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  1. Umpire looking for teams for CASV Hi, my name is Matt Hoey and I am an Umpire looking to see if any teams going to All Star Village for the rest of the summer any week needs an umpire.If so, I am available and would be glad to represent your team. Please call me at (845)857-5413 and we can discuss any and all details.thanks. Matt Hoey
  2. Down to just about 3 1/2 of days til week 1 begins at CDP. Just wondering besides the Family of Bothers and A Sister I know who will be there, I wonder and look forward to meeting some new Umpires. Send a reply if your going week 1 and we have not yet met or I just do not know you or vice versa.Just 3 Days and about 11 1/2 hrs til we check in Under the White Tent..See you ALL REAL SOON,Matt HoeyCDP Umpire
  3. Am I crazy?

    That's okay I got papers to prove it so lolololol!!!!!!
  4. Am I crazy?

    C'mon 8 games in total?? I can do that and have done that in 1 day. i once did 9 in a day for 2 days of games in 1 day cause of weather. 1 games every two hrs. I am not sure of your age but I do 4-5 plate games every sat and sunday, so like 8-10 plate games in 2 days plus 2 games thursday night and 2 games friday night, making it 13-15 games in 4 days. this is a HUGE baseball weekend for tournaments. then I get 1 day off then head North for the Summer to NY to CDP.
  5. UPDATED: 5/21/17 Hi all, I am Still looking for a team who needs an Umpire week #12. If you are a week #12 team or know of a week #12 team, please contact me at (845) 857-5413 or at sc31649er@aol.com. We can discuss ANY and ALL details for the week you are there at CDP. Thanks in advance, and Look forward to speaking to you real soon. Matt hoey CDP UMPIRE
  6. And again.... no baseball today...

    Baseball 11 months of the year in Florida. Thats the main reason I moved from NY. ALL DONE with ALL the COLD Weather Issues.
  7. LL-Catcher Injury

    once a team is down to 8 with NO ONE ELSE TO SUB and down to 8 Players, GAME IS OVER
  8. Throat protector tip

    I have the same Mizuno Throat Guard and I put it to the very bottom for FULL protection of the throat area and NO clanging just sings a bit not NO ISSUES.
  9. new balance plate shoes

    If cleaning them does not bring back the shine on the spot I would contact the company. Maybe defective gloss coating
  10. Umpire Gear

    All depends on the level of Ball you are calling. McGregor is ok for little league ball unless its seniors, then Stick with either Diamond or I would also rec Wilson West Vest

    if it could be translated, that would be good, and helpful
  12. NB460s size 11

    are they still available? and if so what is the price for the pair of size 11?
  13. Wilson Platinum - Team Wendy Retrofit

    Looks a little weird thats all
  14. Wilson Platinum - Team Wendy Retrofit

    what are the little holes in the center chest area from? Just above the Win the Wilson Logo.