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  1. The other Mizuno throat protector. Okay, so some guy named Fonzie doesn't wear one on TV, but it's light, a tad wider than most, $10, and kinda cool looking. They work well for me.
  2. All that dough laid out, and not one throat protector. Why is that, fellas?
  3. I punched out at " but if I was forced to take some rec kids .......".
  4. Alright Jim, let's make a deal. You get with Joe, and work out a deal with Little League. Become the Official Umpire Supplier to LLBBI, design a unique uniform, and I will burn all my H*nig's gear and replace it with all Smitty apparel. Hell, I'll even name my next dog Smitty.
  5. And I still won't wear anything from Smitty, because that's a derogatory term for a baseball umpire. But that's just me.
  6. Not that it's worth anything, but I still don't like the design. I do understand that the real plate jerseys have a zipper on one side, to allow a coolpak to be inserted. I'd guess that was the idea behind the wide stripes, to make that easier to happen. I didn't go ga-ga over the last updates a few years ago, either. Still waiting for something unique, understated and classy. Hopefully Jim will partner with Williamsport, and get this down before The Official's Choice guys do, as LL has the biggest umpire market by a large margin.
  7. Ditto for JSam21. Quick payment. Thanks.
  8. Those aluminum Diamonds have zero give to them. I haven't decided if that's good, or not. I really like the fit of the Honig's, as it seems to be a little wider than other frames, and when combined with TW pads, fits my face better than any other combination I've tried.
  9. I want the Shins. How much for the CP and the Shins together?


    1. kylejt


      $120, and I'll pay the shipping. 

    2. kylejt


      Sorry, but I got an offer I couldn't refuse on the CP.


    3. ump chef

      ump chef

      still have the shins?


  10. West Vest Gold, L/XL. Not cut up, barely used at all. $80 SOLD Platinum Shin Guards. Shoe guards cut off (why do they bother to put those on?). Good shape. $40 NB460 plate shoes. Size worn off, but I wear a 10.5 street shoe. No issues, tons of tread on the soles. $45 Spot Built plate shoes. 10.5. Small tear (pictures). Great starter shoes. $30. We'll figure out shipping, especially if you want more than one item. Let me know if you're in the northern San Diego area, and we can meet. West vista
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