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  1. I agree that we shouldn't umpire a championship game any differently than we would a regular season or rec game. We should give 100% for all games we do, but it's nice to know before hand what we're getting ourselves into. In this case the teams didn't seem to treat it much like a championship game but I could see us getting ready for a run of the mill high school summer league game and then getting snapped back to reality when both teams being more competitive than normal. Again, it wouldn't change how we work the game, but it's nice to know in advance.
  2. Have you ever been assigned a championship game and not known it? I was moved from a 9u to a varsity summer league game. All went well and when the game was over the catcher ran to hung the pitcher and the team celeberated. Seemed odd. As we're walking back to the car a woman says "good job guys, see you next year." I was confused and she said "that was the championship (of that summer league)." I checked Arbiter again to make sure I didn't miss anything but me and my partner confirmed that nothing pointed to this being a championship game. Even the game it didn't play like a championship. Odd to say the least.
  3. If a coach told me to read the rule book he probably wouldn't be long for the game. That's just me though.
  4. I see what you're saying and you're right about a pickoff. OP said that F1 leaned in for a sign, took the ball out of his glove, put it behind his back and then came set. The hands coming together the breaking before coming set is where I'm balking this.
  5. Anyone know when Wilson's exclusive contract with MLB umpires ends? As has been said here time and again they don't care about advancement in protection nearly as much as they do their bottom line. I figure that with Joe West partnering with them on the West Vest, it wouldn't end soon, but I was curious. Also wondering if Force 3 could ever take over as the official gear supplier in the future. Wouldn't that be the day.
  6. Mysterious lol
  7. In all the tourneys that I've worked, I don't think any have had any explicit penalties for stalling aside from saying that it's unsportsmanlike. In some of those same tourneys there were rules that said a team would be disqualified or told not to return if they committed multiple unsportsmanlike acts. Even when I know a team is stalling or when an opposing coach complains to a TD I've never seen anything done about it. I've never even seen a team told they wouldn't be welcome back. That being said, it seems most coaches stop stalling (or at least make it less obvious) when they are called on it early in a tourney.
  8. Balk. Even if he started to bring his hands together and stopped, that's a balk. He has to come set and then step off if he wants to take the ball out of his glove without pitching.
  9. Why would this be the case? So they're not going to let a guy work in MLB because he wears a bucket? Unless they know more than us, it seems odd that they would require that.
  10. Pics?
  11. I have a Wilson gold and charcoal that I don't use.
  12. The field was located in the back of a church and it was really tight. He could have been in the parking lot too and would have been maybe 15 feet from the field. Down the first base line was mostly trees and not much space in foul territory or dead ball area. Down thto third base line was the parking lot right on top of the field. Just a really bad set up if you ask me. Can't really say I ever want to work there again.
  13. This. I did a sub varsity summer game where both pitchers had a lot of trouble with balks. Coaches kept asking me to show him what he did and I explained the best I could but I wouldn't get on the rubber and physically show him. Coach said his pitcher needed to see it done. Sorry coach.
  14. @tpatience if this is the case do you get to stay on site? I remember when I went all the guys in the barracks had teams and it seemed the local guys had their own assigner and didn't work with us.