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  1. Did you sell the Black Plate coat?


  2. Good luck. You shouldn't have any trouble selling all of them.
  3. Yes you have Teddy Ballgame! I forgot to mention you. You are one of the guys I met there that I have worked with! Damn good catch. Tell your story man. It will most definitely encourage others and may get some of them to attend.
  4. Call Jon Browar. I listed his contact in the OP. Can't hurt to ask.
  5. I posted a longer description in the Free For All Forum. See PDF below for more info. I highly recommend this clinic for the value, the way you will be treated by the staff, the number of reps you will get in live games plus the on-field instruction and the quality of the instruction. 2017 Flyer.pdf
  6. September 22-24, 2017. Our Kansas City Collegiate Umpires Alliance Leadership is conducting their 2017 Intro to 3-Man Umpire Clinic. Camp POC; Jon Browar, Assigner for MIAA and GLVC, NCAA Division II Conferences and Kansas Jayhawk Junior College Conference. jbrowar16@aol.com, 913-638-5212. I have attended this clinic along with many of my past and current collegiate baseball partners. Members on this board that have attended are ACPAR72, Ironman and I am sure several others. The instructor staff at this clinic are many of the same instructors that work other midwest umpire camps and clinics. All work college baseball and many worked professional baseball. There will be live games to work. In the recent past there have been both collegiate/junior college and high school level games to work. I have personally worked collegiate baseball with at least ten new to college baseball umpires that were assigned games because of their performance at this clinic. Past instructors include; current AAA Umpire Paul Clemons of Topeka, current AA Umpires Tyler Olsen and Grant Conrad. Former AAA and Major League Fill-in Umpire Seth Buckminster, 2017 NCAA Super Regional Umpires Bill McGuire of Omaha and Mark Wagers of Wichita. 2017 NCAA Regional Umpire and former minor league umpire Tim Cordill, Former minor league umpires Mark Hutchison, Carlos Martinez and others on staff in the Big XII, Big 10, Conference USA, Missouri Valley Division I Conferences. Highly recommend you attend if you are interested in learning the 3 man collegiate umpiring system. I am not being paid or otherwise rewarded or remunerated for this endorsement. I know that you will get great instruction, be treated well, meet lifelong colleagues and friends and learn a lot. It WILL make you a better umpire. PDF Flyer attached. 2017 Flyer.pdf
  7. That's why he was "ejected" by us post-mortem. I've seen the videos. Several retired MLB umpires have written about how much of a jerk he was. Had to get that EJ for all of us.
  8. Me and my college fraternity brother, Kevin, "ejecting" Earl Weaver's statue before the Cardinals at Orioles game on Father's Day this past Sunday. Fun but ridiculously hot day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. My first trip there. Loved it!
  9. Long weekend

    Dude, your getting old. Or soft. Hahaha. Four in a day is tough
  10. Worn my plate version of these three games now and base version at least 4. I think I need to pull out a thesaurus to make sure I cover all the superlative adjectives I'd like to use. Game changers! Amazing fit and feel and look. I'm a huge fan now. Really nice pants for hot weather. Probably will go to these for all conditions if they hold up. I'd still like to take a look at the new Smitty Poly-wools in person before I buy more of these golf pants but so far I think these are definitely worth the money.
  11. Fore! you should get a free bowl of soup when you buy a pair of these!
  12. I met up with @MadMax this past weekend. Saw him and his Nike pants in action. They both looked professional. @humanbackstop19 love the member name dude. I am that guy on occasion.
  13. Hot Weather Base Shoe

    @conbo61 @BrianC14 Hi Guys, im doing well. Not umpiring much right now. In Southern AZ teaching leadership skills, tools and techniques to Army Civilians. Caught a couple of AZ Wildcats baseball games in Tucson last week and a D-Backs game in PHX this past Saturday. Also met up with @MadMax and watched him work a couple of field innings and a couple of plate innings during a 14's tourney at Papago Park in PHX then had a beer or two with him and @KenBAZ at a sports bar in downtime PHX after the D-Backs game. Love meeting other members and sharing stories. Thanks for asking. @BrianC14 I may be in either Denver or CO Springs area for a short bit this Friday or Sunday if you're gonna be around. Not sure if plans yet. See below. @kylejt I am considering coming to SanDiego this Friday and catching a Padres game spending the night and then hanging around a few hours on Saturday before heading north to LA to catch a Dodgers game on Saturday night. If you're gonna be around let me know. @grayhawk @Kevin Finnerty Will either of you be around and want to catch a Dodgers game Saturday? Nothing final yet but fleshing out my week depending on several factors. edit: any other San Diego or LA area members who are available to meet up on Friday or Saturday let me know.
  14. Hot Weather Base Shoe

    Still a clown. Love it! Keep firing.