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  1. A Carlucci sold on eBay for $500 not that long ago. Just sayin'.
  2. I don't see the +POS scrapper plate brushes, either. Dang. I wonder what happened to that relationship.
  3. R3 was stealing on the pitch. There was a weak swing-'n-a-missed, followed by R3 blindly running to the plate. What the Hell, Mr. Coach? I do like how the hobo behind the plate seems to make the catcher go tell the runner "sorry".
  4. And nobody is questioning the 3rd base coach for sending this kid to his doom? Yeah, and there's one FB post that blames the umpire. Gotta love it.
  5. Not eBay, but Craigslist this afternoon. West Vest Umpire Chest Protector - $10 (Encinitas) Yup, a very slightly used, if at all, L/XL Gold. Listed for 15 minutes, just 15 minutes from my house, He even tossed in a brush and indicator. My Junior umpires are truly the best equipt around. Two Golds, one champion P220, an All Star S7, and a Douglas/WV.
  6. First, I'm no fan of the zero communication rule. We had a case where a local tyrant actually ejected a manager for talking to his grandmother a full 1/2 hour before a game. It's just stupid how some local folks take this waaaaaaay too far. IMO, the rule was to keep the participants in the dugout, and on the field. And to keep them from inciting the crowd. The bonus for the coaches and manager is that it keeps the parents off their back. That's the selling point to the manager. "Sorry Mom, we're not allow to talk about your son's playing time during the game". I've been to some districts that allow a team scorekeeper outside the fence, and some that do not. So it is a regional thing. My local, because we prepare our coaches for post season play beyond our district, doesn't allow the coaches to communicate game stuff outside the fences ( Like "Who should be up?", or "did they bat out of order?"). Saying "HI!" to the wife won't get you the boot, though.
  7. The retrofits jumped in price beeeeecccccaaaaauuuuussssseeeee TW doesn't do that any more. Kinda like a Riddell. No way that Riddell's command the price they do. But they do. You'll soon see the Honig's polywools, pre-2016, do the same, I'll bet. Supply and demand, folks.
  8. The standard vs. the wraparound is a matter of fit, as everyone's face is different. In cooler weather (I live in San Diego), I always massage the TW before a game to loosen/warm them up.
  9. Or, have one of the coaches in the dugout keep a book.
  10. I filled the holes with Bondo, sanded with 400, and shot the plates flat black. It turned out okay.
  11. Let's clear this up, shall we? There is one official scorekeeper for the game. If a team is keeping a book, as they should, it has to be by one of the three coaches within the dugout. "..address or mingle..." is about the players and coaches talking to the folks outside the fences. Here's the big one, that many experienced LL guys fail on. Spectators, including anyone keeping a book, can shout in things to the field. Like "Appeal at first", "He missed the plate", or "that's batting out of order, Skipper". Nothing wrong with that. That's neither addressing or mingling on the players/coaches part. So, the manager can't asking anyone outside the fences about batting out of order, but the folks outside can certainly let him know. Classic situation: 2001 game in Williamsport. The Bronx vs. Oceanside, CA, on ESPN. R1 misses second base, but no one the park notices. Instant replay showes the miss on TV, and cell phones in the park start ringing from calls from 3000 miles away. The CA fans start shouting "He missed second! Appeal it!". They do, but U2 missed it, too, and the runner went on to score the only run of the game.
  12. Once loaded with decent pads, a harness and a throat protector, the difference in weight between the hollow tube steel frames and the Ti or Al rigs is really not that much. I've been going with a Honig's frame lately, as it's a bit wider, and resulting shape lends it to fitting my face better than any other frame. I get more pad contact to my jaw and forehead, because it fits my noggin better. Everyone like to have a rig that's a few grams lighter, of course. But no one ever talks about fit.
  13. A. They get them for free. B. They're quite strong. C. They're fairly light. Not Ti light, but not really that heavy. D. Good vision. E. Good shape, as long they're not the New View pancake.
  14. I notice he's not sporting a Davishield.
  15. Man, it's really hard to tell. I've been waiting for a padding update to the Wilson products for 15 years. And all we got was the less than worthless Davishield. Thanks Gerry. IMO, even if someone comes out with a better solution, the TW will carry the cool factor for quite some time. One, because it works. And two, because you can't get them any more. I've got a Riddell in my closet right now. Honestly, it's not the best overall protector, but it's still the Holy Grail of umpire gear. If the Platinum is the larger size, I'd say close to $350. You'd have to find the right buyer, or two of 'em if you go to eBay.