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  1. Ebay finds

    Wilson Ti, Platinum CP, Wilson Davis SG for $135.50 Shipped.
  2. Nike Ti Black-Riddell Power-Wilson items-etc

    IM sent on doeskin Pads, ZETT and Nike.
  3. Ebay finds

    Picked up a Wilson WTA3007 for $12.50 on eBay. Off to Tony for some work. Going to strip off coating on frame, have dent fixed, and powder coat it matte black. ZETT TG, Wilson Harness. Now what pads should I pair with this?
  4. Mask Porn?

    After some toying around with different brands/models I have finally settled on two. Got the rigs ready to go. Diamond iX3 custom by Mask It (Thanks Tony). Powder Coated Matte Black. Wilson Memory Foam Pads Wilson MLB Harness Mizuno 2QA122 09 with Wilson Memory Foam Pads, Mizuno Harness. ZETT TG for both.
  5. Mizuno Shovel

    We could buy together and timeshare?
  6. If anyone has one (46 Long for Honig's) in good to excellent condition they are willing to sell, please PM me.
  7. Mizuno Shovel

    Please sell to me @Mbaldwin43 I would literally pay anything.
  8. Mask Porn?

    Yup. Already had it waiting!
  9. Mask Porn?

    It's here! Finally after almost a month and a half of waiting. Guess my Wilson Ti is going to have to find a new home. My Mizuno isn't going anywhere.
  10. Mask Porn?

    You're welcome boss. I am trying the chopped look myself. I think it looks amazing. Pix soon.
  11. Mask Porn?

  12. Reasonably priced compression shirts

    Just purchased 4 Nike ones from Kohl's. Buy one/econd one was half off. Try them out
  13. +POS, Honig's, MiLB, Throat Guards

    Titanium +POS, CCA, and both NCAA Rule Books gone.
  14. +POS, Honig's, MiLB, Throat Guards

    BUMP. Let's get this stuff gone! Motivated to sell!
  15. Code to save 20% on eBay

    Thanks! Perfect time to get me a Mizuno 2QA122 mask!