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  1. Smitty Pants-Charcoal: 42"

    Do you have pics of the pants?
  2. Force3 Chest protector

    Bought one some time ago thanks
  3. Looking for Poly Wool plate and base pants 42 x 30
  4. ISO XXL Shirts for travel ball

    I have Creme and Grey but with the number 2 on the sleeve.
  5. Majestic MLB Shirts

    Got both of mine from Ump-Attire for $34.99 each they look sweet!!
  6. CAMO Umpire Shirt

  7. TW retro is awesome have both my WV done. Next one is the Force 3 V2 I have V1 and love it too.
  8. Great CP I have a grey one I will be sending off to get the wings and shoulder caps put on I love how light it is as well as the protection... Can't go wrong with the WV I have the Gold and Platinum...
  9. Douglas.....
  10. That very CP has made its rounds lol
  11. Davis v. Smitty v. Honigs pant battle royal

    Do the GD Ploywools run true to size?
  12. Gerry Davis pants 20% off

    Does anyone know if the GD Poly wools fit true to size?
  13. NEW New Balance Plate Shoe

    LMAO... I don't do ugly Jax !!
  14. Getting the stink out

    All you need to do is get Lysol disinfectant spray and after every game spray it down and let air dry and you are good...