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  1. They do.
  2. I have been to the Walsh 3 man clinic in Indy and the Doane 3 man invite clinic in Grand Rapids this year and wore my Prizms at both clinics. No one ever said anything negative about them. Some of the best instructors in the country, so I think someone would have said something if that was something they thought was inappropriate.
  3. Got the Nike Ti mask with the tan Team Wendy's but no black Nike pads as was agreed. I reached out via email and still haven't heard back. We'll see what happens.
  4. Got my tracking number, should be here tomorrow. Very excited.
  5. Mask is being sent out. Family emergency was the cause of delay. No hard feelings. Tracking information is being sent. I think we have a resolution. Just to be fair communication was amazing up until the time of emergency so as long as mask and pads get delivered its water under the bridge. Thanks guys!!!
  6. Friends and family man. That's what everyone uses on here from what I've gathered.
  7. I was thinking this too, but his not providing the tracking number and offering no response is troubling. We are friends on Facebook and have texted a lot before he went dark after last Wednesday. I'm wondering if something has happened to him or if I got scammed. He's been a member here for a while I just want to get my mask and the two sets of pads or my money back. No hard feelings if we get it resolved, I just want what I paid good money for.
  8. No it was never provided. I have asked for an update and the tracking everyday since Wednesday the 1st. No response on here or by his phone number.
  9. Paid for this mask on August 30th and was told it was sent by @UmpNation21 on September 1st by UPS ground. @UmpNation21 has failed to return two phone calls and more than ten text messages requesting the tracking information and an update. Shipped from Georgia to Indiana should have arrived by now.
  10. Yeah very slightly curved the top bar above the eyes. And yes memory foams, I have TWs also and black/gray two tone Wilsons.
  11. It's slight but it's there, I have two buddy's that have the same mask and they look exactly the same. Here's mine, but you can't tell here.
  12. The top vision bar is slightly curved, and not straight across when you look at the mask straight on.
  13. Nice my man. I love my crome moly new view. Got it for a great price from @JoHart10. So does anyone know why Wilson curved the top vision bar on the standard version? Hell I thought mine was bent when I first got it.
  14. Crazy, because my Ti must be a standard then even though it is very similar in depth to my new view chrome moly.