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  1. kylejt added a post in a topic Best CP for Shoulder Protection?   

    I'll speak for just myself, but my padding, not matter the maker, needs a good scrubbing once a month. After a dozen years, mine would either be walking around by themselves, or petrified solid with salt. And no doubt smell like a Yeti.
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  2. kylejt added a post in a topic Poly Wools   

    With my Honig's/Hardwick polywools, I have some I machine wash and hang dry, and ones that go to the dry cleaners. I've been doing this for around 5 years.
    Over time, the washed ones are starting to show wear on the insides. The material is starting to fray a bit, and pocket material is "pilling".
    Now, balancing the convenience of washing them, and seeing that on the outside there's really no difference, I'd consider washing them worth the dough. The dry cleaned pants look really sharp, and the washed ones look about 90% with a good iron job. Plus, nobody can tell but me.
    Always remember that most of this is just a fashion show for other umpires. Players, coaches, fans, etc. don't notice, or couldn't care less if our shirts match, much less what pants we're wearing.
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  3. kylejt added a post in a topic 2016 new balance base shoes   

    I've always had a pair of mesh, all black Nike running shoes, for really hot days. No need to suffer needlessly out there. Looks like I'll get to swap them out for those NB mids. Yeah, they're harder to clean the dust off of, but they'll be great for Saturday day games, and have a week to dry out after a wash.
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  4. kylejt added a post in a topic Cooperstown Dreams Park   

  5. kylejt added a post in a topic Wilson Shock helmet question   

    p.s. nice stance.
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  6. kylejt added a post in a topic Wilson Shock helmet question   

    Wilson recognizes the weak spot in their design, but fails to fix it. Fabulous. Get hit in the forehead, and it's just some plastic and weak padding. Far less than your traditional mask with TW pads. No thanks. I want this one. 
    I guess marketing this one would be admitting they have a problem. A couple of extra bars would make all the difference in protection, but no............ 

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  7. kylejt added a post in a topic HBP?   

    It's gotta be SOMETHING, though. If you have a runner stealing, and the batter grabs the pitch, we have to figure out something. 
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  8. kylejt added a topic in Umpire Equipment   

    Wilson Shock helmet question
    There's an MLB umpire(sorry, not a groupie) that wears a Wilson Shock helmet that has a cage that extends to the forehead. Since this is the Achilles heal of the helmet, you'd think Wilson would market it. But I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? I'd buy one or two for our Junior umpires, because they're still learning NOT to turn their heads. 
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  9. kylejt added a post in a topic   

    Any unique equipment or clothing? Something nobody else carries? 
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  10. kylejt added a post in a topic Honig's frame   

    Probably the same frame. It's one they've been selling for several years.
    It's the standard frame they've been selling for years. But it's the size difference that really struck me. For me, it mask the pads just fit face so much better. We've all thought masks were one-size-fits-all, and that just ain't true.
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  11. kylejt added a topic in Umpire Equipment   

    Honig's frame
    I picked up a Honig's frame somewhere along the line, and it's been sitting for a while. I picked it up once, and it seemed a bit hefty, and that was that.
    Last week I put it side by side to a light weight Diamond, and discovered the Honig's was quite a bit larger, both longer and wider.  I dropped in some TW pads and found this thing FITS completely different than any other frame I've had. The pads mate up to my face just perfectly. I wore in a game today, trading it out with a couple of other ones in between inning, and just love the fit. It's a little bit heavier than the others, but not by much.
    Has anyone else notice the difference in size and fit of other frames? Seem like all my others were pretty much the same, until this Honig's came along.
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  12. kylejt added a post in a topic Decisions decisions   

    In San Diego, for me, below 55. The TW pads will need some massaging below that.
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  13. kylejt added a post in a topic Decisions decisions   

    I respect those in the colder climates that don't care for the TW pads. I live in San Diego, and sometimes have to warm them up on "cold" nights, to get them pliable. I can't imagine how solid they would be north of here. 
    I have a Champro mag, and just by the pictures, the coating on mine looks much thicker. I don't know if that's good, or not. Reduced visibility vs. more "padding". 
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  14. kylejt added a post in a topic Decisions decisions   

    1. I like the TW pads, Some really like the Wilson memory foam. The wraparounds never fit my face right. Everyone's face is different, so you'll need to find what fits yours. The padding may be great, but if it doesn't fit, they're worthless.
    2. That mask might be available from Ump-Attire,com. 
    3. +POS sells a magnesium framed rig, and claim the frames weighs 14.4 oz.. That would make it the lightest out there . I've got an email in to them asking if they'd sell just the frame. We'll see if they respond. 
    4. Check the availability before you purchase. Ask how long it will take to get to you. Wait for a response before you send any $. That goes for the rest of you mugs, buying something from any website you've not done business with before. 
    5. Honig's used to sell a lightweight, silver framed mask, pre-loaded with Team Wendy pads, for around $75. But their website has been jacked up for a few months now, with lots of missing items they've stocked in the past. They may be worth a call. 
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  15. kylejt added a post in a topic Nike Ti up for a trade   

    HA! I gave that Schutt to a newbie MiLB umpire, for a backup rig at the start of this season.
    It's funny how things, and prices of what we think are the coolest things on Earth change. I'd bet I couldn't get $30 bucks for that  ol' SUL now. And the latest +POS magnesium is now the lightest mask on the market.
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