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  1. sJim, I agree, and that's where mine hits when I'm in my locked into my more upright stance. But, we all flinch and move a little, especially when that ball hits the dirt and attacks us from below. I don't know how that ball rammed the protector against my neck, but it sure did. And some guys have really long necks, and/or improperly placed protectors. In the picture above, that guy is leaning so far out, that protector is going to flip up and tickle his chin. ! So why don't we see MLB catchers with those danglers? Well, well trained catchers are taught to tuck their chins in on balls in the dirt, and curl up around the ball. Only the weird bounced ball off their shin guards might get through. But we're up higher, and (supposed to be) locked into our position.
  2. My opinion on metal throat protectors is, are you kidding me? I've taken a few shots, where the protector was driven upwards, and lower edge met my throat. Now this was a curved plastic one, but still got my attention. I can't imagine what a metal bar would have done to me. So yeah, it may look cool to some, but I'm questioning the reasoning for having a metal one. p.s. I've added little padding to the inside, lower edge of my Mizuno, just in case. Just some black cloth tape, 'cause I know what might happen. I just the same tape in the bottom, rung of my mask, to keep it from "CLACKING".
  3. Oh, and I do wear sunglasses behind the plate, when needed. I like the profile and fit of the Oakley Half Jackets with Polarized lenses for plate work.
  4. Are you on commission?
  5. Its sole purpose is to keep the sun off the brim of your hat. I've swapped out masks on sunny days, and have felt the difference, so I do believe they work. The down side might be decreased air circulation, but in my brief on-field experiments, the shade did keep things cooler.
  6. Here's a big picture question: As Little League has required tangling throat protectors on the catchers for quite some time, and nearly every LL catcher has a HSM, why hasn't one manufacturer offered a solution for their HSM? Kids are left to zip tie their contraptions to the lower a cage. I believe that Cooper once had slots in the chin of their helmets, specifically designed for that, but I haven't seen anything since. LL is a pretty damn big marked, yet every year on ESPN we see shoe laces as the fix for this. You'd think Easton could do better, seeing they're given all that TV time.
  7. Your stance plays a big part on whether you need a throat protector, or where to position it. Try this: Drop into your stance, and have someone take a picture of you from the side. Check for the gap, and figure out how to best close or minimize it. For example, with this umpire's stance, as he's leaning over so far, that dangler off the lower bar isn't helping much. Now, if he was more upright, and placed the protector up on the inside rung, he'd be much more protected. But, take note of the catcher. His head is more upright to his torso, so his throat protector closes the game, and is quite effective.
  8. No, he's HOPING people are stupid.
  9. He also has some filthy, beat up Zig plate shoes, too. They're only $38.25 (odd, random price, don't you think?) Yeah, we should all wish him well, instead of chastising him. If he gets buyers for his "classic" gear, we're all in the money, and he's a marketing genius.
  10. I think we should be encouraging items like this. Look, if he gets some chump to pay for his used shoes, think of the fortunes we all have in our garages! All those double bar Wilson masks, the cracked patent leather Gerry Davis shoes, and the tons and tons of +POS heather pants. This joker may be setting me up for an early retirement!
  11. This cat is trying create a "thing" for the old 450's. Now, I still have mine, and like them (the last of the real leather plate shoes), but two bills? Sweden would like to know what YOU'RE smoking, sir. My favorite part : " All in all these are a 8-9 out of 10.. also a simple clean up is needed. I chose not to......" Classic.
  12. Mine are a couple years old, with no rusty rivets to potato chipped straps. Just need bigger ones.
  13. "I WAS IN THE POOL!!!!!"
  14. Yeah. A unique design, maybe two. Debut them on ESPN in August, in front of 10's of thousands of LL umpires watching in TV. (Read: Free marketing to your target audience). If it's cool, you'll sell thousands. THOUSANDS! LL umpires has to be the largest demographic of any sports officials, yet no one targets them. Someday, Jim, someday.
  15. Which, of course, is why you need to market a Little League umpire shirt. All that ESPN/ABC Sports time every August, is going to waste. Someday, Jim, someday...................................