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  1. As to referring to spectators, when my partner puts three fingers on his left shoulder (check out the Mom in third row, left side), do I eject him?
  2. "He might be bunting, here" "He's really fast, let's watch for the steal" "Back up, he hit it over your head last time" all refer to the opposing players. Where shall we draw the line?
  3. It's not our call, though.
  4. What you can't do is something intended to induce a balk/illegal pitch. Stop that, but don't go down the other path of wanting the pitcher to have golf putting silence. That's just creepy.
  5. LoL at you guys who've never umpired girls softball, or varsity baseball. You need to get out more, fellas, as this is a normal thing.
  6. I would think the one hitch in producing protective gear would be liability insurance.
  7. Well that's odd, because we've been getting glowing reports for the last couple of months about them.
  8. I know a few guys going back to WP this year. I know the "the guy" out West, and will probably see him this weekend. I'll work my connections, Jim.
  9. I've been wearing the UA turf shoes for years. On the field, and even in Paris.
  10. Honig's is on life support, and it's time to put them out of our misery. You need to find a way to be the new official supplier to Little League for 2018. Yeah, I'm not going to stop harping on this. Smitty needs to put their logo on their new golf pants (back, right hip for best visibility), and they need to be on ESPN/ABC live from Williamsport, so the largest umpire group on the planet will see them. They also need come up with a new jersey design or two, exclusively for LL. Oh, and you need to be the exclusive retailer. Signed, Every Little League umpire on Earth.
  11. Long after the money is spent, you never regret buying the best. Lots of great advice, but it's all rather pointless unless the rig fits you. Fit is critical, and what works for me, or others, may not work for you. So, I'd go the ump-attire route, with their superior return policy. p.s. I like the All Star System 7.
  12. A six pack and a gun.
  13. Those are all good, stout choices, that will protect you well at all levels. But let me ask you. Is there any piece that doesn't fit you well? Fit is so often overlooked, but I'd start there. Do you have an upgraded harness for the P210? Smitty golf pants? Tights?
  14. San Diego