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  1. If we're going to go with the physics jokes... An electron is driving his car down the road and gets pulled over. The cop says "Did you know you were going 90 miles an hour?" The electron says "Crap. Now I don't know where I am."
  2. In engineering school, they taught us the phrase "I'm not 'lazy', I'm 'efficient'."
  3. What about in OBR? I was doing a USSSA (OBR with modifications) tourney this weekend and had a 14u pitcher who was licking his hand and sometimes-wiping-it-off sometimes-not. I'm sure he wasn't doing it maliciously (or, for that matter, even consciously). Between innings I told his coach I wasn't calling it a balk because I wasn't sure it was, but that I knew it was in high school "for coaching purposes".
  4. Pfft. Behind a sweaty catcher? Who would ever notice?
  5. Oh, I knew what you meant. But that's not nearly as much fun.
  6. Welcome!
  7. What? Both catcher and umpire with the eyes closed?
  8. On the first, I think my response would be "Coach, I call exactly what I see. No more no less." On the second, a post-game ejection would be appropriate if there was more playing to be done. If not (and looking at this now from a relaxed perspective - not sure I would be able to come up with this on the spot): "OK. I'm sorry you feel that way."
  9. OK, you've got me here. I'm stumped. As far as "the boys" go, I'd stick with the Nutty Buddy. Easily the most comfortable for wearing, especially on those long days, and as everybody else here has said, great on protection, too. And I'll second (or 3rd, 4th, whatever) the F3 shins. A couple of weeks ago at a tourney I had an inside pitch come in and I heard a noise that my brain was trying to interpret - bat wasn't swung, too far away from the batter to be a HBP, didn't sound like a catcher's glove. Then I realized it hit my shin guards.
  10. I see what you did there.
  11. Just this last weekend, I was working a youth tournament and we were running behind schedule, so I was rushed. Got out, did the plate meeting, pitcher threw his warm-ups, I took my position behind the plate and said "Time!". Something wasn't right. And then they had to wait a couple of minutes for me to run back up and put on my chest protector.
  12. I've seen (youth levels), where a batter didn't begin to swing until the ball was in the catcher's glove. Yet, in my judgment, it was a legitimate attempt to hit the ball. I've called those strikes even though technically "there is no pitch at the time of the swing" in that case. I've also had pitches float way outside, and the batter, while the pitch is still in the air, relax and let the barrel of the bat fall through the strike zone. In those cases, I have called those pitches balls. This one is slightly different in that the batter doesn't just let the bat fall. I would still be inclined to call it a ball under the same theory that a bunt held perfectly still on a bad pitch is not an attempt. It wasn't an attempt to hit the ball.
  13. Not yet, but only because we haven't had any really hot tournaments yet this year (just bought the CP this spring). It feels like it will hold up well under such conditions.
  14. Just to make sure I understand... I'm saying they put the bat out front like they're going to bunt while the pitcher is in his windup. Then just before he throws, the batter pulls the bat back and then gives it a full swing. Right? I see that fairly frequently. It seems to be a tactic not to entice the fielders in, but to disconcert the pitcher (though the former could certainly happen, too).
  15. I do quite a bit of USSSA. I see the "fake bunt" quite frequently. So, no it's not illegal. Your individual tournament may have their own rules, though.