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  1. kylejt added a post in a topic +POS Problems   

    How long ago did you start this transaction?
    You say you're a long time reader. If so, you should have known of +POS's recent sketchy customer service. Orders have been hit or miss for years now. Sorry you missed all those discussions. Not a slam on you, just a learning point for others. 
    Some folks get their gear right away, and others seem to take many weeks.I haven't heard of anyone just flat out never getting their stuff.  Dan Parsons. the owner, used to come here and defend his one-man operation. Haven't seen him here lately. He recently expanded his operations, plus, has either sold some gear, or has some sort of distribution deal with Ump-Attire (they carry those same masks). Maybe you can get Jim to get ahold of Dan. 
    Those of us who've done this for awhile are saddened by the company's slide. They were the "go to" outfit for many years. 
    PayPal is great, unless something goes sideways, Then they're just one more layer to go through to get some sort of resolution. 
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  2. kylejt added a post in a topic Shoe shining   

    I just shined three pairs of shoes this morning. My old, trusty +POS low tops (damn, they're heavy!), the 450s and the 460s. What a change in quality, as time goes on.
    The +POS are at least a dozen years old, and ready to go another dozen. Best looking shoes ever made, IMO. Parade Gloss, brush and soft cloth buff. Leather cream spray for the tongues, to keep them soft.
    The 450's got a leather cream. They're still soft and supple.They're still in fine shape, but I can see the soles wearing smooth in a couple of seasons. Luckily, I've get a few spares in boxes.
    The 460's, in comparison, are crappily made. I don't know what kind of pleather they're constructed of, but it's awful. They have some neat design updates, but the overall quality is lacking. And the soles don't have the grip of either. They get Armour All to look pretty.
    Perhaps the new versions will go back to real leather, and a better sole. If not, at least I've got enough 450s in stock until I "retire".
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  3. kylejt added a post in a topic Shoe shining   

    I use a leather conditioner, and try to keep the leather soft and supple, as opposed to shiny. My original NB 450s are still going stong, where some friends newer models are cracking and aging.
    Other shoes, like my newer 460's, don't have as much leather, so I just clean them with soap and water, and dress them with a Maguires product.
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  4. kylejt added a post in a topic Transaction Experience Thread   

    Kresto and I made a great swap in gear. Trust this guy, fellas.
    Thank you.
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  5. kylejt added a review All-Star System Seven Chest Protector   

    Just for reference, I've owned and used the following hardshell protectors: Platinum, Gold, MLU, Douglas, Douglas/Wilson, Cooper (w/ the slats), Champion, Davishield and Riddell (and probably some more I can't recall). 
    I switched to the All Star last year, and IMO it's the best rig going. Perfect? No, but overall the best. 
    First is protection. I don't think there's a better protecting c/p out there. There's no gaps, and no hinging plates. 
    I like that the padding is removable, and washable. I machine wash it on GENTLE and let it air dry. Plus, you can easily buy replacement padding. 
    Need I say anything about the Delta Flex harness? This should be standard equipment for everyone. 
    I really like the open channel in the middle. It seems to let the air through. 
    It's not light, and not really cool. It's bulky, compared to some. And some guys have trouble fitting it over their noggins. But the Delta Flex keeps it from riding down, and seem to mitigate the weight issue. 
    There are rigs that are lighter, cooler, slimmer and cheaper. But overall, I'm sticking the All Star. 
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  6. kylejt added a post in a topic Best CP for Shoulder Protection?   

    The DF just had to be the best bang for the umpire's buck. It's crazy just how much of a difference it makes, and I chuckle ever time I see a MLB guy hiking up his c/p, just like I did countless times pre-DF.
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  7. kylejt added a post in a topic Hit in the Mask question   

    No two shots are the same, so it's hard to compare them. You may have got struck at such an angle to where those springs didn't load up, and delivered the full force to the second frame. I don't think we'll ever know.
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  8. kylejt added a post in a topic Mask Porn?   

    I see no Champro magesium, so I say "Nope".
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  9. kylejt added a post in a topic Trade: My 10.75 Wilson Platinum for your L/XL Gold   

    Forgive my rudeness, I'll send you a reply straight away.
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  10. kylejt added a post in a topic With or without a hat   

    I think a lot has to do with how you look without a hat on. I try to keep my hair more toward the mil-spec side, so consequently I don't suffer from "hat hair".
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  11. kylejt added a post in a topic Trade: My Two Honig's Navy ball bags for your One black one   

    PM coming
    @Thunderheads, lock 'er up.
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  12. kylejt added a post in a topic Trade: My Two Honig's Navy ball bags for your One black one   

    Actually, I haven't found a ball bag I like as much as my old +POS, but they're starting to fade after 15 years.
    I just need a mate for my single black Honig's bag, as a backup.
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  13. kylejt added a topic in Buy, Sell or Trade   

    Trade: My 10.75 Wilson Platinum for your L/XL Gold
    I  got a 10.75" Platinum in a big box of stuff. Too small for me. Anyone have a decent L/XL Gold they want to swap for? This Platinum is in pretty decent shape. Oh, and if you have a Delta Flex on your Gold, I'll throw one on mine. Even Steven.

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  14. kylejt added a topic in Buy, Sell or Trade   

    Trade: My Two Honig's Navy ball bags for your One black one
    I need one standard, large Honig's ball bag, the one with the coated side that wont' get your polywools wet. I'll trade ya for my two Navy ones. (I don't like Navy, and have only one Black one). Such a deal.
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  15. kylejt added a post in a topic T-hooks for Wilson Platinum/Gold   

    Didn't even think about other applications, and, perhaps, a better solution. Storm13, and thanks for the offer. I'm going to try these, and see if the work better with the Delta Flex. Perhaps they need a bit less strap length, and may work better.
    12 bucks for 4, delivered, via eBay.
    I'll report back the results.

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