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  1. I think the protest committee has three choices (that's IF the protesting team lost the game). 1. Ignore it. 2. Resume the game at the point the pitcher re-entered them game. 3. Forfeit. Then the BoD would have to weigh in on what sort of punitive action needs to be taken, if any. If it was an honest mistake, just some education is in order. If the manager was trying get over on a rookie umpire, then some harsher penalties are in order.
  2. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    I'd wear them, Jim. I was given a bunch of Honig's MiLB shirts, with the MiLB logo on the back, for my Junior umpire program. No problem. I was a bicycle road racer for many years. And while you can buy bike jerseys of all the famous teams, and World and national champions jerseys, "real" racers would never don a shirt that he didn't earn. I see this as being similar. I wouldn't wear a fully logo'ed MLB shirt/jacket/hat, because I'm close to some MiLB guys who'd probably frown on it. But small logos, like nearly every umpire has on their shoes, masks, etc., no problem.
  3. Hong's Poly-Wools

    This is a good reminder to collect all the pants I've lent out to guys the past two years. These are getting more valuable by the minute.
  4. IFF and the Shift

    This is an age old question. What defines either the infield, or an infielder.
  5. IFF and the Shift

    We're seeing more and managers, at all levels, use some sort of shift when dead pull hitters come up. Which begs the question, at what point do infielders become outfielders?
  6. Hong's Poly-Wools

    Hardwick, the long time maker of the polywool pants for Honig's, is still in business. Perhaps they're not in the business of making umpire pants any longer. Or, perhaps their prices were too steep for Honig's to try to market. I've got a couple pair of the white pocket pants from and old MiLB source. They did seem a little better constructed. I'm hoping that my current stock lasts until my retirement, in about 20 years. I'm sorry for the rest of you that will never know that great quality.
  7. They don't match any other pants.
  8. WTB a spyder throat guard

    They've been $35-45 on eBay, when they pop up. Or, get the new Mizuno. Which is lighter, wider, and nearly as cool, for around $10.
  9. Thoughts about this slide

    Here's my beef with that play: As a long, long suffering Padres fan, why didn't one of our pitchers put one in Utley's backpocket to stick up for smashing into their starting catcher?
  10. Force 3 Version 2

  11. LL Umpire Development

    Sad, but not surprising. Look, I get it doesn't have the responsibilities of the other BoD members. They've removed the UIC chair at the big table, and want to hire someone who will stay silent, and work cheap. And it's not the pay, as I know a bunch of retired guys here in SoCal, who don't need the dough, who'd do a great a job at a real UIC position. But WP wants a lapdog, who live nears S. Williamsport. Restore the UIC position, and let them telecommute (it's 2016 for gosh sakes), and get someone with real experience to head the largest group of sports officials in the country. Anyone have a link to the posting?
  12. Plate or Combo Pants?

    I got an emergency call to do a game in 1/2 an hour this week, and all my regular pants were either hang drying, dirty or at the cleaner. So dug back in my closet and pulled out a pair of +POS heathers, and shot down to the field. As I'm pulling them up I thought "&$^%, these are combos!". Yeah, my legs looked like 12 pounds of potatoes stuffed in a 10 pound bag. I retired combos a dozen years ago, so left those pants in the umpires room for the Junior umpires.
  13. Under the Plate Coat

    I think white would be more distracting for pitchers, as the ball is being hit back at them. Maybe not.
  14. Junior Umpire uniform has x-small shirts, but I agree with the folks above. Just find a navy (or whatever color they're wearing where he's working) polo shirt at Target or Walmart. I ran a Junior umpire program for a long time, and trust me, that's fine. Don't spend a lot, because A. He's going to grow out of it soon, and B. It doesn't matter that much. If you really want an umpire shirt for him, I'd give Honig's a call, because they used to sell shirts in kids sizes, and may have some leftover.
  15. Junior Umpire uniform will work.