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  1. Have it. Love it. Any specific questions?
  2. I'm driving approximately 75 miles to go from my house at 99% totality to my in-laws at 100%. I've been excited for this for at least 7 years when I found out about it. The sheriff said their county normally has about 5k residents (yeah, it's rural) but they're expecting over 35k visitors and to expect to not have any gas in the stations nor food at the restaurants.
  3. I've not had this problem (dryer gets them wrinkle-free for me), but if I did, I'd get a steamer.
  4. I saw a couple of my own on vacation last week.
  5. My father was in Vietnam. I knew he had a purple heart and didn't want to talk much about his service. Last year he had a reunion with his unit. That's when I found out he was a Ranger - they all were and he'd never mentioned it.
  6. I see them a lot. Don't use them myself. For me, sunflower seeds are exclusively the realm of driving late at night to keep the brain awake trying to figure out how to get that tiny little seed out of the shell.
  7. Quality of Call = No In other words, the call which the ejected person(s) were complaining about was a bad call.
  8. Since a lot of people have liked what I've said, I would like to put this out there... I'm not throwing Davis under the bus. I made it clear that I don't work that level of ball, and I never will. I was trying to say that I don't know what the situation is. I was just commenting what my reaction was based on a 30-second-ish clip. Please don't take my reaction as any disrespect for Mr. Davis or anybody else.
  9. Thanks, I was looking through all the link, picture, and attachment options, and had even tried pasting the link and waiting (without hitting the spacebar). I fixed it now.
  10. I haven't heard that particular term, but I think you're on the right track. Being an IT guy, I see the same things you do, and as someone who can speak English as well as geek, it frustrates me.
  11. Not that I have to worry about having movable on-deck circles (heck, most of the fields I'm working on I'm lucky to even have an on-deck circle marked), but I have to think my reaction to this would be to laugh and then tell him to put it back and stay in it. Now if he refuses that...
  12. When I saw "Right Field", I was really hoping it was this:
  13. And ours is lower yet (disclaimer: the image shown is equal to the most I've been paid for a varsity game, most are $50/game).
  14. 4:00 is not an unusual start time in Kansas. I, fortunately, have an understanding boss.
  15. It's not just the coaches. One of my own assigners brought this up as "fact" in a newbie training-session. I called him out on it (perhaps I should have been more subtle, but that's never been my specialty). I still don't think I completely convinced him, though.