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  1. Black Douglas For Sale

    Once she is finished, that will be my gamer for hopefully a long time. Not getting sentimental or anything lol.
  2. Black Douglas For Sale

    Have a Black Douglas 15” CP for sale. This thing is a beauty. Send best offers!
  3. 2018 School Roll Call

    C/O 2017. You will leave a better umpire. Enjoy the experience!
  4. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Me too. It's worth the $50+ if it comes out looking superb. I've spent money on worse things!
  5. Wilson Gold and Memory Foam Pads

    Message sent on WV.
  6. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    After 3 washes, this is the best the coating came off. I made numerous calls to try and come up with a solution to fix this, but to no avail. But then..... I reached out to a local upholstery shop. Purchased 2 yards of 90/10 Polyester Spandex swimwear lining from JOANN https://www.joann.com/swimwear-lining/xprd728506.html . The shop will remove the velcro that holds the plates into place with a seam ripper, which that is how the Velcro is secured. She will then sew and cover the spandex onto the padding, restitch velrcro. Really excited to make this look good again. More pix to come. She is charging me $50 to do this, along with the $13 and change I paid for the 2 yards of fabric.
  7. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Curious what my fellow tall umpires use for CP? I am 6'4, and currently use the Schutt XV w/4 Inch Extension. Switching to Champion or Douglas for proper length.
  8. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Just got a 15" from @catsbackr. If I wash the pads will these also turn all black? Flaking really bad, but want to bring this baby back to life.
  9. ISO: Mizuno Mask Harness

    I have one. Pm me if interested.
  10. Champion CP Question

    Thanks Max.
  11. Champion CP Question

    Can anyone tell me if these are the same. I believe so, just want to be sure. Thanks! https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/P2_Champion-Body-Armor-Umpire-Chest-Protector https://www.championsports.com/baseball_equipment_chest_protectors_umpire/17-inch-outside-plastic-shield-professional-model-umpire-chest-protector-p200.asp
  12. What frame is this?

    Allready looked to no avail. Prob discontinued.
  13. What frame is this?

    I would absolutely love to have one of these. If anyone has one, or knows where I can get one please PM me.
  14. What frame is this?

    So the side bars are wider out than the current Mizuno model?