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  1. New from +POS - CP

    I really like the plate configuration. It's like they fused the Champion P2xx series and a Platinum, and added some extra shoulder protection. Don't like that the padding isn't velcroed in. Can't take it out and wash it. If the price point was closer to Champion, instead of over the Platinum, they might have had something.   Good try, though. There was a lot of thought put into this.
  2. Whatever direction you choose, be sure to upgrade to a Delta Flex harness. That instantly turns any c/p into something better. Heavy ones get a whole lot lighter, too.
  3. You guys ever heard of this mechanic?

    No reason, other than the ones requiring this nonsense are getting a kick back. And guys go along because they're not bright enough to understand that they're the ones in power. Get together, off line, with your membership, and wear what you want. Until these old geezer, who will require navy shirts until they die, actually do, you get what you put up with.
  4. New mask on the way.

    Those brushes are the best. One tip, though: Take a file, and round off the sharp corners on the scrapper sides. They come really sharp, and can (Oh, they do) rip pants or ball bags.   But they're light, thin, and work great. I trim 3/4" off the brush, just to make them fit a little better in the pocket of my left ball bag.  
  5. Chest protector harness suggestions

    The only trouble with the DF is it'll make you wonder why you took so long to try it. It's like having a whole different c/p.
  6. Ebay finds

    Why would anyone pay over the price of say a Wilson TI, or any other number of light weight frames? Just to be cool? What am I missing?
  7. Everyone Wrong but Partner and I

    I've encountered situations like these, where simple rules myths are taken as gospel, handed down from generation to generation of coaches.   You can choose to try to explain, then argue your point, or, go the humor route.   Chuckle, "Skipper, the entire plate is considered fair territory. It's a common rules myth it's not. Hell, I know I didn't believe it when I was a coach, but ya gotta trust me on this one". Then walk away. Don't try to talk sense when dealing with any of the myths, like "the hands are part of the bat". They're too engrained to some guy's noggins.   Oh, and they believe this stuff because some umpire, somewhere along the line, told them so.
  8. Umpires Will Be Required To Issue A Warning In 2016

    I think my term "working" may be too harsh. Here's what I mean: He always knows, and uses the first name of all the umpires. Never says "Blue". He knows not to question balls and strikes, but rather tells his catcher to "move that target up a little". He knows where the PU is calling strikes, and has his battery adjust, instead of whining about it. He teaches his catchers to be friendly, and have a rolling conversation with the PU. Being a former catcher, he knows how to hold a pitch, and how long is too long. He'll chastise his F2 in front of the PU for doing anything to anger the PU. He'll do the same thing to the pitcher. He'll take the umpires side on judgement calls he knows he can't get overturned. "HEY! You need to get that tag down sooner!", even if he thinks the umpire got it wrong. He can read the body language of a BU, to tell if he might have missed a call. He knows when, and when not to go request help. It's the little things that most managers, because they've never been umpires, don't know. The proper speed to jog out to the BU, putting your hands in your back pockets, asking "Mike, what did you have on that?", etc. Another "trick" is asking the PU about his gear. "Steve, how do you like those 460's?" as you're walking to the coaches box. It's all these subtle thing that add up during a game, that can tilt the field in your favor.
  9. Umpires Will Be Required To Issue A Warning In 2016

    Not only do I believe it, I've seen it time and time again. There's a lot of bad umpires out there. Especially at the HS level, because, let's face it, who's available for a 3pm weekday game? There are some good ones, but not that many. At least in my area.
  10. What's your call?

    Was F2 ever "waiting to make a tag"?  
  11. Umpires Will Be Required To Issue A Warning In 2016

    Because, at times, it works on getting the next call(s) to go your way. Sounds crazy, but I've seen him "work" umpires into leaning call in his direction over the years. He is very intolerant, rightly or wrongly, of lazy umpires. Don't bother to rotate, go out on fly ball, etc, and he'll let you know about it a way that lets you know he's a umpire himself ("You'd have seen it if you were in the library" What coach knows to say that?). He never drops the "I'm an umpire, too" nonsense, either. We all know how that goes. He's been an assistant coach, and knows when to "take a bullet" for the manager. But, over 5 years, he's only been restricted once, and dumped once late in '15. So he seems to know the limit. If you've ever coached, and watched lazy umpires, you know what I mean. I'm talking about guy who stand behind the dish, and never even bother to remove their mask, lazy. I was stopped in a grocery store by a local HS umpire. Since my son looks a lot like me (sorry, 'bout that, boy), and he asked if my son was a local coach. "He called me out on missing a rotation, but did it without embarrassing me. I goofed, but only another umpire would have noticed it." He thought it was cool that way he handled it.   Good managers and coaches learn the limits, and how to dance up to that line. Bad ones yell, get ejected, and do nothing to help their team.  
  12. Umpires Will Be Required To Issue A Warning In 2016

    Sorry, but when I watch a local HS basketball game, but thinking like a baseball umpire, those head coaches usually last less than three minutes if I'm on the floor. Friends will look to me during a game, watching for the "the hook" signal, early in the game.   Why refs put up with that kind of nonsense is beyond me. Here's the rule of thumb I like to go by: Don't yell something at me on the playing field that you would say to me in line at the local Costco. I swear I've seen bb coaches yell directly at refs, at less than three feet away. Nothing. Hell, on more than one occasion I've loudly mentioned to the ref "Why are you allowing him to yell at you like that?!"
  13. Umpires Will Be Required To Issue A Warning In 2016

    This should be a non-issue for every smart umpire, as there's ways around the warning. This is no different than selling a judgment call.   Now, my son is a varsity coach, and he loves this new twist, as not every umpire in his world is that sharp. Being a decent umpire himself, he's able push the envelope pretty far, and this makes the envelope that much bigger. What a dumb rule.
  14. What's your call?

    I believe that WP is still teaching that errant throws, taking the fielder into the path of the runner, precludes them from being guilty of OBS. I could be wrong on this, though.   We've got an outreach clinic in a couple of weeks, and I'll ask the WR gurus.   I know the :"act of fielding" was taking out several years ago, but the "throw taking the fielder into the path", I thought, was still valid.
  15. What's your call?

    Watching this one time, only at full speed, I could make a case for OBS, INT or a trainwreck safe/out, and I'm confident I could sell it. It was that close. If a manager asked nicely, I'd be more than happy to go to my BU, to ask what he saw.   Now in slo-mo, I see the throw taking F2 in the basepath, thus negating OBS. I see the ball reaching F2 just an instant before R3 reacts to F2's positioning. I don't see F2 waiting to make a tag, though, and that's key in my final judgement. Now the kicker: Did F2's mitt actually contact R3? IMO, THAT'S what the PU really needed to sell. Wait, point, call it.