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  1. All depends on the level of Ball you are calling. McGregor is ok for little league ball unless its seniors, then Stick with either Diamond or I would also rec Wilson West Vest
  2. UPATED: 4/7/17 Still looking for a team who needs an Umpire week #12. If you are a week 12 team or know of a week 12 team please contact me at (845) 857-5413 or at We can discuss ANY and ALL details or concerns you may have for the week you are there at CDP. Thanks in advance, and Look forward to speaking to you all real soon. Matt hoey CDP UMPIRE
  3. if it could be translated, that would be good, and helpful
  4. are they still available? and if so what is the price for the pair of size 11?
  5. Looks a little weird thats all
  6. what are the little holes in the center chest area from? Just above the Win the Wilson Logo.
  7. yup Ibought them for that price for the up coming season Starting Feb 1st weekend in florida
  8. what colors do you still have for sale???
  9. I got ALL the New MLB shirts in from Purchase officials for 25 and 30 each free shipping
  10. I would Like to offer you a flat total price of $75 for it. Interested in parting with it for that or no? If so let me know. My contact info is thanks. Matt Hoey
  11. Mizuno Baseball/Softball Catcher's Throat Guard - Black $9.95 + $2.95 Shipping Buy It Now View Details Quantity 1 available Condition New with tags Sold By bpathletics (46052)99.9% Positive Feedback Delivery Est. Nov 14From Big Lake, Minnesota Returns 30 days money back Buyer pays return shipping
  12. I say if you can find a diamond pro CP like I did I say get that one. I have had it and used the same one for the last 3 seasons and I love it. its very comfortable, feels like kevlar but no way as hot or heavy at all. it was only 45 bucks with shipping buy it in the off season like I did cause the normal price is like 75-85 bucks. I paid 37 and 8 bucks shipping. it was NOT USED either. I got it brand new from Epic
  13. found mine on ebay total cost for a brand new one was 9 bucks SUPER GREAT ITEM. LOVE IT
  14. I got it Janet, I talked to him and set it up to take him to Albany Friday morning the end of week 1, and also pick him up Friday week 3.
  15. If you go to ebay there is a guy selling 16 inch brand new shin guards for only $9.80 PLUS $7.00 Shipping yes that is correct $17.00 for brand new guards. I just bought 2 pairs and I got them in mail yesterday, there great. there rawlings. type in 16 inch umpire shin guards. if you dont find them, I can send you the shippers ebay name

    good  luck.

    according to the advertisement he had a lot left to sell.