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  1. I'm definitely considering it after having to go to the hospital last year as a result of dehydration and heat exhaustion while working 4 plates on 98°/80% humidity weather with the WVG on. I need something lighter that can breathe, but can also take a shot. The F3v2 looks like it might be an answer.
  2. Before we start, let me say, I don't know what I was thinking accepting a middle school softball game, but I guess I made my own bed. Bases loaded, no outs. Infield in. Ball is hit and drops just on the lip of the outfield grass. Let me tell you there is no such thing as ordinary effort in this game. I could toss a ball to the pitcher and it might be an adventure. Anyway, no IFF call. R1 freezes and get forced it at 2nd. BR thinks she's out and gets forced out at 1st. R2 and R3 stay put so no runs score and we get 2 outs on the play. Defensive coach starts saying "that's infield fly, blue! Why isn't that infield fly?" I just said "no ordinary effort coach." She replied "what's that mean? It's bases loaded, it's automatically infield fly." At this point it dawns on me, why is the defensive coach arguing for me to call IFF if the no-call worked out better for them? Coach drops the arguement and we play on....and on and on and on (27-18 final). She comes up to me an inning later and asks what ordinary effort means. I tell her and she's satisfied with the answer, but still thinks I should have called it. She then said "I know it worked out for us, but I like to play the game fair." I'm like "good, good. That's a good thing to teach the girls" while in the back of my mind I'm like "just take the benefit of the call and move on because lord knows there are going to be more calls that go against you team." Anyway, just though I would share the odd argument I had yesterday. Would there be any reason for a defensive coach to argue for IFF in this case? The funny thing is the offensive coach said it was the right call and that F4 had no shot to catch the ball. Must be in some backwards dimension again.
  3. Didn't Dale Scott do this too but with a tan pad on the bottom and a two tone on the top?
  4. Ok so yeah, clearly I messed up in stating the rule. I definitely means LESS than 5 feet. Also completely forgot I made this thread, so there's that. So after reading through the responses I basically get that this is just our judgement. If F1 goes too close to the pitchers plate, balk him.
  5. Not sure if this is being discussed, but if so, please direct me appropriately. In the article Gil says that the FED rule for the hidden ball trick is that the pitcher can't be more than 5 feet from the pitchers plate. My question is how do we apply this rule and this distance? Do we use the dirt mount as a guide or do we try our best to approximate 5 feet?
  6. Wow! Stay warm!
  7. If BR is turning to run to 2B and then gets hit by F4, yeah, I would have OBS. If he isn't hindered because he didn't intend to go to 2B, I wouldn't have OBS.
  8. If a coach comes out to talk with my partner about a call and isn't happy with it, I'm probably choosing a different time to address the tobacco. He's only going to feel more mad and now he has an easy target in you. You gave him an excuse, even though you were justified, and he took it to take a jab at you.
  9. I always use the catcher in this situation. He is always going to make or break the game for you. If the pitcher doesn't respond or gets worse, dump him. It's more than likely that no one ever told him the right way to act out there and no one has tossed him for his behavior, so in a sense you're going to be doing him a favor.
  10. Those kind of games give me recurring nightmares.
  11. It certainly was a dark couple of days. Glad to have the site back!
  12. Best: mechanics/knowing where to be and when. Worst: tag plays at 2B on steals. I think I'm just getting into my own head with these calls because I just have such a hard time getting them right. That said, tag plays at home or anywhere else are normal.
  13. Didn't know that. Granted I don't do many games that follow LL rules. I was always taught if I called it foul, it's foul and we have to move on.
  14. Hopefully it would lead to some of the good old boys dusting off the rule book. One can hope.
  15. I'm pretty sure that once the ball is ruled foul that it can't be changed to fair. PU basically has to live with the call and slow down when making a call next time.