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  1. @Radie Yes. Link to the for sale forum link.
  2. I don't think anyone has answered your question. I wear a 36 in Honigs poly-wools 2015 model. I ordered 36 in these Smitty golf pants. Base and plate. They swallowed me. I reordered in 34. Fit nicely. Selling both 36 to my buddy Mike.
  3. Agreed. They are designed to protect your tenderloins/nether regions not your quad.
  4. I find I need Tights in smaller waist sizes than I need in pants. I just received my newly re-ordered F3 Tights in Medium (waist sizes 30-32). They definitely fit better than the L which were marketed and marked for waist 34-36. I wear size 36 in Honigs poly-wools but had to re-order to size 34 waist in the new Smitty stretchy golf pants. I guess I'm smaller than I think I am.
  5. Thanks Jim. I agree different folks. I've ordered the medium and will report on how they fit after they arrive and I've tried them this weekend.
  6. As they said back in 'nam....... "rots of ruck, GI!" Hahaha. (I wasn't in 'nam, but a lot of my senior NCO's at the start of my career had been)
  7. @Jimurray apology accepted. One man's chiding is another's abuse. We are all on the same team here. Others in baseball don't care much for us,we can't tear each other down in the place we should all come to for support and clarification. Thanks for understanding.
  8. The key, @Mr Ump,is the size of your thighs. If you're beefy in the thigh then you will be fine. I've been working on slimming down. I now skip leg day in the gym and ride a bike. My .02..... If you want to try my worn once size L (I did wash them), I'll take them back should they not fit.
  9. Timing, timing, timing..... is everything in life.
  10. Subject titke says it all. One size fits all very light and comfortable. I now have four CP's. Someone can use this more than I do. Contrary to some comments. This IS a hard shell protector. The hard plastic plates are under the heavy nylon covering. When hit by foul balls it protects as well as my WV Gold(s) and my Force 3 V1. This one is just a bit bulkier. It has Velcro removable strip pads on chest side that create an airflow channel. Price firm.
  11. Subject Titke says it all really. Worn one time Threse are really nice. They run big on me. I've re-ordered Mediums paypal friends and family. Link to Product on Ump-Attire
  12. @Jimurray I'm calling you out on this. You are over the line. Consider yourself warned. Further attack like postings like this WILL get you sanctioned on this website. Clear?
  13. Stu, i have large F3 and they are too loose. I have a 34-36 waist and bought that size. Too big. Not sure if I'll re-order medium and sell these or not. Pads are flexible. No idea if they protect or not since the legs are too loose and the pads slip down near my knees. If your waist is 38-40 maybe the L will work for you and we can make a deal?
  14. Old as hell post.