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  1. If you judge that there was no interference, then there wasn't. However, a lot of times, perception is reality. Do you think you would have heard a peep out of the OC had you called interference? "Catcher not only does NOT make contact... " is irrelevant to this play.
  2. We've debated these plays here before. Apparently MLB is enforcing interference if there is any movement towards first base, whether he's within a step and a half or not. I agree, in this case I don't think there was as his feet didn't move at all.
  3. I'd say as a general rule fielder/runner contact on a BATTED ball is generally going to be interference or obstruction. I'd like to say "always" (other than tangle/untangle), but I'm sure somebody would come up with an example where that wasn't the case. I hate the phrase "everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing" on a batted ball.
  4. I disagree. PBUC 7.13 "...unless the batter reaches first base and all other runners advance one base, in which event the play stands and the manager has no option to take the interference penalty."
  5. Maven, the result of this play is R2/R3. No option here. BR and all runners advanced one base. Ignore the CI.
  6. Love your OBR logic. I'm stealin' it!!!
  7. Interference in OBR. Not through a fielder's legs or immediately by his reach.
  8. Me too. Valid appeal.
  9. Sorry, totally misread the situation.
  10. "D"in OBR.
  11. Dan Bellino, when speaking to the 2015 class at The Umpire School, said NEVER EVER allow a rule misinterpretation to stand. Having said that, as others have said, your other thread want a clear cut rules issue. It could have been a difference in judgment between you and your partner. Now if your partner awards three bases when it should have been two, now is the time to get together and get it right.
  12. To stop players from wasting pitches by purposely bunting the ball foul. Hard to do with a full swing.
  13. WTF?
  14. I would have been run on that reversal!
  15. Good job by Big Joe West on waiting for the appeal ruling by U3 before making his call.