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  1. I've got at least one backup of every piece of gear I own. Overkill? Probably. If I've got to do a few games per day, I like to put on fresh everything, and not put on sweaty plate gear. That's just nasty. So, I'd say keep it, and re-evaluate with you've used at the end of the season.
  2. I get that. I've avoided anything "Smitty", because that's umpire slang for ol' dumbass. But with these new pants, I've given in.
  3. "Hi Justin. The titanium mask is approximately 6.7 oz. with all of its components. Have a great day!" That should be your red alert! The lightest complete rig I've ever heard of was the Champro Mag, at 15.5 oz. And that was with worthless pads.
  4. If you do some digging on Chinese websites (Alibaba, etc.) you can order Ti masks in big lots. Pretty dang cheap, too. And they're probably coming out of the same places the "big" name makers are contracting through, just shipping out a different door. But, are they trustworthy, for something protecting your brain and eyesight? You be the judge. I do know they also sell a ton of fake stuff that are quite substandard.
  5. I found that out the first time I took my Platinum to the pawn shop.
  6. I had a Schutt Comfort Lite that was just as light. I gave that to one of my former Junior umpires for a backup, as he was starting his MiLB career. I believe those are hollow steel, yes?
  7. Yikes! I'd better grab a couple on the open market, before they're all dried up. Love that frame, as it's sooooo light, and fits me well. I can live with the plastic coating, and will remember not to put mine in the oven (or trunk, here in San Diego). Thanks for the info, everyone.
  8. Remember when this was one of the Holy Grails of umpire gear? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
  9. At what point do the officials put their foot down? They do know they're in short supply, right? How 'bout supplying patches, and let umpires decide what to wear? Or at least give them a list of approved colors, designs. Yeah, someone is getting their pockets lined, no doubt. Here's my theory, as I've seen this born out in other groups I'm involved with: HS officials seem to be an older group. Mostly retired folks. Hence, they're not as likely to be hooked up to social media, and don't communicate with others outside their immediate area. If this were a group of twenty somethings, they'd be banded together pretty quickly, and making some changes.
  10. 1. Because the guy answering the question is too cheap to buy another shirt. 2. He's afraid to lose membership, by allowing an optional uniform. 3. He's a geezer. 4. All of the above.
  11. Geezers having control over their children. Some guys want you to wear navy, 'til they die. Why? Because they fear change, and perhaps can't afford another shirt themselves. First, I live in San Diego, so jackets on the plate are pretty rare. As to why some folks think it's wrong, or taboo, it's because their heroes on TV don't do it. The same goes for wearing a long sleeved jersey on the bases, which I do all the time. Some fellows, for the same reason, wet themselves over this. "It's just not done!". Shut up.
  12. Have any of you had your Champro magnesium mask stripped and powdercoated? I wonder what it would look like without the big gloppy plastic coating. With the All Star magnesium running over three bills, why is it that the Champro is so overlooked? There's nothing lighter, has a good shape, and is pretty durable. And it's around $100. Drop some TW pads, and a Wilson harness (my favorite), and I don't think there's a better combination. I guess it's only downfall is the "cool factor".
  13. That seem like a great plan, Mr. UMP. CYA on both sides. And seeing that my base golf pants are so wide that I can nearly get my shin guards on, let us know how those combos fit.
  14. The legs are a bit wide on the base pants. So I'm thinking about doing the same. Something to think about, when you're heading to get your pants hemmed. In fact, my tailor, in her halting English, was trying to ask me about that. Shoulda used Google Translator.
  15. And you just might be right. Folks may not be ready to dump their wool pants, just yet. Also, I live in San Diego, where wool make even less sense. So I might be a bit biased .