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  1. I had to get the powder blue for a random variety state softball game even though I've probably worked about 8 JV and F softball games in 3 years (only took the classes to fill out my schedule a bit). Go figure. I think I wore black for HS about 3 times last year. As for other ball outside of HS, I wore black almost exclusively.
  2. We have a new patch that is put on the jackets and pullovers so I'd have to buy new ones too at a steep mark up.
  3. I could have sworn that NJ was supposed to be the same way but then they made us buy these $55 Clif Keen shirts with a dye sublimated logo (kill me) and guess what? They come in navy too so guys buy the navy and the powder blue like they always have and nothing changes.
  4. Man I wish the guys around here would just grow up and buy the black shirts. Way too many guys default to navy. I wear black every chance I get but with high school it's still mostly navy
  5. Thanks I was just wondering cause I've heard guys that I've worked with say if PU wears short sleeves then BU should wear them and that if BU wears a jacket then PU should have long sleeves. Didn't know if that was a hard and fast rule or just opinions. Definitely agree on the BU's matching each other. Luckily all the 3 man I work is in the summer so it's not that hard to match (except for that one guy who wears softball light blue and we all wear the MLB blue but that's a rant for another time).
  6. There's been an awful lot of spring training ejections this year. Should be an interesting season to come.
  7. Hey guys, quick question: if I'm on the plate and I wear a short sleeve shirt does it look bad if my partner is bundled up with a jacket, ear muffs and gloves? Temp is going to be 55ish at game time. I can't wear a heavy jacket/pullover in that. Should I suck it up and sweat or would it be fine for me to go short sleeve and him heavy jacket? Note: it's a preseason scrimmage so it's not the end of the world but I still wants us to look professional out there. Yes I'm nitpicky, I know!
  8. They said they sent a 6 man crew to South Korea and they just put 4 of the 6 on each game. Don't know how the rotate though.
  9. I have too many masks to know what to do with, a WV Gold and a System 7 chest protector, and Wilson Platinum shins. Do what works best for you. If you're not comfortable and if you don't trust your equipment, you're not going to be able to lock in.
  10. I got a low profile Wilson titanium. Would you wait until next week when I get paid?
  11. Welcome!
  12. I have a ziplock bad that I keep all my odds and ends in. I usually have quite a few pens, some score cards that I use when the league doesn't provide one, back up indicators, might sound weird but a back up mask harness, some mild first aid stuff, rule books, a small note book to note miles driven and separate bag to keep leftover lineup cards. Aside from that, I have a separate bag that I carry some on the go cleaning supplies for back to back games or days where I might have a championship game at the end of the day and I want to look good after working 3-4 games leading up to it. Finally I usually have a plastic shopping bag with extra undershirts (such a lifesaver after a game on a hot day) and some deodorant.
  13. To go with what @maineump said, when standing up after calling a pitch, I usually step back with my front foot and that creates the separation from me and F2.
  14. +1 I had the 3N2's for the second half of last season as my NB's came apart at the metatarsal plate. While I liked the light weight, I didn't think they offered good protection. The toe is made of some composite material that isn't as good as the steel toe in the NB's, which means you feel any foul ball quite a bit. In the fall I do a lot of men's rec on weekends and I can say I felt shots to my shoes that I didn't with the NB's. Also, the metatarsal plate on the NB's covers more of the sides of your food whereas the 3N2's don't. I also took a few shots to the side of the shoes and man oh man they didn't feel good. As a beginner shoe for guys who do rec up to 12u, they're fine, but for any upper level HS or college, like you are doing,I'd definitely go with the NB's as the 3N2's will not offer you adaquate protection.
  15. Are you saying that the change in wording is going to make it more likely that F2 brings his arm all the way back when there is no chance to retire a runner to draw an umpire INT call so the runner gets sent back? Are your further saying that the change in wording is going to essentially corrupt the minds of the youth F2's and teach them that it's better to draw a call than to play fairly? If that is what you're saying I think it's a bit of a stretch because the way I read the rules is that the clarification is that the umpire no longer has to "move" and he can hinder the catcher in anything he does. What that means is that the umpire can do anything to hinder the catcher (such as set up too close), not just inadvertently move. That being said, if the catcher tries to draw an INT call there is no way I'm giving it to him if I know he did it intentionally. If that's not what you're getting at can you please clarify.