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  1. CWS

    Oh my God, @Tborze, you have got to do this.
  2. You really don't have a leg to stand on for disciplining the catcher. Also sounds like you may have jumped the gun EJ'ing the dad because I think he was right. You should man up. No one's going to be "riding the pine." You're wearing a lot of protective gear for a reason, so use it like it was meant to be used and let it protect you. You said in your post that you're "sick" of getting hit in the face since it happens so many times. Personally, I've never been hit by a catcher discarding his mask, so I'm not sure why you're experiencing so many incidents. Perhaps you're a mask magnet. At any rate, don't let what seems to be a personal issue get the better of you and look for reasons to over officiate. Yes, it's good to mention it to the catcher and maybe the coach, but don't make it about you when you do, and don't get upset if things don't get better. These kids are only 11, and as you said, they play pretty bad baseball.
  3. That's the ten dollar question. I'm not sure about any statutory requirement to allow someone with the level of physical disability on the field, but there is the legitimate and defensible idea that one has to be physically capable of performing the job duties, so there's that angle. I'm also not sure what code set CDP uses for their games, so I don't know if or how this is addressed, like it is in the Fed rules. Allowing someone on the field who is incapable of executing many of the physical aspects seems like an attempt at boundless inclusion to the detriment of the greater good.
  4. Not unless they have spares ready to go for just such an occasion.
  5. Dead ball and award runners two bases for carrying the ball into DBT.
  6. Sounds like he didn't!
  7. Sure 'nuff. This goes hand-in-hand with the missed rotation @Gil posted the other day. We need to have each other's backs on the field. That's team work.
  8. It's not the name... it's those Sgt. Pepper jerseys they were wearing.
  9. Boy, I hope you're right.
  10. That would ruin it. I'm imagining it right now. No... no. His timing looks okay to me.
  11. I had to read this over and over to be sure you said what I thought you said. Either I completely misunderstand you or you need to lean closer to your computer so I can slap you.
  12. I think the commentator had it right that the manager came out to fire up his team. I mean, having to wear those jerseys was certainly demoralizing.
  13. As a Bostonian, I can say we'd use a completely different phrase to convey the exact same thing. And since my mom's side of the family and my wife are all from New Jersey, I'm sure you are also familiar with what that is.