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  1. kylejt added a post in a topic Balk! wait, nevermind just kidding.   

    Balk, or not, I don't care. But how on Earth do you reverse the call, after U2 makes it? Plus, they didn't even count the pitch. 
    Make a reversal like that, and you'd better be working three man, with U2 going to the showers, He's obviously not needed, or doesn't know what he's doing out there. 
    F1's been doing the same thing all game, then gets called for out of the blue. Okay, maybe U2 saw something a little different that time, But reverse his own call? Come on now. I'm slapping any LL umpire for doing that. 
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  2. kylejt added a post in a topic Replay Has Changed The Umpires   

    It's changed the very fabric of the Game.
    There was a close play at first the other night, And instead of the runner getting mad, or the manager coming out with his hat on backwards, they all waited for the bench coach to make a f@#ing phone call. Cue the Jeopardy music. Then the manager makes his request, and the guy with Samsung hat and the oversized fanny pack comes strolling on the field. Three minutes later, after the crowd has seen it replayed 18 times, someone in New York City flips a coin.
    Yeah, that's entertaining.
    Oh, and make sure those batters stay in the box, Don't want to slow down the Game.
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  3. kylejt added a post in a topic Majestic Cool Base Polo   

    I wonder when the MLB guys will wise up, and use their position on the field for getting some top notch gear. Every year they get crap to wear, and nothing in return. Someone in that outfit is making $$ from Majestic, Wilson and NB, and not passing it on. Really, who would wear a Majestic shirt, if they had a choice?
    Honestly, it's 2015, and they're wearing wool slacks, and crappy, unathletic shirts. And that trickles down to us, fellas. Let's not forget wool hats. WOOL HATS IN JULY!
    Where's the mesh in the armpits, and in the back? Ever wear a pair of Adidas Climacool golf pants, with vents in the waist, and behind the knees? Genius.
    The Official's Choice, although starting out with GIGANTIC shirts and near black pants, do offer us a choice. I've got a couple of jerseys that are better than anything else on the market. No, I'm not a fan of the camo or flag, but that's a personal choice. If they get their act together with the supplier (long lag times, and they have no idea when shipments will arrive), they could be the go-to supplier. Their flubs with pants and ball bags will be forgotten, and we'll all be wearing OC stuff.
    What I proposed to them is for OC to be the official umpire supplier to Little League. Why nobody has tapped the largest umpire market there is, is beyond me. Create a classy and distinctive jersey, and you'll have thousands of new customers. With ESPN coverage every year, there's you marketing for the next season. Easton figured this out, when they introduce a new colored carbon bat at Williamsport every year.
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  4. kylejt added a post in a topic First shot to the face with my TW   

    No two shots are the same, so it's quite impossible to compare stories. 
    I DO believe in the science behind the TW pads. Ever open up the pads of a Wilson wraparound? Not a lot of science going on with that stuffing. 
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  5. kylejt added a post in a topic Mask Pads   

    I have a disinfectant spray I hit my Team Wendy pads with, post game. I spray down all my gear with it, including my hats. 
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  6. kylejt added a post in a topic Unorthodox Would You Wear?   

    A. How much am I getting paid?
    B. Is the boss asking or requiring? If asking, I'm wearing what I want. Requiring, go back to A.
    C. What color undershirt goes with that?
    D. But when in Rome.......
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  7. kylejt added a post in a topic Flags on uniforms   

    I got a box full of MiLB navy shirts for my Junior umpires, donated from a retired fellow down South. They have the gold trim, and cover the Honig's label on the back. I think they look sharp. 
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  8. kylejt added a post in a topic Just opened my Allstar System Seven CPU4000   

    ​Well, the Delta Flex makes all the difference in the world, if you're comparing box stock rigs. Add the DF to the platinum, and they're close. 
    My platinum has molded to my body over the years, and the Sys 7 is still getting there. 
    The padding on the All Star is superior in every way. Plus, with that center channel, it's cooler. 
    I haven't retrofitted the platinum with the TW pads. Maybe this Fall. If it comes out like my old Gold, it should be slimmer fitting than the Sys 7. 
    IMO, they're close in protection. That is to say, these two are the best on the market. Nothing compares the collarbone protection these offer, as they both have one solid piece of plastic from sternum to over the shoulder. 
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  9. kylejt added a post in a topic Just opened my Allstar System Seven CPU4000   

    No flaps, for me. 
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  10. kylejt added a post in a topic Just opened my Allstar System Seven CPU4000   

    After a full season in the System 7, and seeing that is has the same amount of collarbone protection, I've taken the Wilson from atop it's throne. The biggest difference is the the All Star dips down to cover my last rib, with it's unique shape. That's just a great design. 
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  11. kylejt added a post in a topic Just opened my Allstar System Seven CPU4000   

    Just wait 'til you get drilled, and just laugh at the ball. I think this is the best protecting rig on the market. A Team Wendy retrofitted, DF equipt Platinum would be a close second. 
    I really like the padding comes off so easily. You can get a spare, and swap them out between games. No more putting on a wet c/p for your second dish of the day. 
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  12. kylejt added a post in a topic Recommendation for shared equipment CP   

    I've got a well stocked umpire room for my local league. So here's what I'd start out with:
    Champion P2xx chest protectors. They come in 13", 15" and 17' models. There's a guy selling them dirt cheap on eBay, with a "Or Best Offer" on them. Offer him $5 less than his asking price, and he'll take it. No better value in hard shell protection. If you buy a few, see if they'll combine shipping charges. 

    Cans of spray disinfectant are at your local dollar store. Buy a few, and use 'em. 
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  13. kylejt added a post in a topic Champ Pro Pants???   

    Some day, before you "retire", you'll try on a pair of Honig's polywool plate pants, and go "$&#@^", now it get it.
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  14. kylejt added a post in a topic Mlb back to Navy blue???   

    Those new shirts have never really caught on.
    How 'bout something different?
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  15. kylejt added a post in a topic Champ Pro Pants???   

    Here is my progression of pants, from when I started out:
    Goodwill pants  (honestly, that was a good move. I didn't know if I really wanted to umpire)
    Sears gray slacks.
    Levi Action slacks
    Fechhiemer heather gray combos
    +POS heather combo
    +POS plate and base
    Gerry Davis combos
    Gerry Davis plate and base pants
    Honig's polywools. Plate and base. 4-5" hem on each, to help keep from snagging, and increase resale value (if they're too short, you narrow your market)
    See all the money I wasted. Not only that, I could never recover much cash on the resale market for those lesser pants. Lose-lose.  And this holds true for all the other gear and clothes I bought along the way. BUY PRO GEAR, and skip wasting your dough. It works, and protects better, you look better, and you can resell it for a better price down the road.
    I wish I read something like this when I started out.
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