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  1. Yup. Already had it waiting!
  2. It's here! Finally after almost a month and a half of waiting. Guess my Wilson Ti is going to have to find a new home. My Mizuno isn't going anywhere.
  3. You're welcome boss. I am trying the chopped look myself. I think it looks amazing. Pix soon.
  5. Just purchased 4 Nike ones from Kohl's. Buy one/econd one was half off. Try them out
  6. Titanium +POS, CCA, and both NCAA Rule Books gone.
  7. BUMP. Let's get this stuff gone! Motivated to sell!
  8. Thanks! Perfect time to get me a Mizuno 2QA122 mask!
  9. I really would move a mountain for one of these, and pay a reasonable price. Here's to hoping.... At least I have a ZETT on the way.
  10. Does anyone know if the Mizuno 2QA122 09 mask would be considered a low profile like the Diamond DFM-IX3? Or is it more "normal" like other models. Just curious. Also, what would be the benefits of a low profile mask vs standard? Any safety issues? Considering picking up one or the other, just like the look. Thanks for any and all answers gents.
  11. Should anyone have one in black they are willing to sell- LMK!
  12. Proud to call Emma my classmate and friend from the UTA. She is a solid umpire and will do great.
  13. Never!
  14. Updated 5/5!
  15. The Honig's mask and books.