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  1. Fore! you should get a free bowl of soup when you buy a pair of these!
  2. I met up with @MadMax this past weekend. Saw him and his Nike pants in action. They both looked professional. @humanbackstop19 love the member name dude. I am that guy on occasion.
  3. @conbo61 @BrianC14 Hi Guys, im doing well. Not umpiring much right now. In Southern AZ teaching leadership skills, tools and techniques to Army Civilians. Caught a couple of AZ Wildcats baseball games in Tucson last week and a D-Backs game in PHX this past Saturday. Also met up with @MadMax and watched him work a couple of field innings and a couple of plate innings during a 14's tourney at Papago Park in PHX then had a beer or two with him and @KenBAZ at a sports bar in downtime PHX after the D-Backs game. Love meeting other members and sharing stories. Thanks for asking. @BrianC14 I may be in either Denver or CO Springs area for a short bit this Friday or Sunday if you're gonna be around. Not sure if plans yet. See below. @kylejt I am considering coming to SanDiego this Friday and catching a Padres game spending the night and then hanging around a few hours on Saturday before heading north to LA to catch a Dodgers game on Saturday night. If you're gonna be around let me know. @grayhawk @Kevin Finnerty Will either of you be around and want to catch a Dodgers game Saturday? Nothing final yet but fleshing out my week depending on several factors. edit: any other San Diego or LA area members who are available to meet up on Friday or Saturday let me know.
  4. Still a clown. Love it! Keep firing.
  5. @Mr Ump I had my creases done at Jos. A. Bank. $10/pair
  6. Bump. Still have what's listed in my last bump post just above this one.
  7. @kylejt kyle, please tell us (me, it's really all about me) how you iron them. Temp of iron, brand of iron, technique, etc. I am afraid to iron them.
  8. Stu, I don't pretend to speak for Max but if you remember Carl Childress, he wrote extensively about umpiring in books and on He often used the term Smitty as a way of describing an untrained or sloppy umpire. Jim Evans referred to them as Charley's or local Charley's I believe. I admit I've had trouble buying Smitty brand products. I got their tights years back and they were junk. Did not last a season. Their first attempt at pants looked like something civil war confederate soldiers wore. Roughest wool you've ever seen since the 1860's. I admit they have upped their game considerably in the past couple of years. I own the all black half or quarter zip with zip off sleeves jacket filling the void that Majestic left and these pants that are the subject of this thread. I like them both very much. Those of us that remember Carl's term for the goofballs that umpire (some of us-me included, may have been one) as Smitty's and used that term to refer to these guys have some issues with the company using that name when it refers to such an umpire that is a joke. (Did I get it right Max?)
  9. @udbrky Nice work. I have one. Rawlings with MLB logo that I found at Dick's Sporting Goods. I had the pleasure of meeting, hanging out and dining out with Kevin Finnerty himself in November of 2015. He drove. Saw his gear hauler of a car. And his bucket. He's got us all beat. Love the Crown Royal Bag. Reminded me of a Rodney Carrington comedy bit about ugly scrotums and how it would be cool if our ballsacks were more like Crown Royal bags all velvety and and soft with our names or nicknames embroidered on them. Haha.
  10. I wear my side straps on the top bar of the ear pieces horizontally as wide as they go. I wear low profile Wilson titanium and cro-moly masks with traditional style Wilson doeskin and black leather pads. I have worn these as my primary set ups since 2006. I also wear an 8 stitch bill hat. Yes, an 8 stitch behind the plate! I get hit in the mask quite often. 15-20 times per season. Mask spins left or right. Never any ill effects except for the three times I got hit wearing Team Wendy pads. Headaches with those hits for sure. Otherwise, nothing. I believe the spinning mask dissipates the shock of the hit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it Alibi: my buddy and regular umpire partner Mike wears his harness rather snug and has lost two masks in less than a year. One a +POS Zero G in silver and the other was the Wilson cast aluminum with gray pads that Ump-Attire sells. Jim Kirk did replace the Wilson mask under warranty. again, my two cents....
  11. Took mine to Jos. A. Bank and had traveler' creases put into them. Picking them up from my seamstress Thursday and planning on wearing them at University of Kansas Hoglund Stadium this Friday night. My partner will also be wearing his. Worked wirh @ballgame this last Saturday and he wore them. Looked great and did not notice any color differences versus my 2015 model Honigs's Poly-wools.
  12. For work. Don't think I can bring umpire gear but if any members here are in Japan message me and I'll try to make it fit. If anyone has suggestions on Japanese umpire gear sellers there or places to eat, things to do, etc. let me know. Also planning catching at least one game of Japanese Major League Baseball. I'll be near Tokyo and at first perusal it looks like there are three or four teams not too far away by train. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  13. @Ballgame the honor was all mine Teddy Ballgame (love that nickname even if it's stolen from Ted Williams.) You did great. Would work with you any time. Any place.
  14. Excellent job! The new gold standard in equipment reviews.
  15. Glad to see these posts. Hope things stay right with Dan and +POS. Great gear. Fair prices. Competition in this very narrow market is a good thing for all of us.