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  1. didn't you have teams at CDP?
  2. I'm glad I haven't had the displeasure of working with jackasses such as yourself. You seem to be creating more problems than you solve.
  3. It's touchy to more than just the one. What you ask from a team should be in private. The team I went with this year still tried to screw me over and find another umpire the day before I left. I was not going without getting expenses in full up front. Those of us that have a large distance from the park have higher expenses and we are still bidding against those that live next to the park. There is no shortage of umpires here in Georgia that would love to go, but we have Georgia teams getting umpires from the Northeast. I'm not going next year as I will spend more time with my family. If I am not mistaken, those of you poopooing on MadMax don't go to CDP....
  4. It's colder than #%^* right now
  5. A very tall one.
  6. Do you have someone?
  7. At CDP, @Umpirechick1 and I are on field 1
  8. Where is everyone this week?
  9. Yes. In Fed and many like it, this courtesy runner can ONLY be used for the pitcher. A different courtesy runner will have to be used for the catcher.
  10. I might see y'all in a week. Janet will kill me if you don't though. They are supposed to meet me today, by the way. The team mom thought she had paid me. She thought wrong.
  11. Getting further "IN" in reference to the slot is a tactic to see the outer corner better.
  12. Consider yourself lucky. The last order I made with them, they lost.
  13. Acpar, I will have a proposition for you via pm at asking price.
  14. I'm seriously considering it. I just got a new mask, but a Force 3 is what I am wanting in the end.
  15. is there a second version?