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  1. Ebay finds

    I don't think so.. I can check but they haven't been on since I bought it.
  2. Ebay finds

    Not on that day
  3. Ebay finds

    This is indeed mine - I posted it a few years ago when I made the mod. I picked up a Douglas West Vest for $70 so I'm moving on
  4. Ebay finds

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/wilson-a3210l-xl-umpire-chest-protector/132584091814?hash=item1edea0b0a6:g:b44AAOSw8xFa081N $65 or best offer... West Vest Gold
  5. I can vouch for this clinic. They do a great job, and it's highly organized.
  6. West Vest Gold M/L

    Bought in January, Removed the wings, worn in about 10 games. Still in great condition. I'll include the original harness, since I cut my delta flex way down and it wont fit you unless you're as skinny as me at 6'0 150 lb $130/OBO with shipping included. Paypal or Venmo, PM for offers.
  7. West Vest Gold M/L

    Can you lock this @Thunderheads
  8. Ebay finds

    Brand new West Vest Gold for 110 http://www.ebay.com/itm/361759093072
  9. amateur umpires

    I would say at least 25,000
  10. I don't know what to tell you if you don't believe the brooks baseball graphic. They're pretty accurate. Remember, the camera is coming from 30 feet up in the air, 400 feet away, and not centered. You can't trust the graphics on the screen. Regardless, it is much closer than you claim, and too close to take if you just got done showing up the umpire.
  11. Pitch 5, outside the zone a few inches Pitch 6 was in the zone Why should Miller be reprimanded for missing one pitch by less than 6 inches?
  12. Mask Porn?

    Yea the welds are off a bit, so one side extends further down than the other. The frame itself isn't bent, it's just not symmetrical.
  13. Mask Porn?

    Just turned my mask from little league into a respectable backup Before Melted off the rubber coating After some sanding and chopping off the throat guard. Pretty easy process, got a paint and primer in 1 spray paint. I will hold onto it as a backup, hope my new Rawlings Ti holds up and this never has to see the field. Just ordered a new pair of team Wendy pads, so I'll rotate my old pair onto this mask, and add a hanging throat guard.
  14. Was that a foul ball?

    This is used to address a foul ball that might go sharp and direct to the catcher, but not the mitt. So, it's not a foul tip (must go sharp and direct to the catchers mitt and caught), and it's not in flight (I believe the approved ruling states it must reach an appreciable height). A ball that is tipped and first touches his protector or mask, for example, is a foul ball.
  15. Gerry Davis pants 20% off

    I had bad luck with them when I ordered a few pairs of base poly-wools. The crease was off centered, and the fly wouldn't stay zipped. I gave them away to our local little league.
  16. MiLB Umpire Academy Contest

    Oh wow a koozie! TBH I was kind of hoping for a full ride scholarship
  17. $108 West Vest Gold

    https://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Umpire-Chest-Protector-12-Inch/dp/B002ZBOE3G/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1479502943&sr=8-9&keywords=umpire%2Bchest%2Bprotector&th=1&psc=1 Thought I'd share this - the Large/XL size of the West Vest Gold is listed at only $108 on amazon Right Now - that's about 2 sizes too big for me otherwise I might buy it.
  18. Coach should have protested at the time the call was made - that is definitely allowed. There was a change in possession, he had time. But yea, I agree that rule misinterpretation protests should be allowed, but there has to be a time window on it - i.e. 30 min after the game ended. That being said this situation sucks, and I would never want to be part of this as an official.
  19. Would the dust of some of the baseball fields we work on show up more on black pants?
  20. Recommended reading?

    Some for easy reading are the Carl Childress Books; not incredibly rules oriented, but I liked "151 ways to Ruin a Baseball game." He's got a handful on Amazon, I haven't read them all. The first 'umpire' book I read was "As They See 'Em" by Bruce Weber. Basically a sports journalist goes to umpire school and shares anecdotes and bits of umpire history he picks up along the way. Again, not rules oriented, but a really great book.
  21. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=104365666 Not planning on buying one of these at this price, but does anyone know anything about these? Are they new, or is this a leftover from a failed product venture? @MadMax I feel like you're the guy to ask.
  22. Pro School

    I'm going to the MiLB school in January as well - well aware of the narrow path but am going to give it a shot. Will come out of it a much better umpire regardless.
  23. Just registered - coming down from Columbia, MO. Have a season of college umpiring under my belt - figured Pro School will help me improve a ton.
  24. Last time by / Baserunning / Appeal

    R2 no one out, NCAA Rule set (NAIA Fall ball), deep fly ball to center field, R2 running on the pitch. R2 touches 3rd, looks back for the ball, thinks it is going to be caught and retreats to 2nd - he takes three steps towards 2nd, sees the ball drop and cuts across the cutout towards home (does not touch 3rd a second time). If the defense were to appeal, could this runner be called out for missing the base? I think I know the answer, but can't find it addressed under "runner is out on Appeal" section in NCAA rules.
  25. Last time by / Baserunning / Appeal

    None of these really addresses the initial question. Last time by usually refers to correcting base running errors. e.g. R2 misses third, retreats directly to 2nd, then touches it on his 'last time by' when he rounds it on the way home again. But in this case, he hasn't committed a base running error - he touched the bases in order. The case I can see being made, is if he is running in reverse order to confuse the defense, or to make a travesty of the game. Neither of those seem to apply here though. What would make this situation different, in regards to the rules, than taking a huge turn around 3rd base thus creating his own base path? Am I getting too hung up on this part? I think the interp if I'm remembering correctly is less than a body's length (Don't have the BRD handy, but I read it in there - can not remember the rule set it applied to.)