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  1. Dale Scott and tom hallion

    I've never cared for any version of light blue shirts. I would like a long sleeved, light colored shirt option for day games, just to keep the sun off my arms. Too many years of exposure are going to catch up, at some point. I'm finding myself wearing either white long sleeved shirts, or white compression sleeves on the golf course.
  2. Force3 Meeting with

    White pockets were one of the ways to tell Honig's polywool pants from Hardwicks. I'm afraid the day of really high quality pants are over, and the price of those old drawers will do nothing but go up, Well, until the MLB makes a radical change to their uniforms. OR, some company finally figures out who their biggest potential customer is (Little League umpires), partners with Williamsport, and designs their own, unique uniform. Jim, you HAVE to make this happen.
  3. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    No, that's a good thing. We need to know how they'll get dirty, and what we'll need to clean, like that mesh side panel. That'll be a bitch.
  4. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    Think another real problem is total sales. I'll bet NB sells more lime green, size 4.5 ladies running shoes than the all the umpire shoes combined. Honestly, we're just a blip in their marketing meetings. What they do get is brand recognition on TV, by all the MLB guys (who don't have a choice what shoes they wear) sporting them. Thus, the goofy white N on the sides of their space boots. I think most of you forget how ground breaking the 450 was. Yeah, it was awful to look at. We were all wearing either the Gerry Davis patent leather, or the +POS low tops at time, the two prettiest shoes ever made. But the NB shaved a TON of weight off, added soles that actually flexed, and gave the ability to actually run. That was a huge break through. Were they perfect? Hardly. I know a bunch of guys that had their flaps tear off. Those laces were always busting, and the soles loaded with mud that was hard to release. But I've still guy my original pair, folks. I've always used a leather cleaner and conditioner on them, so they didn't crack or dry out, and removed, washed or replaced the insoles regularly. Gone are the original laces, and the soles are getting pretty worn down, but the uppers have lasted a very long time. My 460s, on the other hand, just don't get much use. First thing I didn't care for was the plate. They made a nice 90 degree angle up front, to catch baseballs. Every get a ball right to the sole of your shoe, near your big toe? The ball actually drives the shoe backwards, as your feet get jammed forwards. That 90 degree snout increases the likelyhood of those types of shots. I'm glad to see the prototypes go back to more of a ramp. My 460's also, to me, are hot as hell. My socks are usually dripping after a game, where that's not the case with the older ones. Maybe it's the higher tops, that don't allow for the ventilation. I wear Bauer hockey official shin guards, as they mate up perfectly with my 450's. I've got Wilson platinums in my Plan B bag, with my 460's. Yeah, I do give up some ankle protection, I'll grant you that. Comfort and mobility come at a cost. But, I'd be using a raft if I wanted total protection, so everything's a trade off. I think we should be thankful that NB makes ANY sort of umpire shoe. If they didn't, we'd be stuck wearing some off brand garbage.
  5. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    Oh, the old +POS are rather unathletic looking and performing, but so are our wool hats, wool pants, wide glossy belts and creased hats. I'm just saying the running shoes, with the white soles, don't match monkey suits we're forced to wear now. At some point, someone will wake up and design an athletic uniform for us umpires. Probably happen right after I retire.
  6. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    It's hard to tell, but are your ankle bones covered, or not?
  7. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    Is it real leather, like the 450's, or that plastic crap they used on the 460's? I do like the shape of this prototype. High in the front, and has the 450 style notch in the back for your Achilles. I find it funny they put a logo on the plate, as your plate pants will cover it. The mesh on the sides may be a great idea, but we all know that will collect dirt, and is a bitch to clean. Better to have perforated LEATHER, instead. How 'bout a picture of the soles, please? And thank you for sharing those pictures. I agree that the ol' +POS low top oxfords are still the best looking plate shoes ever made. I did love the routine of Parade Glossing them before a game, too. I don't feel the same passion, or need to do the same with newer shoes. I still have a pair for working 4/6 man, where I don't need to bust out very often.
  8. Big sale at Honigs

    I think the Honig's frame, and Team Wendy pads, for $65, is a great deal. That frame is just a little bit wider than most others, and fits my face great.
  9. This is why this forum is needed!

    So what this tells me is decent umpires, with proper training and judgement should be making a lot more than $45/55.
  10. This is why this forum is needed!

    Time for you to volunteer. Looks like they need someone who knows a thing or two. LL has tons of resources, including nearly free one week camps at most Regionals. and in WP. The one-weeks out West maybe second only to Pro camps in FL. My local brings in MLB and MiLB guys in the off-season. WP has put together some decent on-line info. I know my DUIC works his tail off helping local guys get better. It just takes some effort.
  11. Mask Harness

    I like the Wilson MLB harness.
  12. Nike Ti

    It's just like I'd like to have the new Ford GT, but I'm unwilling to pay the $400K+ the divorce costs for it.
  13. Ebay finds

    I've got a pair of old (but in great shape) +POS low tops, and Gerry Davis Patent leather low tops. Reserved only for four man special occasions. The +POS, IMO, are still the best looking plate shoes ever produced, and the most durable. But they're just so freaking heavy, compared to NB or Reebok. For masks, I've had most, but like how the shape of the Honig's fits my face. Every face is different, yet nobody ever talks about fit. It's all about a couple of grams one way or the other.
  14. I think the protest committee has three choices (that's IF the protesting team lost the game). 1. Ignore it. 2. Resume the game at the point the pitcher re-entered them game. 3. Forfeit. Then the BoD would have to weigh in on what sort of punitive action needs to be taken, if any. If it was an honest mistake, just some education is in order. If the manager was trying get over on a rookie umpire, then some harsher penalties are in order.
  15. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    I'd wear them, Jim. I was given a bunch of Honig's MiLB shirts, with the MiLB logo on the back, for my Junior umpire program. No problem. I was a bicycle road racer for many years. And while you can buy bike jerseys of all the famous teams, and World and national champions jerseys, "real" racers would never don a shirt that he didn't earn. I see this as being similar. I wouldn't wear a fully logo'ed MLB shirt/jacket/hat, because I'm close to some MiLB guys who'd probably frown on it. But small logos, like nearly every umpire has on their shoes, masks, etc., no problem.