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  1. Well, so much for getting it cheap.................................
  2. I was just trying to be nice, as I know a lot umpires love them. I think the plastic GD pants are awful looking. The light weight fabric flaps in the breeze, the bulky elastic waist band makes me (and everyone else) look fat. Aside from that.....
  3. The GD all polyester charcoal pants are tough, durable, and don't match any other pants on the planet. We just need a new benchmark.
  4. I live in San Diego, so it's rarely an issue. But I've worked games in the high 30s/low 40s. And I've had to massage the TW pads to soften them up, no doubt. The seemed to say pliable throughout the game after that. I can't, nor would I ever wish to, speak to working in lower temperatures.
  5. I sold a pair of Harwick pants for over $200. Just sayin'. When you can't get a certain item any more, and two or more people want that item, a market is created.
  6. You're exactly right, Matt, And that is why it would be imperative that any new design being developed would have to be the best of the best. And I get what your saying about bottom-up marketing. But let's just take one example: Pants. Say that LL and UA came up with a new design, something like a heavy duty Adidas ClimaCool golf pant. And they made it in one shade of black. They premier it on ESPN, and it gets rave reviews throughout "our community". Now what? MLB guys are still wearing wool, and tens of thousands of LL umpires just a look at the future, with high tech, good looking drawers. What would other organizations do? (honestly, I don't know, just throwing it out there)
  7. But those with the little white stripes are now out of date. Gotta have the big gray stripes, right? Naw. Here's my uniform take: We've been lead aound by the nose by what MLB guys wear. But their designs and materials have (my opinion) been dated and awful. It's time that the largest group of umpires on the planet start wagging the tail, instead of the other way around. Who? Little League umpires. I've been BEGGING Jim at UA to get with Williamsport, and become the official supplier to LL (currently, it's Honig's, and they do zip for LL). Design a new, unique and improved uniform, and corner the market on baseball umpires. Come out with a new design in time for the LLWS, and you've got instant, televised world wide marketing beamed out to the single largest umpiring group. No more weird blue shirts, half sleeve smocks, etc. Smart, classy uniforms, made with modern, athletic material. No more dazzle shirts(remember those?) and wool pants. A guy can dream, can't he?
  8. Majestic shirts and jackets have been dull and boring for years. Honestly, how many of you ran out and tried to get those shirts with the little side stripes? Very few. Big gray stripe? Please. I'm not saying we need to go down The Official's Choice road, and look like carnival acts, but we need an injection of style and function. Perhaps UA can provide this. And yeah, we need a BIG update in the drawers and hats were all wear. Good lawd, wool for heavens sake, has no business on the athletic field. Nobody, aside from baseball umpires and sheep, wear wool in the field.
  9. If all my gear got stolen, and I had to buy a mask today, it would be this one: The Honig's frame is light and strong, and it's pre-loaded with Team Wendy pads. Great rig, great deal. And all the recommendations in the world are worthless, if the rig doesn't fit YOUR face. Fit is very, very important, yet everyone seems to forget about it. What works great for me, maybe ill-fitting, and not a good solution for you.
  10. Put on your chest protector and mask. Drop into your normal plate stance. Have someone take a picture of you from the side. Now, if you see any gap, decide what, if any, throat protector would work best for you, and where to mount it. I know plenty of no-neck guys who don't need one. There also some string beans, who lean far too forward, that even a three foot dangling protector wouldn't help. Everybody's different. Some, more than others.
  11. I like this Mizuno:
  12. On the "Umpire" Facebook page, someone has two TW retrofiteed Platinums, for $200 each.
  13. Thanks, Chris. Now I love my old 450's. I like the mid top feel in the front, with the low notch in the rear, The 460 forgot that, but it's back in the new version. But, I've always loved the look of the old +POS low tops. Now, I don't know. Chris, gimme your opinion. Fit/feel/looks/etc.
  14. Kevlar is great for preventing penetration, because of how it's woven, and it's strength. When baseballs are threatening to penetrate my plastic plates, I think it's time to retire. Until then, large plates (not those tiny Davishield ones) really do the job of disbursing energy quite well from incoming baseballs. Ever get hit while wearing a System 7? No Jim Evans yelp, trust me. I think the next step on the chest protector evolution is moldable, and individually sized plates and padding. Heat them up, and conform them to your body. No more, "one size fits most", or "two sizes are good enough". Just a thought. (I thought of this while sitting in a sauna, with a heated up Platinum strapped hard against my chest, years ago.)
  15. I'd love to see a picture of the low tops, so I can make a decision on if I should wait for them, or pull the trigger on the mids. Thanks in advance.