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  1. Proud to call Emma my classmate and friend from the UTA. She is a solid umpire and will do great.
  2. The Honig's mask and books.
  3. I would take $56 shipped for both. PM me.
  4. Willing to cut price some if you buy both.
  5. Got a Honig's mask I need to move!
  6. Bump. Negotiable on all prices!
  7. Strained my calf this past Thursday pretty good in Top 2 of a college game (luckily was PU) on a rotation to third base. Finished the game with zero mobility, but am shelved for 2 weeks per Dr. recommendations (going to try and make it only 1). Really frustrating because I had to sit out of a 3 game conference series this past weekend, and missing this week, but I do not want to jeopardize rest of season and my summer. What types of injuries and time off have some of you guys had to endure and get through?
  8. Would love to see one of these CP sometime in person. Wish other companies had the hands on approach that came with crafting these.
  9. Would anyone know what material this CP was made out of for the protective padding? Is their a comparable CP on the market now? I like the look (just not the blue)!
  10. Thank you!
  11. Love the look of these pads! http:// image cdn free
  12. Prices very negotiable gents! Need to get this stuff moved!