isn't rule 5.06 (b)(4)(5) possibly at work here as well? OP says R1 had already rounded second.
  11. best to you and your family for your brothers speedy recovery. Thank him for his service and sacrifice.