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  1. Plus the kid to the left is still making up his mind, using proper timing. Yes, it was staged. I sent a few of them to the Western Region Junior Umpire Training Academy. The one week in San Bernadino. And they came back pretty damn sharp. And some of those guys have kids of their own now, and will be filtering back to our league. Think of the knowledge they'll bring back with them. My son coached Majors, Juniors, Freshman and Varsity baseball. And if you missed a rotation, you'd hear about it. Varsity umpires used to tell me he'd shout out stuff like "If you were in the Library, you'd have seen that!". Not really loud enough to embarrass them, but just loud enough to be heard by the BU. Stuff that coaches don't know about. And they'd also tell me he was right (most of the time).
  2. I've got a bunch of guitars, and have played some Chibson's recently. I really like them as wall art, but the one's I've tried are not very playable unless you strip them of their hardware, and rebuild around the wood. Then there's the whole ethical issue.......... Look, I'm not saying that off-shore, fake masks have hit our shores yet, I'm just saying beware. One more thing, I'm sure that every mask on the market right now is being made in China. Hell, the Nike be may made in the same factory as the All Star and Wilson, just coming out different doors. But I'd like to think that the BIG names would ask for more quality control and testing.
  3. Yeah, and I'm 6'1". Same field. It was new in the first picture. and still a pretty cool place. Rancho Buena Vista LL, Vista, CA. The kids even went to Williamsport in '05. Seems like a long time ago when we started our Junior umpire program.
  4. Umpiring with my son, 2001-last night
  5. Folks, I'd start being wary about knock off masks about now. There are Chinese firms that will make titanium frames for around $20, but you gotta buy a ton of 'em. If someone had the resources, they could dummy up the pads, too, if they thought there was a market for them.
  6. I like the idea, but it might be quite the squaredance if you're on the dish, and your shirt goes on last. Oh, and I'd put on a Nutty Buddy, in case one end of that rig misfires.
  7. And if you don't trust me, trust Scott.......
  8. Next, our friends at The Official's Choice, during their Moving or Fall sale will introduce these........
  9. What will be interesting to see is who will be the next manufacturer to make something like this. We've got a new standard, so will someone try to match, or improve it. I'm betting on Under Armour. I'll bet they may want to reinvent the whole umpire uniform, head to toe. MLB umpires are on TV for three hours a game. Now you may differ on using them as marketing tools, but they have a large (some larger that others) presence on the television. And with the ties that Under Armour has to All Star, you might see a gear change, too. (Sorry, Joe).
  10. Every time I wear these pants, especially in the heat, I wonder why we didn't complain about wearing wool a long time ago. My polywools have stayed in my closet all year, except for one game. The one thing about the Honig's/Hardwicks pants is their durability. The damn things are bullet proof, and I've got several pair that are a dozen years old. We just don't know how long these new drawers will last over the years. But I'm now of the thinking that I don't really care. They're that superior on the field. The next piece of gear we need to work on is the hat. No need for a wool lid any more, folks. I did 5 hours of traffic control in the direct sun in a modern ball cap, and two hours in a wool hat behind the plate, yesterday. Big difference. My plate hat, and my head, was a sweaty mess. No reason for wool there,either.
  11. Men's Wearhouse, Carlsbad, CA, 10 bucks. I fully understand how someone might not want to take the risk of ruining your pants, and pass on the $. They're polyester, and could easily be burned. But do keep trying elsewhere, because it makes ironing this pants sooooooooo much easier. And they'll look razor sharp.
  12. It helps whey you get them for free.
  13. Been wearing the low tops since February. They're okay, but I'm not really ga-ga over them. Ups I do like the soles, as they seem to release mud pretty easily. Plenty of mucky fields in San Diego this year, and they've got good grip, and don't clog up. Easy to wipe off the plastic parts. Comfortable fit. They ran pretty true to size for me, at 10.5E. Nice insole. Downs Plastic. Plastic toes. Plastic uppers. We deserve a quality shoe. I'd pay more for leather, and a real hard toe cap. This one I can flex with my two thumbs. The mesh is nice, but a bitch to clean. It will only get worse over the years. You can spray what ever chemical you want on it, but it won't make the dirt disappear. They'll need to be scrubbed and rinsed. I take a brush in my utility sink after games. I'm not sure how long they'll last, as I'm not convinced on the quality of the build. And the black finish is starting to turn a tad gray, too. So I'll wear them this season, and probably next. I don't see NB coming up with a replacement anytime soon. But perhaps Under Armour, when it takes over the uniforms, may not wish to have a competing brand on the feet of the umpires on TV, and will come up with something new. One can hope. My wish: The soles of the v3, the leather of the 450, and looks of the +POS low top. Something classy, yet athletic. Something I can go over with Parade Gloss and a Zippo, and see myself in the shine.
  14. I wore my plate pants in the drizzle this afternoon, and they're waaaaaaaay better than any wool blend pants in the wet.
  15. They've never attained the status of a Riddell/Power, or a Carlucci, for that sort of Holy Grail of gear. Not sure why. And they rarely come up for sale, so it's really had to nail down a price for one.