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  1. I remember when I was young and doing that many plate games for a rec team's invitational tourney. It was pure stupidity on my part. It was hot and my strike zone looked like Swiss cheese at the end. Doing stuff like that does not do your reputation any good. After that, I made a rule of doing two games a day (plate and bases). Only in special cases would I do three, one game rest in between and making sure the last game was an evening start. Definately game 3 is not going in the 3-6 pm time slot. There is not enough water/fluids I could drink in a day to make sure I was hydrated enough for more games. Three games is about a 9 hour commitment. My feeling is both teams deserve me at my best. Stay fresh and give them your best.
  2. I am confused? Why would it be bad umpire etiquette to get a woman's number after umpiring a game? Heck there's probably guys out there who have been umpiring for thirty years and would give their nutty buddy to be so lucky. All I can say is, if anyone questions your professionalism, ask them if they like apples.
  3. Thought April Fools was in 12 days.
  4. Ahh come on. All you need is some Team Wendy pads, a Ump Life harness and a Mizuno throat guard. Oh wait, that really isnt honouring the Bill Klems, Amanda Clements and Emmett Ashfords that have gone before us. Love your idea. I have some bow ties in my locker waiting for a game too.
  5. I don't use one, but my local association has them for our younger umpires who cannot afford their own gear. From my experience with showing younger umpires: slip your arms from inside out then under. grab the strap in the middle on the inside and pull CP up under chin. most important keep it tight so to protect your collar bone. that is the biggest worry I have with the younger umpires they let it dangle and expose their collar bone. also, it drives me nuts to see them leave it on the ground between innings and dont use the inside pocket for extra balls. I hope this is a little bit helpful.
  6. Has anyone heard anything more about 2017 edition Carl Childress's Brd (Baseball Rules Differences)? I just noticed his website is now gone and I read in other threads that with his passing, the Wendelstedt press was taking over publishing of the Brd and it would be available in early February. Does this mean that it will be available through the Wendelstedt School's online store, or will it be available from other sources? Before I learned about Carl's passing, I was looking forward to purchasing my first Brd this winter. I'm sad that I did not get to support his hard work and get a copy earlier.
  7. The only difference is that wall would be so Trump could keep all of you (notice not y'all) from immigrating to Canada. Also, na-na-na our Prime Minister has better hair than your President. Back to OP, she's out on Int. BR to 1st. R2 and R3 back to 2nd and 3rd. We have girls/women playing baseball on the West Coast too. Hey even female umpires.
  8. you're above freezing? I'm a little to the north on Vancouver Island and we're freezing our buns off. Below zero (celsius) or somewhere in the low 20s. After two years of el Nino, we may have a snow cap for July.
  9. BT_Blue, I hope these pics help. I took off the bottom straps of the XV leaving only the attached upper padding and centre strap. I used the existing centre strap on the XV and secure the Delta Flex to XV by centreing the top corner of the DF triangle to the base of the XV and doubling back the centre strap into the middle buckle I have sewn on. Then, I secure each of the upper side straps of the DF to the sewn side buckles I have sewn into the upper padding. The double rectangle hoop system is old school but it is secure. For the bottom two straps, I modify like MadMax and take the metal football clasps off the detached XV harness and use them as replacements to the plastic clamps on the DF. Unfortunately, there is not really any college or high school ball around here. I do some high school equivalent and amateur mens levels.
  10. I bought mine this summer from the advice from MadMax. Did my own retro fit for the Delta Flex, using two rectangle hoops on each upper strap sewed into the existing upper harness attached to the cp. I may find a cobbler or leather worker to do something better than the nylon strapping I have now. My experience matches MadMax. It took a few times for the cp to mold to my body, needing my valet (my partner on the bases) to pull my shirt over the cp. Also, need my valet to pull the detachable shoulder pads forward because they would end behind my biceps. Just keep it snug and it will mold to your body. Great cp. took a couple of shots right in the middle and did not even feel it. There is a reason why MadMax is so high on this cp, it is a quality cp.
  11. As a Canadian umpire, I know there are a lot of good quality umpires in Canada, who are dedicated to the vocation. Throwing Baseball Canada and Baseball Alberta's umpire development under the bus shows that you just want to complain without supporting the development of umpires in your community. I cannot not speak for Alberta, but to the west in BC, there are many men and women who have made long-term commitments to others and their own excellence in umpiring. In BC, we have super clinics where we have gotten MLB and AAA umpires come up for a weekend. Two years ago, we had Stu Scheurwater from Regina, a AAA and MLB umpire who is a Wendelstedt instructor come up to Vancouver and he was fantastic. To quote Don Cherry, Stu is "a good Canadian kid." He is proud of his roots and what he learned from Baseball Canada's umpire development program. Given the size of Canada, both geographically and in population, ie. big country, small population, many dedicated umpires are isolated from accessing the wealth of learning and development opportunities our neighbours to the south have. Last year, I bought all the Wendelstedt manuals from the States and when all said and done, they were over $200 Canadian. So what I am hearing from you is that you are an advocate for umpiring development in Alberta and you are thinking about volunteering to work with Baseball Alberta to set up an umpire clinic. I'm sure MidAmUmp could help. If I heard you wrong, then your comments are what undermines umpire development in Canada, too many people thinking they are more knowledgable than the people in blue. The majority of umpires are younger umpires without mentors and advocates, who are being intimated by "daddy coaches" with made up or over-interpreted application of rules. Be an advocate and understand the commitment it takes to be out there in black or blue. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution? As an UIC, I have umpire practices for my community's umpires and give feedback to umpires after their assignments. Also, I do practice on my own doing mechanics and positioning. The day I stop umpiring is the day I will stop learning about umpiring. I think for all umpires this is true. As for the original post, I agree with other posts: Own the call. Your partner is 100 feet away and you are 12 feet away, call it and stick with it. If you keep on second-guessing yourself, you are undermining the quality of your umpiring.
  12. The sawdust in my brain tells me on a balk as soon as a fielder catch a throw from the pitcher or the catcher catches the pitch to the batter (not ball 4), call time and enforce the balk. With an overthrow or wild pitch, the ball was not caught. Wendelstedt rule interpretation manual 6.3.2a II and 6.3.2b II pg. 89, and as per Rich Ives and Wendelstedt 6.3.2 pg. 88
  13. The fun part is the hex pattern bruise. Got a couple this year but not as painful as without one.
  14. Do you mean the lower pad has the funny slot for your chin? I got a Mizuno mask for last year and worked fine. Cannot think of any shot to the noggin last year where I regretted buying it.
  15. I do three things: 1. Make a spray with essential oils and water. I like citrus like grapefruit or lemon. Spray and wipe down equipment after game. 2. Always take equipment out of bag when get home. Leave in open area. Open up shoe bags and stuff shoes with old socks stuffed with cotton balls. 3. At the end of season, let hang equipment outside for a day to get the fresh air. Once smell fresh, then store gear for winter.