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  1. Out or lodged ball?

  2. I'm giving Major League ball players the benefit of the doubt in a situation like this. I'm chocking it up to a cross-up.
  3. Time Play Mechanic

    Finger pointed up to the press box with the verbal "score one run". I suppose that could be misinterpreted as an ejection.
  4. Batter's Interference

    It was discussed in this thread: Here's another: It was discussed in a couple of other threads as well, but I'll be darned if I could find them. I didn't come up with the "starting his run to 1B" theory. It was put forward by others and I thought was the general consensus of the group. I certainly could be wrong.
  5. Batter's Interference

    Another example of batter's interference being call on a batter hit by the batted ball while still in the box, but having started to run to first. Clearly, having started to run is the key to calling this in MLB. http://www.closecallsports.com/2017/08/mlb-ejection-124-tripp-gibson-2-andy.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  6. Obstruction on a runner

    Always ask yourself what would have happened had there been no obstruction. With a runner standing on 3B, he'd likely have stayed at 2B. That's where is put him.
  7. Batting out of order / substitute

    The whole issue is whether or not Jim is a legal sub. If not, as TD you MUST step in and not allow Jim to enter the game as it is a protestable situation and it's your job to prevent protests. If Jim is a legal sub, he's just an unannounced sub for Abel. Once he takes a pitch, I, as TD, usually ask the umpire to call time and bring the OM to the screen to formally enter his sub. If this is brought to your attention by the DM you tell him it's an unannounced sub, now you would bring the OM to the screen and have him enter his sub.
  8. No way there is any formal or correct interpretation as to how this should be handled. You had a valid argument. TD did as well. All that you had to do is protest it all the way up to the tournament committee of your organization and let them make the final decision.
  9. Whose call on tag appeal ?

    I suspect they get it wrong less than you think. The tag of R3 belongs to the PU.
  10. Taking play at plate

    As others have said stay on the catcher's runner side hip pocket. If he moves into foul territory, you do as well. If he moves up the line, the play is no longer going to be at the plate so you move up the line as well. You learned a valuable lesson. The fair territory side of 3BLE is not always the place to be. Read the catcher. This is an excellent video describing the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1wKCwS_kaQ
  11. Runner interference??

    I envision the fielder immediately in the process of fielding the ball (not even close to a step and a reach away) and then getting hit by the runner. If that's the case, that's interference. I don't believe in "incidental contact" on a batted ball. "That's nothing" is usually the only wrong answer between interference and obstruction.
  12. On-deck swings between innings

    The batter coming to bat IS allowed to swing a bat prior to the start of an inning in Little League. There is no limitation of "timing" the pitcher. That's what they are supposed to do.
  13. Decide a bet

    Pay the BU!
  14. batter's interference dbacks-padres

    I don't believe it. I'm sure in the end they called the batter out and sent the runner back. I think this was clueless announcers apply rules incorrectly...imagine that!